According to the wonderful folks on our tech team, they've successfully resolved the issues which have been plaguing us over the past little while. This means that the mobile version of Gizmodo is available again, the comments are back to average levels of quirkiness, and the site in general should look normal once more. (Oh, and we've stopped kicking puppies, too!)

Thanks to all of you—this includes you goofballs in #whitenoise—for being patient with us and maintaining a good sense of humor while the technical difficulties were dealt with. We know it wasn't a pleasant time, but we're glad that you're still here and letting us amuse you.


Now, if you're still experiencing some sort of Gizmodo related issues, please clear your browser cache (on some browsers you may need to check a box to clear temporary files as well). If things still look wrong even after you've done this, leave a comment containing these things:

  • The sentence "Yes, Rosa. I really have cleared my browser cache."
  • A detailed description of your problem
  • Your browser type and version
  • Your operating system and version
  • Your geographic location