Picture taken on a night with some friends of my brother, iPhone 3G S and edited with Photoshop app for iPhone
-Lawrence Vandeputte

This photo was taken of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter from Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida. The phone is a Samsung Mythic with 3.2mp camera. Besides adjusting the white balance, the photo was taken with all default settings.
-Walter Horvath

I was walking around the town of Chester and saw a professional photographer taking Macro shots, I then asked him how he does it. He told me all his tricks and lenses and how does it. So I downloaded tiltshiftgenerator and took one shot, I wanted to focus through the clock tower, and I think it looks good.
-Paul Harrison

iPhone 3GS
Photoshop App
I took this at the local bakery. the watermelon bread flooded my mind of past summers at my grandparents eating slice after slice of watermelon on the patio.
-Eddie Cuellar

picadilly circus, central london
polaroid app - iphone -
like the metaphor for the green light
-David Smurthwaite

Both shot with iPhone 3g camera, 2Mp using Hipstamatic. First shot is shot of my beautiful girlfriend looking out the window while talking about the stresses of getting into a good college. The second is a cloud formation.
-Logan Stewart

I took this photograph on a rainy Thursday evening while my car idled at the red light and train tracks in Depot Town, a historic district of Ypsilanti, Michigan.
The photograph was taken with an iPhone 3G just before the light turned green. The mobile app "Best Cam by Chase Jarvis" allowed me to apply the "Jewel" filter, which brightened up the colors.
-Diana Madrigal

Cellphone: IPhone 3GS
Apps Used: None
Technique: Less than None
Story: On Father's Day, I grabbed a lawn chair and decided to sit underneath a tree to get out of the Sun. As I was about to drift off, my friend told me that I really needed to get out of my chair right now and slowly walk towards him. I opened up my eyes, and this snake was sitting about 2 feet from my head. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture of it. I then called my wife over to take a look at the picture on my phone, who in turn pulled an Indiana Jones in the plane with the snake moment and near fainted.
-Cary Miler

Equipment used: iPhone 3GS with exposure set on the under lit table.
I took this picture at the bar today (budakhan philadelphia, see geo tag info) and fell instantly in love with it. reminds me of good times and my favorite drink (dirty martini). Also, it makes great wallpaper - tested on iOS4 with 3GS and 4.0 iPhones.
The optimal effect would have been to overlay two pics: one with expose set on the table and another one set on the olives.
-Koe Black

Here are 2 photo's I took Monday of my son. Equipment was an Iphone 3G.
The picture with my son Ethan and the frog was his first encounter with a frog. He is now scared of frogs.
The second picture was just my son playing in the grass, I decided to pretend I was using my DSLR and got a low angle shot to make him look like a giant. (sorry, my stories are not the best)
-Rick Cowman

This is a picture of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge that spans the canal that divides Houghton and Hancock Michigan. The picture was taking with a Motorola Droid, Stock Froyo Camera App, Focus Set to Infinity, Exposure set to +2, No Flash, White Balance set to Auto. The phone was rested on a fence post for stability. The image was resized in Paint.net
-Chad Walber

Taken on an Xperia X10, with macro mode and single autofocus used.. My family had gone out on a vacation for a couple of weeks and i was tasked to look after the garden, so i decided to take some photos of the different plants inside. I took like fifteen photos, and had a hard job picking which one to send :P The flowers in the photo are called 'Giant Alliums'.
-Ryan Barnes

Cellphone: Iphone 2G (Oldest -4GB version).
Zoom: None.
Lens: 2MP
This photo i took at Parsippany Lake, NJ.
Beautiful evening i went to Lake for a walk with my wife, i saw rays try to see through big cloud.
I suddenly said "Rays of Hope" and felt like taking photograph, this view made my day. Very refreshing indeed!
-Swapnil Parmar

This shot was taken with my 3GS no tweaks I just used the auto
focus...I had to go real low to get this shot but I think it came out
-Francky Antoine

The picture is of my Macbook QWERTY. After taking the picture with my iPhone 3GS I used the Photoshop Mobile app to increase the exposure, color saturation and contrast. Then I layered a vignette blur to add depth. I felt the angle was interesting and created interesting lines that looked almost abstract. I then resized (JUST resized; No other editing) the final image on my computer to the 800px width/200 kb limit.
-Andrew Wood

