This week on TreeHugger, incredible inventions for fixing the human body, a solar power plant on the moon, e-bikes are making us lazy, and a fridge that tells you want to cook.

8 Incredible Health Innovations That Transform Lives
From bionic arms to regrowing ear hairs, check out some crazy cool inventions for fixing up the human body.


Do Electric Bikes Make Us Lazy After All?
Are e-bikes a perfect solution for car-less commuting, or are cyclists just finding an excuse to move as little as possible?

New Smart Bandage Kills Only Bad Bacteria
What if we could kill just the bad bacteria, and keep the bacteria that is part of staying healthy? That's what researchers are working on as they come up with a bandage that filters through the many microbes on a wound and keeps out only those that are harmful.

Solar-Powered Backpack Even Steve Jobs Would Wear
Apple fanboys rejoice...designers are thinking of you when they dream up off-grid power solutions.


Luna Ring: A Giant Solar Power Plant on the Moon
It might sound like complete science-fiction now, but who knows what will be possible in a 100 years (if we make it that far)?

Smart Fridge Tells You What's Inside, And Gives You Recipes
It's futuristic and probably vaporware, but we still think it's a cool idea. Plus, it's just simply pretty with a door that looks like a giant iPad.

Trash Me Lamps Take on Grave-to-Grave Design
Your old egg cartons + a bulb and some wires = new desk lamp.

Samsung's Newest Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Hits Stores
Cheap but pretty, this green(er) phone is on sale for $50. See, told you it's cheap.

Is Energy Literacy Our Biggest Challenge? Confessions of a Coal-Fired Pizza Addict
How does eating "coal-fired pizza" get us to connect our every day actions, like eating lunch, to big picture issues, like the BP oil spill?

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