This is my submission.
I took this late afternoon at a pond near my house in Andover, MA.
Iphone 4 camera
Camera Bag + Photoshop Mobile App
-Jonathan Diaz

This picture was taken on my 5MP HTC Pure while walking with my daughters to the waterpark behind our house. The phone was set for indoor, non-fluorescent lighting (purely by accident) which resulted in softening the colors for an interesting look.
-Angela Spencer

Went to grab some food at my local Mexican restaurant, Alberts. Great food there, when I left, I noticed the pay phone outside and thought it fitting for this cellphone photography contest. That payphone is probably 20 years old, Im sure its original users never thought about the possibility of taking a picture on a phone and even less thought of taking a picture of a phone on a phone.
Nexus One - native cam app froyo 2.2 non OTA
Photoshop for android for black and white and contrast tweaks
just stood there and snapped the picture.

This was taken in Clear Lake Iowa where Buddy Holly played his last show. I used at iPhone 3g with the HDR Classic and More Colors filter in the HDRCamera app. Hope you like it.
-Mike Felix

Simply a symmetrical exterior lamp on a hotel rooftop. It was constructed with a single lamp projecting on concrete and the shadows that the texture created looked great. Very little color tweaking. Just a great looking blue light.
-Jody Abbott

Cellphone: HTC Incredible
App: FxCamera, ToyCam, random picture settings, highest resolution
Well, it was Friday and everyone was sitting in the back storage room taking a, continuing their day-long break (it's really hot working on with oilfield pipeline in Oklahoma all day). This shot shows some decks of cards the guys use to play solitaire when there is nothing else to do, or when it's too hot to do anything else, such as today. The salt shaker is confusing to me as no one eats in this room. Some fire extinguishers and a door leading outside are in the background.
-James White

Shot with my iPhone 4. Balanced levels and added vignetting in PhotoGene.
Shot is of a water tower at cell site I am building right now, thought it was a fitting subject for the cellphone photo challenge.
-Nick Giardina

Image was taken June 22, 2010, while having a couple of beers at my favorite beer-joint in Portland. The taproom has glass walls on two sides, making it great for people watching. On the North side is a building that tends to have some more interesting people living there, a lot of police visits, and a strip club on the lower floor. This gentleman wandered out onto the fire escape and spent hours mostly staring into the tap room. We stared back while we drank.
Taken with an iPhone 3GS, Camera Genius, zoomed in with its digital zoom feature, and processed on-camera with CameraBag, using the Helga filter.
-Jerry Sievert

I had the opportunity this week to cross over the Rocky Mountains on my way to visit a friend in Oregon (I was coming from Georgia). This was shot with my Verizon LG Dare through the airplane window. It was absolutely gorgeous scenery!
-Autumn McBride

Decided to take pictures of random things around the house with the new iPhone and thought this one seemed okay. I ran one shot of the bottle with the flash and one without through the Pro HDR iPhone app to come up with the result. Included the original iPhone4 super-sized resolution as a wallpaper, for what it's worth, too.
-Tim Brown

My pitbull, Yayo, sitting in the back yard. He heard a noise and jolted his ears up when I snapped the pic.
Cellphone: My iPhone 3G.
App used to play with color and contrast: PS Mobile.
-Marian Mach

Taken with my iPhone 4, resized in Photoshop, no editing. I just got home to find out he shredded the Apple bag my iPhone 4 came in. This is the face he made when I asked him if he was the one who did it.
-David Doty

So this picture is from the balcony of my girlfriends apartment. It was raining yesterday, Thursday, and there was a lot of cloud cover. Her balcony faces the west side of Houston so this is what you're seeing. I used my HTC HD2. It has a 5mp camera. I used the panorama setting and nothing else. That setting has a lower quality than when you take normal pictures. This is the first time I used the panorama setting and it came out awesome.
-Manny Cabrera

- These are all old family cameras that I've inherited, spanning over
a century. Everything from a Kodak Eastman view camera made in 1898,
to an old Kodak brownie, and even a 2008 Nikon D200 is represented.
- Taken with an iPhone 4
-Jesse Jones

I was one of the ones lucky enough to have gotten a pre-order in with Apple on the 15th and received my iPhone 4 serendipitously in time to take it with me to the Tool show that evening of the 23rd at our local arena here in OKC, the Ford Center.
I was really excited to see how it reacted in the extremely low light setting, and least low ambient light. This is straight from the phone no manipulation.
-Stephen Tyler

Hi, I used my iphone 2g with the camera bag app for the vignetting. I photographed my cousin in a dark very small hallway using a flashlight to make the shadows.
-Laci Smith

I took this photo with my 2.0 megapixel LG Voyager. I put a clear multi-colored plastic sheet in front of my phone and snapped the photo.
-TJ Flynn

