Camera: iPhone 3GS. "Tripod": Rested the iPhone on the glass lazy susan, which also creates great reflections. Today our extended family got to enjoy a Dim Sum lunch at one of the fancier Chinese restaurants. I took this photograph of our niece. I'm curious how the new iPhone's flash would look in these same conditions.
-Chris Aquino

I blew some soap bubbles in the blue sky that day and snapped this pic using my 3GS as soon as I started blowing. The blower is set right on the sun if it were a portal and the developing bubbles in front of the 19th century mansion look so dreamy, almost magical.Picture taken using a iPhone 3GS, camera app, no alterations.
-Andreas Trapper

Driving through Longmont, CO the other night I had to stop for a shot of this. Without an SLR handy, I reached for my iPhone 3G and touched up the shot in Photoshop Mobile. For me, this is what having a cellphone camera is all about, the moments that image quality takes a backseat to content, and the moment shines through.
-Jonathan Vanderweit

Right after I finished packing to come home from vacation I noticed this little toad camouflaged on my trunk, so I used my iPhone 3GS to snap a quick photo in the rain and used the HDRforFree app with one of the weak filters to enhance some of the colours in the photo since it was overcast/rainy.
-Jim Gorski

I have a very old phone so I wasn't planning on submitting a photograph for this week's contest. But then…. I was driving down the road and saw this. I had to be discrete, I have no idea if the owners were watching me take this photo. It was a quick in and out. I hope you are amused by the subject, pardon the quality.
-David Lantz

Nothing says summer like a sweaty pint glass, recently emptied of its "gins and tonics" contents, and nothing says cellphone photo like not having to leave the porch to fetch the old DSLR and macro lens. Shot, resized and emailed with an HTC Incredible, using PicSayPro and Gmail. The glass, of course, is a Rolling Rock novelty pint, and it had homemade quinine syrup, penguin seltzer and Tanqueray. Oh, and ice.
-Noah Montena

Phone: iPhone 3GS
Apps: Apple iPhone "Camera" App and "TiltShift Generator" App
I took this picture at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio, before the start of the Cincinnati Reds vs. Cleveland Indians game on Saturday, June 26. There were several empty rows in front of me, and I just loved the contrast of all the red seats in front of the two completely full rows of people.
-Ryan Clark

Picture taken with iPhone 3GS, exposure and saturation adjusted with Photoshop mobile.
Was at a work conference, and during each brake I ran to my room, where my wife was spending time, and enjoyed a few moments, just being beside her, watching TV. Took the photo before I knew about the contest, and it's not tecnically good, but I liked it. The room colors and ilumination looks like a PIxar Animation.
-Diego Faria

iPhone 3g /PS mobile app/ Lens Flare app
Puttin my feet up at work while reading Gizmodo, i literally took this picture with my iphone 3g after reading the challenge, i then used PS mobile app to make it black and white and the sketch effect, then i used the Lens Flare app, to put the flare into the picture.
-Gerard "Jerry" Lopez

I have an infamous Palm Pre, and since its camera isn't that good, I figured I might have to shoot something a bit more abstract; without photoshop, normal pictures taken with my phone would definitely look bad. So I took some close-up pictures of the glass elements of an old Nikon lens, then I used the "Photo Effects" app to invert the color, and I added a (very original) sepia effect. Used Photoshop to resize to 800px.
-Stéphane Lam

Taken with an HTC Desire.
The only processing done was to crop the original image using the default HTC photo app.
-Alex Hill

Taken with an iPhone 3gs at around 1:30 AM on the Beach in Destin, Florida. Managed to get about 10 excellent lightning shots with it. This one being the most detailed example of the actual bolt.The Picture would not have been possible had I not upgraded to iOS 4 early, which makes the whole camera application much faster. Getting night pictures of lightning with a cell phone is 1/2 luck and 1/2 reflexes. I must have taken about 40 completely black shots. I used Photoforge on the iPhone to reduce noise and crop to 800px.
-Stirling Hewitt

I shoot this picture during my recent visit to Hestercombe garden, UK. Taken using Sony Ericsson C510.
-Nur Anida

This photo was shot by my girlfriend, Abby, as the two of us were driving back to Grahamstown (South Africa) for the arts festival on Thursday afternoon after a long hike. The car was travelling at 120km/h and it was taken with my iPhone 3GS from inside the car (behind the windscreen). I cropped the original image and ever so slightly adjusted contrast with the free photoshop mobile app.
-Tiisetso Murray

Taken aboard the Russian battle cruiser Yaryag, docked at the Embarcadero on a typical, foggy, windy, 58 degree San Francisco summer morning. The Bay Bridge can be seen in the background. Taken with an iPhone 4. Didn't even tap to focus. Just pointed and shot.
-Mark Farinas

-Photo taken with: iPhone 3GS
-Edited with: "CrossProcess" iPhone app
I need a new car and want a Mini Cooper. My wife has pretty much vetoed my wish for a Mini Cooper (she feels it's not a "family" car and would make things like grocery shopping with our two kids a bit cramped...sigh). Alas, I happened to be driving down the road and spotted this junker for sale. I took the shot and sent it to her with a note saying, "If I can't get my Mini Cooper, you'll end up driving a car that looks like this...and just think, this is only a small piece of what the whole thing looks like.")

