Decided to have a beer with lunch. I noticed the sunlight lighting up the beer so I snapped this. If I could add sound to the photo it would be the sound of the monolith.
iPhone 3GS
Phone was upside down to get the lens closest to the bottom.
Just the normal camera app.
-Joe North

I've taken this photo leaving school tonight. I was studying the whole day for my exams, in the new library of the EPFL, the Learning Center. By leaving the Learning Center after a tough day, I enjoyed the the sunset, walked a bit further a I thought "No way, I've to take a picture of this". (As you may not know, the weather was horrible these two last weeks in Switzerland. Today was the first day we could go outside without a jacket :D ). I went back, aligned to have a nice reflexion of sunset in the Learning Center windows and shot
-Donovan Koch

Taken afterschool at Coney Island,NY with a T-Mobile Sidekick 2008. I Think the phone has a pretty bad camera, but it has great potential.
-Nile Watson

This photo was taken early Monday morning at 12:52am (the day of the
solstice) on a flight from Seattle to Anchorage with my iPhone 3G
using the regular camera app. I pushed the phone up against the class
to avoid the glare. Per the rules of the contest, the photo is
completely unedited.
-Isaac Chambers

I was walking through my college campus in the morning and snapped that picture with my iPhone 3GS, after that i used the Photoshop App in my phone to add some effects
-Edgar Amaro

iPhone 3Gs I used the G60 app In the app I used the warming feature. I was at work when I suddenly heard a huge cracking thunder. I went outside and the skys were blackening. I pulled out my phone and snapped this picture.
-Eric Cotter

Taken with my Motorola Droid. Hanging around ASU today, I took the trackball out of a Logitech mouse and threw it on top of my composition book. I shot it with my Camera 360 app with the "Lomo Cinematic Effect". Afterward I took it into PicSay Pro and used the Cross Processing effect and a red filter.
-James Murray

In this photo i was on the Rio-Niterói Bridge here in Rio de Janeiro listening to some music at 9pm on a sunny day while going to college, picked the phone and that's it.
-Guilherme Augusto Pedroso Souza

Phone: IPhone 3GS
Editing tool: Supercamera app; I used the LOMO filter.
I snapped this shot of a lighthouse while on Santorini, Greece just last week. It's a pretty sweet shot if I do say so myself.
-Carter Krafft

iPhone 3G, no adjustments made. Taken while driving back to Los Angeles in our new 1971 VW Bus (named Janus) on the 5 freeway after picking her up in San Francisco.
-Elizabeth Reynolds

iPhone 3GS, TrueHDR app. Taken at 8:59pm.
Just left Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in Nashville, Tennessee and picked up a "good luck" origami bird at the door. Probably no more than one inch long.
-Chase Beydler

I took this picture with my Motorola Droid using the FXCamera app. I took this when I was walking around Portland with a friend of mine. We were killing time because we had to wait 2 hours to eat at some fancy restaurant with a big group of our family and friends. This was my favorite one that I took.
-Zach Sorenson

I used my Verizon wireless Droid incredible with the 8mp camera and a crazy pencil sketch setting.
-alvaro umana

Shot with a Nokia XpressMusic 5610
3.2 MP, flash disabled.
Shot from a moving car, through the rear passenger window.

Took this today with my iPhone 3GS on my way home from work in Stockholm. People like flying balloons here and it just looked cool.
-Phillip Hannson

"Early Morning Rise"
Taken with a Samsung cellphone at 6:00 in the morning on an Atlanta construction site.
-Elias Gause

Went for a hike in Thousand Oaks California and noticed a few poppies (state flower) in bloom. I traveled light and left my DSLR at home on this particular day as there is rarely anything worth photographing on this trail. I didn't want to miss the opportunity so I picked up a dead poppy held it up with my fingers and snapped the photo. I used Photoshop Mobile to add contrast and voila. This is one of the better iphone pics I have taken.
-isaac montealegre

After a long day of rock climbing in Winslow, AZ. The sun was about to set and was casting an awesome light onto the hillside. The moment was to good to pass up. So I pulled out my iPhone 3Gs, booted up the Hipstamatic program and snapped the shot. I was pleased, an even better end to an already great day.
-K. Allen Peters

This picture was taken at the Millennium Park in Chicago. It's a picture of my friend, Vermon Ibarra's reflection off of the Bean shaped sculpture. The inspiration for this shot was the sculpture itself. It's very interesting to look at so my challenge was to see if I could make it look even more interesting.
I took the picture with my Iphone 3GS and I edited it with the photoshop app. I recently learned about composition so that was the technique that I used for this shot. Yeah I know, I'm still a beginner.
-Kao Saeteurn

