The 50 foot woman's wedding ring. A regular-sized woman's LED-encrusted hula hoop. Or maybe just your precious. The "π" collection from Le Deun Luminaires will throw some soft light on your foyer, sure, but it will also stoke your imagination.

A gigantic hoop of light in your foyer must be compared to something! And whenever you entertain visitors, they will try to do just that. Thankfully, having lived with the thing, all of your comparisons will be cleverer and more imaginative than any your acquaintances manage to come up with.

The collection's 3 lamps—πmega, π602, πmicro—vary in materials and size (comparisons will vary correspondingly) and all employ energy-efficient LEDs.

...Johnny Cash's burning ring of light emitting diode! OK, that one still needs some work. [Le Deun Luminaires via Abitare via MocoLoco]