This is the roundup of all the products we posted about before they were available to buy. However, these shiny new commodities have currently become... wait for it... Now Available!

Magimix Vision Toaster:

This $299 toaster prevents people from ever burning their toast again, looking modern and unique all the while. Its appealing duel window displays what is being toasted, allowing people to toast without any worry of burning their bread. [Williams Sonoma via Wired]

ASUS Eee Top ET201:

This mulitouch PC sports a 1400 x 900 display, using an optical touchscreen that supports pinch zooming. The specs aren't exactly mind blowing with a 500GB hard-drive, 2GB of RAM and a tray-loading DVD burner—but, it will be interesting to see how developers take advantage of the ever prevalent touch screen when developing new applications that fully take advantage of this feature. [Asus via Slashgear]

AirStash Wireless SD Card Reader:

This nifty little device is a $100 USB card reader combined with a Wi-Fi hotspot. It streams media, sending music, video, and photos to other portable devices. This seems great for anyone taking pictures who wants to easily transfer photos to an iPad to display them, email them, edit them, or do anything else that is possible on the iPad. [AirStash via Wired]

SteelSeries Limited Edition Star Craft Gear:

SteelSeries has come out with a new string of products for the launch of StarCraft II. Their keyboard, the Zboard (clever) not only has Star Craft art on it, but an entire section of keys devoted to StarCraft controls, to enrich your gaming ability by adding more intuitive hardware. SteelSeries also has two mousepads made out of a cloth and rubber base, for sale. Pictures of the mousepads and a closeup of the Zboard controls can be seen below. [SteelSeries]