Not the prettiest shot I have achieved with an iPhone, but one of my favorites! This was taken late one night after a heavy session on New York's Stone Street. Given how plastered I was I am quite pleased I managed to keep my hand steady!
Camera: iPhone
Editing: None
Technique: Hold iPhone steady after drinking a skin full and hope for the best
-Will Hogg

iPhone 3G
Stock Camera App
I love shooting photos while I am driving. The motion blur possibilities are endless. My dog and I driving through Old Town Pasadena.
-Bobby Meyers

Phone: iPhone 2G
App: Tilt Shift
Cats are the preferred pet around these parts and among my friends in Chicago.
This is NannerPuss. She loves bags and this was how I first met her. So curious,
yet so scared. She's a goof.
-Antoin Huynh

This picture was taken in Chicago, around Clark and Kinzie. My friend and I stopped to relax after walking around a bit. We complained about the sun while I messed around with my phone. Right then, a cloud rolled up and gave us some shade. It was still bright, so I couldn't look directly at it. Instead, I took this picture. Turns out it looked pretty nice!
-Eric Fornelius

This is one of those great photos, you cant tell its a camera phone photo, and everyone wants to guess what the photo is. Im just worried i renamed it wrong lol. Edited in Photoshop CS5, Removed object in upper right corner using Content Aware delete (no additional cleanup), Up-sampled to 32bit color, light HDR filters, little vibrancy adjustment, Re-sized down to 600 x 800 from 1536 x 2048, down-sampled back to 8bit and saved.
-Demetre Janness

his was taken a little after 5pm today in the Boston Public Garden, with my iPhone 3G S. It is just a raw pic. I did not use any tricky App or settings. Just point and shoot. Well, obviously I tapped on the large flower to focus on it. But that is it. I walk through the Boston Public Garden on my way home from work almost everyday. I don't have much time, but sometimes I will stop real quick to snap a pic.
-David Baker

I took this image using a RAZR 2 V9 with no apps used. All I did was look up and take the picture. I was with my family downtown picking up my Dad from work and thought that this would be a cool shot. If your at all curious the picture was taken in downtown Calgary ,Alberta ,Canada. I'm also not exactly sure what you ment by 800px so this is the full image.
-Denin Lawley

I used an iPhone 3GS and I am on vacation at Myrtle Beach and I just thought it was a good looking sight so I pulled out my camera, I used auto focus on the pole because before that it was a little blurry. The only edit I did was using a free app called AutoAdjust to slightly increase saturation. Myrtle Beach is amazing by the way! No oil infested beach's.
-Gil Osborne

Taken last year when goin out in the town in Austin for my birthday. There are several guitars like this one at different points around town. My good friend Chris took it upon himself to pose. iPhone 3g was used to take the photo. No in phone editing done.
-Jason Thomas

This is a clipart image of "Jesus" I printed out and colored in years ago. The image was captured a couple days ago.
The reason I took a picture of the Clipart Messiah is I had planned on giving the original to a friend and always wanted to remember what it looked like. My friend I hadn't seen for a few years was in town and I wanted to give him this immaculate image. I think subconsciously I got the inspiration to color the image from this same friend who wanted to name his band Neon Jesus. It is probably the most awesome art I've ever seen. Surely after bearing witness you will agree.
-Stephen Martin

I took this photo of our awesome cookie jar using the Vignette app for Android on my HTC Evo 4G. Leaving the flash on really made the jar stand out, and I used Vignette's vignette effect and the "Instant Square" frame to try and give the feel of the old Polaroids that I played with in elementary school (and probably used to take pictures of this jar along with everything else that I thought was awesome back then).
-David Schlaefer

Taken during my 1 month military training course at Mai Linh, Hanoi. I was lying on the shooting range while taking this photo. No photo edit was made except for image cropping.
-Son Do

Living close to Lake Shore drive in Chicago has its perks. I have been using Palm Treos since I could remember (300, 600, 650, 700, 755). I decided to make the jump finally to the Blackberry Tour 9630. This picture was taken by my new 9630 right off of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. I was playing around with my Tour after a long bike ride and saw the perfect picture opportunity. I took this to use as my phone background. This is the most calming and peaceful picture ever.
Phone Used: Sprint Blackberry Tour 9630
-Michael Ying

Nothing techie about this shot at all,just waited for the camera to focus it self and "snap". I was sitting in my backyard watching the sunset as I sometimes do after a long day. I thought the cloud formations and colors looked rather pretty, and the reflection of them by the water was simply too pretty to not capture. I guess I'm a man of simple tastes, easily satisfied by the best.
-Alex Goncalves

