When I hear "console docking station," I picture some Walmart bargain bin monstrosity, the result of an unprotected courtship between a plastic paper tray and one of those sports-themed remote caddies. But the swiveling PS3 Twistdock doesn't look so bad!

Accommodating both the original PS3 and the PS3 Slim, the Twistdock not only holds a console, it charges two controllers at once while simultaneously expanding USB ports by four.


(In other words, you get two dedicated ports just for the controllers on top of a 4-port hub.)

I'm not sure the idea is any more practical than setting a PS3 in its normal configuration and picking up a standalone controller charger if you need the extra USBs, but hey, swiveling PS3! Just check out this crazy-amazing video!

Sadly, it runs the equivalent of $100, out now in the UK. [Twistdock via ChipChick via Unplugged]