I was in my office and I saw this unforgettable sunset with the sun passing through the construction of the building side.
Cellphone: Motorola Doid
I have not used app, I just waited for the best position of the sun to make the picture
-André Ferrari


Shot with an iPhone 3GS
Edited with Tilt Shift Generator and BestCam
Stuck in traffic one afternoon, I spotted this gorgeous live Oak tree on the campus of LSU. I grabbed my phone, steadied it atop the side mirror, waited for a break in the traffic, took the snap, loaded Tilt Shift and Best Cam to edit - all in the span of one red light.
-Todd Rossnagel

This shot was taken with my new iphone 4 using the backside camera and the led flash. I like the abstract quality of the shot. Basically it was a mostly empty glass of milk and I just (probably unwisely) rested the phone on top of the glass and took a couple of pictures with the flash on. After that I imported the photo I liked into the camera+ app on the iphone and added a vignette and changed the coloring a bit to make it look slightly more abstract and alien-esque. It still amazes me the high quality/resolution photos this new phone takes.

Taken with iPhone 4, no apps used. This photo was taken on the morning of the day after I'd gotten my iPhone 4. This is one of the views I see every morning on my way to work, but never have I been able to get a good picture with my phone of how gorgeous the sunrise is until now.
-Lisa Marie Buchanan

iPhone 3GS
Neon pink tutu
$2.17 for water ice
Hipstamatic for non-conformity and sticking to the system...
I used my iPhone 3GS to take a pic of the kid when we went out for some water ice after the park. She insisted on wearing the neon pink tutu...don't judge us. Hipstamatic was used to give it the faded color.
-Rocco None

Taken with a Blackberry 8330. Auto-everything.
Flash picture from inside a mirrored elevator. Might have been good for the lens flare challenge from a couple of weeks ago.

This shot was taken with an iPhone 3G.
It shows the bathroom of an old and poor house. Time and lack of maintenance has taken its toll there, but it keeps some kind of charm.
-Vinícius Paceka

This is my little stormtrooper friend. I'm currently working on a stormtrooper portfolio just for personal fun and they've already taken over my entire house. My girlfriend found one in our bed the other night. No idea how he snuck in there, that little perv. I shot this one using the standard iPhone 3GS camera with a plain piece of white paper as the backdrop, then edited with Best Camera and Lo-Mob apps.
-David Smith

The picture was taken on my trusty Nokia N86 8MP; I thought the little thing taking a picture of two of its ancestors would be an interesting shot. The camera was my dad's Canon AE-1, the phone something that belongs to my roommate.I had to resize the picture with GIMP on my computer, as it was too high-res for the requirements.
-Guillaume Beaumont

Sitting along the Charles River in Boston this weekend discussing all of
life's wonders and horrors with my friend after a bit to drink, I realized
this would be an awesome time to get that photo I needed for the challenge.
And luckily I had all I needed in my pocket already... my 5 MP android
camera! I used Adobe Photoshop mobile to throw up the saturation and contrast a
little bit as well.
-Ryan von Kunes Newton

N900, set to 3.5m widescreen crop. No apps or filters. I forgot the
watermelon in the freezer overnight and decided to break it open for
breakfast. The frozen part was gross but the center which hadn't
frozen yet was very sweet.
-Seth Kirkendall

I used my iPhone4. This is the main center at Ohio University, I took the picture while walking without selecting where the phone should auto-focus to simulate a "quick shot" as if something was happening that I didn't have the time to stop, set and shoot. I did this because most pictures I take with cellphones I take spur of the moment and I wanted to see how this phone would perform. I edited the photograph on my iPhone4 after the picture was taken using the free version of Adobe Photoshop Mobile, increasing the saturation and contrast.
-John Tyler

Taken With my Iphone 3g I didn't change a thing for settings or setup . It's a really basic picture but if you look at the sky for a bit it almost seems as if the clouds are moving and that is why i love it.
-Tyler Durden

I took this photo of a torn sticker inside an abandoned Russian fishing boat in Halifax Harbour. I used the basic Iphone 3GS camera and a red keychain light that we were using to explore the ship.
-Bryn Karcha

Shot on a 32GB iPhone 3GS in natural light.
Slight saturation boost in PSMobile for iPhone. Focal Length: 3.85mm
Shutter: 1/218
Aperture: f/3.0
Yesterday was the 10th "monthaversary" for my girlfriend and I, so I went out to get her some sunflowers (her favorite). When I got home, I looked up to see an amazing rainbow and thought I should shoot it. The flowers were put in the frame more to hide the power lines than anything else, but I love how it came out.