This photo was taken with my 2.0 megapixel Samsung Sway cellphone. The photo was taken in a darkened room, with the "negative" color effect, which is included in the phone's camera options. The light is a black light, the 3 sticks around the light are "dead" (already used) glowsticks, and the 2 orange sticks are LED glowsticks.
-Jordan Ruedy

This panorama is a little larger than required, but I tried to keep it under 200k...
I took this picture using my nexus 1, and the app "photostitch" I stitched 3 pictures together.
I was in chicago last week, and I took these on top of the willis tower!
-Kim Tillie

This shot of my beloved cat, Cho, was taken with an iPhone 3GS. The only lighting in the room was from the lamp he was standing under. It was edited in my app, where I made the change to B&W and raised the contrast and exposure.
He is standing on my nightstand, and eagerly awaits for me to get out of bed. He is a Siamese Tabby mix, and loves everyone he meets. He plays fetch, and loves to sleep.
-Brandan Baird

Cellphone: iPhone 3G
Apps used: CameraBag
Technique: Taken through a glass of wine.
Story: Lady + Music + Wine = Blissful evening
-rohit dubey

Cellphone: iPhone 3G
App used: camerabag
Story: This is a pre bday celebration. Barbie style was the theme. A simulated vintage era style picture was taken by my iphone using camerabag infront of the party event. The reflection of the old car on the glass adds to the touch of the retro.
-Sornum Kabilen Kadirvelen

This picture was taken using my iPhone 3GS and the app Hipstamatic after realizing the amount of blood in the sink during my nosebleed would make a great picture. Probably one of my favorite pictures I've taken with a cell phone.
-Eric Hines

Cellphone: iPhone 3G
Apps used: TiltShift
Story: Lolita Style with a retro touch simulating a Starbucks vintage print ad.
-Baljinder Kaur

This was taken with my iPhone 3G and edited with " Mobile" on the phone.
While navigating the catacomb-like floors of the "parking garage" attached to my office building, I stumbled upon this door. I had seen too many movies featuring doors such as these, so I promptly continued on my way.
-Jeremy Jenkins

I saw an inspiring story about how a guy took a took a polaroid a day for the last twelve years of his life and I thought it would be an awesome thing to do for myself. So starts my project 365, of which this is my second shot. Taken with my crappy post OS4 iPhone 3G and post processed in TiltshiftGen.
-Eric Soi

Me loving Del Taco I was there with my friend, grabbing some lunch. Right before they called out my number for my food, my friend and I were talking and brought up photography and then the shooting challenges got brought up too. So that reminded me there's one this week with cellphones. So right after i got my food I pulled out my iPhone 3Gs and snapped a picture of my food.
-Jake Sumpter

Cellphone: Nokia5320
Story: Being attracted to a look-alike Mannequin my bebedou was very eager to kiss her. He couldn't find her head though. This picture was captured on my Nokia 5320 Xpress music phone, at a mall where we went shopping today.
-Archana Indran

I took this picture on Monday in my AP United States History class. Yep, I'm in the eleventh grade. Since it was a Monday and had nothing else better to do (learn?! funny) I took out my phone, an HTC Touch Viva T2223, and started taking a few random pictures. I just laid my phone on it's side and snapped this picture. This was among the better shots, one of which was a picture of my teacher teaching the class with a bag over his hair, but that story is for another time.
-Shafiq Abdallah

This photo was taken with the standard camera app on an iPhone 3G, and the only processing done was resizing it with Gimp. The flowers are part of some landscaping at the 18th tee box at Sun Willows golf course in Pasco, WA. This was during probably one of my worst games golfing ever, so instead of throwing my clubs around I decided to at least try and enjoy the scenery.
-Ryan McKinlay

Device: iPhone 3GS with iOS 4
App used: AutoStitch Panorama
Technique: Panning and stitching
The sun was just setting and, after reading the challenge, I left to go pick up some food from the local Mexican joint. As I'm locking the door, I look at the sky and see beautiful colors. I decided to go with a panoramic shot since one shot probably wouldn't have done the view justice. This is the result.
-Nolan Gaudreau

I was sitting in the immigration office trying to get my green card. as i wait in the lobby i get bored and start shooting random pics on my iPhone 3g. i used the hipstamatic app and snapped this pic among others. i fell in love with this one.
-Jordan Montanez

It's a foggy night ~4am on lunch break. The street lamp is backlighting the fog and tree. Taken with an iPhone 3GS
-Thomas J. Rogers

I took this photo with my LG glance. The camera is only 1.3mp, so I didn't have much to work with.
My favorite thing about summer is going to the beach at night and having a huge bonfire.
This fire was made by putting a folding table on the fire and then laying planks on top of it.
While I was sitting around enjoying a fire taller than me, I thought that the fire looked peculiar.
I think it looks like a man is standing in the fire.
-Ariel Frame