This was taken with my Samsung W810i dumbphone. I put it on "Night Mode" to get the motion blur and took a few shots of my brothers playing ping pong until I got the look I wanted. No post-processing other than cropping.
-Alex Ozenberger

Equipment: HTC HD2, 5 MB.
Settings: default camera settings, image unprocessed, Original shot is 2600x1550 pixel (4mp)
Story: Do you know where do the fastest spiders in the world live? If you guessed Seattle, you were right! Around here, they get about 10 minutes to make their web before the next rain shower, which results in something like you see in this picture. Yesterday we had a few seconds of sun, so this guy figured he might get a nice meal. Instead, ended up with a useless piece of art….another member of the starving artists club…
-Erez Ben-Ari

Taken with iPhone 3GS.
For this photo I used the app Camera+ to shoot, with the Stabilizer function activated.
I positioned the iPhone on a telescope lens, and took the picture.
After I used PSMobile just for exposure, saturation, contrast ajustments etc...
-Rafael Valério

Taken with iPhone 3GS using HDR app. Standing in the parking lot of my work during sundown and had to capture this shot. Pic taken in Centennial, Colorado.
-Justin Deavers

My Cell phone is the Droid Incredible, I chose not to use any apps, I tried using some but found that they damaged the picture more than they helped. I have been an avid reader of Gizmodo and have read about the shooting contests; but i have never competed in them before. I was driving around Quincy, IL and my wife and I decided to walk in the park by the river. I tried some shots with a app based camera replacement but they were awful, so i just used to the stock camera app and was pleasantly surprised. The bridge is called the Bayview Bridge which spans between Quincy, IL and West Quincy, Mo. (for those of you who do not know geography the river is the Mississippi)
-Aaron Clayton

This shot was taken from my iPhone 4 in the middle of the day with the normal camera app. It was taken from about 3 feet away with no tripod or anything.
This ballsy butterfly would not move off of this flower in my backyard, no matter how close I got. It was not enhanced at all and is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!
-John Henkel

This saguaro cactus is in my front yard. I took the picture at twilight after coming home from work. The bird has been squawking the previous few mornings waking me so I finally got my revenge by "shooting" it. I used my HTC Incredible with it's stock settings. It took a couple of attempts to get the bird in the right position.
-Chad Sippel

Taken with my LG Dare. This is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Outer Banks, NC. I wanted to communicate the sheer size of this thing, it is 200 feet tall, 268 steps to the top, and its light can be seen from over 50 miles away.
-Stephen Bank

Shot on Sprint Palm Pre
Additional apps used: None
Technique: Having the focus straddle the edge of the light post (as well as creating a cool composition) ensured a more even exposure without blowing out the sky or the light post since the phone's exposure is automatic.
-N Pfeifer

Taken with iPhone 4 outside of Presidio TX Facing the border. No Editing done to this picture.
I was eating "Raspas" or "Shaved Ice" as it's called with my friends. It started to get cloudy and windy and we noticed a huge dust cloud coming from the border. I never actually reached us but its beauty was remarkable.
-Stephen Antunez

Cellphone: ENV3 (Verizon). The phone has a 3.0 mega-pixel camera.
Apps: None
Story: This is my first photo challenge. When I learned of the challenge I was taking a trip into Boston for lunch and an afternoon walk. I walked over to the gate, and attempted to get as close as I could to get the silo's and harpoon gate toppers (if you look closely you can see them) without having the picture distorted and or blurry. The setting was a very hot afternoon with the sun facing my back. Being an amateur photographer, I can not speak much about "technique".
-Martelo Tempo

Used a Nexus One 5mp camera, without flash; shot from Camera 360 app, with Heavy HDR Simulation effect.
Was walking by my garden in a very bleak and dreary, typical Washington state day; then noticed these lilies that had just bloomed. I thought they would make a great shot especially with the fresh raindrops, but the natural lighting was horrible. Happily, I remembered that I had the HDR simulation effect - this significantly enhanced the colors on the lily, and made it stand out.
-Vitaliy Marchenko

Equiptment: Motorola Droid
Software: Android 2.2 Stock Camera App, PicSay Pro
I saw the valve in the building where I work and thought it would make a good photograph. I took the picture by framing the center of the valve. After taking the picture I posterized and duo-toned it in PicSay (on the phone) and then added some (bad) vignetting.
-Matthew Katzenberger

This photo was taken with my BlackBerry 8520 with the white balance set on automatic, quality to 'superfine.' I used zipic, a free plug in that resizes photos. Taken from a W 3rd Ring Road bridge in Beijing, China. I am currently in Beijing studying Mandarin Chinese for the next month. This was taken the first day that I went sightseeing. I was tired from walking around the Forbidden City all day in the Beijing heat and decided to go eat dinner at a restaurant I had heard about located on the top of the old CCTV tower.
-Antonio Cancio