So here's my photo for the contest. I was walking in Paris last may and it happened to be the cherry blossoms period. So I took a picture of it on my old iPhone 2G ! I didn't edit the photo it's just natural !
-Jordan Downey

Droid incredible Stock Camera app. This was taken in my backyard. It is a pretty beautiful picture in my opinion!
-Nick Oberly

I took this photo walking in manhattan after I had dropped off my mom at her work, nothing special here really just fired up my trusty ol' camera app on my iPhone and went to work.
-Serge Stambolyan

I took this photo with a myTouch3g standard camera application. I set whitebalance to incandescent and color mode to solarize. I then used Photoshop Mobile to tweak the contrast and rotation. I had to use Paint.NET to size it down to 800px.
I laid the camera horizontally in front of my keyboard. Nothing special in the technique.
-Phil Selmer

Our family was visiting the Oregon coast on Monday and when I saw my son Declan playing in black goo I snapped a photo because the sand near Seaside is blackish/brownish when wet. I guess I have had the Gulf oil spill on my mind all too much lately for a Northwesterner where the beaches are clean and cold.
I used lo mob and photogene iphone apps on a 3GS.
-TJ Mullinax

"Reflections of the past"
the equipment, My trusty iPhone 3g 8GB still running 3.1.2
settings, iZoom FX B/W mode and signature stamp
technique, Handheld , (but here is the tricky part) there are no hands to be seen!
and story behind shot, Sitting in my office surrounded by technology reading about how my 3g is so slow and Android and iPhone 4's are going to take over the world. I thought it would be fun to photograph some old technology (10GB hard drive) with some newer technology (8GB iPhone 3g). Having the hard drive reflect the iPhone was symbolic in that old technology is mirrored by new!
-David Price

I used a Droid Incredible running Retro Camera, no particular technique or non-default settings. This is a picture of the county courthouse in downtown Prescott, AZ. Rumor has it that it was the inspiration for the clock tower in Back to the Future but I'm sure a lot of small towns say that about their courthouses.
-Robert Robinson

Hawaii. First Baby. 7mo old. Day 3. Lugging around toys, cribs, bottles, etc. for days. Shlepping back to room. Brought iPhone 3g and took this shot of me. Shaky hand movement of the camera visualized how I was feeling.
-Dan Green

I took this picture recently when my family and I decided to (finally) go to the top of the Empire State Building. It was a beautiful sunny day and after admiring at the amazing view of the skyline, I happened to turn around and I was struck by the way the sun was shining on an American flag. I thought it was really cool to capture our nation's flag at the top of one of the most iconic buildings in America.
This photo was taken using the native camera app on an iPhone 3G and has not been altered in any way. Also - I'm no photographer...I'm actually an account guy at an ad agency.
-Tom Padula

This was taken using a Motorola Droid with the app "FxCamera," using the ToyCam effect. There's really no special story to it, I was just trying out the app for the first time in my backyard and the results surprised me. The image just defines "summer" to me.
-Spencer McCoy

Image taken with my HTC Touch Pro 2 (3MP) using the default camera settings. Removed the battery cover so that the picture wouldn't be too grainy. We were camping at Sawyer Lake in upper Michigan and I woke up use the bathroom around 5:00 AM and I was just so astounded as to how beautiful the water was that I had snap a picture. Little did I know this contest would be announced a few days after I took the image!
-Nate Chaltry

I shot this on the coast of Duck, North Carolina with an LG Env2, or VX9100(I think). There was a wicked storm coming in, and the sky had gotten dark extremely quickly, which contrasted with the sand. I snapped a pic with the sand castle in the foreground and the ocean and sky in the background.
-John Brady

I was facing the bar behind which was a window which abutted a booth and table. I used the Bold's digital zoom to get in as close as possible and took about 3 shots. My submission is the best of the 3 and needed only to be cropped slightly.
The game got rowdy and, as expected, the boy was taunting everyone the whole time.
-Andrew Paolino

I took this picture today in NY city using my blackberry 9700 default settings. Enjoy!