Over-hyped and over-priced it may be, you've got to smile at Tesla upgrading its lusted-after electric Roadster car with iPod/iPhone compatibility and a 7-inch touchscreen, which is supported by a rear camera for parking problems.

The look and feel of the car has been redesigned too, with new air-intake vents, alloy wheels and comfier seats. It's better suited for warmer climates too, thanks to a new power control system.

Details are sparse, but it's said the new Roadster 2.5 looks more "aggressive." Whatever that means, to car-nuts. Inside is where Gizmodo readers are going to be most interested, due to that touchscreen which displays the parking view from a rear camera. No more prangs! (Theoretically). It can also play DVDs for those "offroad" times.

As for price or launch times, well...this is Tesla we're talking about. [Tesla via Autocar]