This was shot with a Motorola Droid on June 25th with no real adjustment to the camera settings. Taken in the evening at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles, California at the Exposition Park. At the time me and couple friends wandered over to see Basement Jaxx performing and I wanted to share this image to my other friends and happen to get the shot as the lights hit directly at my phone.
-David Wu

Equipment: iPhone 3GS
Editing software: mobile iPhone app
Two weeks ago, my grandmother died of cancer. On Thursday, the funeral came around and we had the wake in a riverside pub called 'The Anchor', which is alongside The River Crouch in Essex, England. While taking a stroll along the river after having a few beers with my family, I saw 'Gods Fingers' appear through the clouds and decided to take a photo.
-Jamie Adams

Phone: iPhone 3G
Apps: Snapture, True HDR
Technique: Ooh! Pretty! Take a picture!
Subject: The Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.
My girlfriend and I went out after work for a picnic dinner at the Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC. It's one of our favorite spots because it's a tourist-free oasis in this otherwise tourist infested town.
-Shaun Brodie

taken after my last W train ride on its final day of service, Friday June 25th, 2010. The Astoria morning commute is about to get a lot more crowded. Thanks MTA.
camera — iPhone3g
postprocessed — PSMobile app
-Chris Burney

Motorola Droid, OS 2.1
Native camera app
Sepia color effect
White balance: center weighted avg.
Leslie reads to her girls every night and I immediately saw an opportunity. The porcelain item is a piggy bank given to her by her mom when she was little which she then gave to one of her daughters (who's name also begins with an "L"). I've never known anyone that loves their kids as much as she does.
-Jonathan Keys

Taken with an iPhone 3gs while on a road trip. Stuckeys is an American icon, part of the culture. The campy Stuckeys sign is something that everyone who has taken a road trip can identify.
This was shot using the Hipstamatic app on default settings.
-Stephanie Sharif

For this pic I used my iPhone 3G.
I took this in the reflection of my car's rearview mirror during my lunch break at work. Me being in the shot was totally an accident.
I used Photoshop Mobile to add a little outside blurring and boosted the contrast and sharpness a smidge.
-Justin Jackson

Shot with my blackberry bold 9700. Was raining as I left work so decided to snap a pic to see if it would get posted.
No equipment used, just a cover over my screen so rain water wouldn't get in.
-Manish Mistry

Photo taken with my iPhone 3G. I then undersaturated, overexposed and increased contrast in PhotoShop Mobile. I was helping my mom hand out spirit-wear and uniform for a junior football program. We were in the ware house of a paper company and I took the picture of the stacked rolls. My favorite par. Of the image is the almost gradient effect created by the lighting and effects.
-Bennett Tomlin

Taken on my iPhone 3GS, using the Hipstamatic app, with their basic default settings— John S "lens" and Ina's 1969 "film". Took this shot inside my house- the app turned the contrast way up and gave it the tint.
-Clara Beyer

Motorola Droid
I'm trying to capture the prettier side of roller coasters without the
stigma of bright colors/clown show that a park PR or park visiter
might take. The lack of a coaster train almost makes the ride seem as
if its closed or forgotten.
-Robert Gasper

Samsung T401G with a 1.3 mp camera
I was at the Brookfield zoo with the family and saw several starfish that were eating some small fish. I remembered that this weeks shooting contest was with cellphones so I set holstered my dslr and snapped a quick shot.
-Tom Guttschow

Equipment: LG Voyager VX1000
Technique: All I really did was hold the phone AS STEADY AS POSSIBLE
Story: Well, I was at work. I work at a candle store. We make our own candles there, so i poured the wax into a glass bowl, put in the scented oil, and added the color drops. The color was actually blue, but it appeared black in the picture. The shot just looked great, so I decided to make it a wallpaper for iPhones.
-Will Taylor

Taken with a Droid Incredible.
This was on a Purple Line train in downtown Chicago near the Quincy stop. I used FX Camera for Android with their Toy Cam filter.
I was shocked at the result, the slow shutter speed of the cellphone created a really nice blur effect, and the reflections on the glass make the whole picture. I wish I had taken it with my 7D instead!
-Michael Salisbury

Equipment used: HTC Desire
Settings: High brightness and contrast and saturation
Story : Post communist buildings in high contrast
The picture was taken in Prishtina (Kosovo)
-Drilon Potera

I used an Iphone 4 and help a fish eye adapter up in front of the lens. The adapter is for a normal camera but I use it for my phone sometimes. I changed the colors using the photshop mobile app. I also sharpened it a little in that same app.
-Anastasiya Sanchez

Taken on my LG Voyager in black and white mode.
-Billy Wanamaker

This picture I took at Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro, in a very nice warm night. I used an iPhone 3G white.
-Cláudia Bessa