We were enamored by Nikon's first-gen projector camera, the S1000pj, but for the price ($430) we expected better photographic quality. This second-gen model Nikon's rumored to be planning is expected before August, with a lower price with any luck.

Like the first-gen model, this one is reported to be using Himax Technologies' LCoS pico-projector component, which can not only display projected images from the camera, but also connect to a PC and beam media from the computer. This added worth could justify a price bump, but Digitimes has said that the LCoS module has actually decreased in price in the past year, going from $65 last year to $30 - $50 this year.


As well as the price getting smaller (it's worth noting the S1000pj is now available for $250), the actual part is meant to be physically smaller too—giving hope that the S1000pj's chunky design could make way for a slinkier model. [Digitimes]