This is actually Canada Day fireworks (July 1st) in Vancouver BC.
This was taken using my PnS Panasonic DMC-FH20 on a 15 second exposure with tripod. They lit of fireworks in two locations, neither of which was great, but this shot captures the city and a local boat marina.
-Cassidy Silbernagel

Fireworks in Chicago. Nikon d3000 with kit lens, in bulb mode, f8.
-Beth Cotter

Nikon D90
18-200mm zoom lense
Extended exposure by hand
Image was taken overlooking Lake Union fireworks in Seattle.
- Nick Sprankle

Location: Eagle Lake, Texas Annual 4th Of July Fireworks Show
Date: July 4, 2010
Camera: Canon 5d Mk II, 24-105mm lens
Shot at iso 50, f8, 13 second exposure on bulb setting, 32mm
I really liked this shot and chose it because you can see the brave individuals (some of which are also volunteer firefighters) that did the manual lighting of all of the fireworks.
-Douglass Beal

Right before the fireworks show started, the rain stopped. I live pretty close to where the fireworks were being launched from so I ran outside, but the only place I could get any shots had a chain link fence in the way. I didn't like the composition with the tripod and camera shooting over the fence so I ended up shooting through the fence using my telephoto at 300mm. Luckily the shots came out.
Canon XSI
EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
f 14
ISO 100
Bulb w/ remote
-Mark Lee

Canon EOS 550D, Canon 55-180mm Telephoto Lens, 1 second Shutter Speed, ISO 100.
My shots were taken during my family's July 4th Fireworks show in rural North Dakota. This specific shot was taken during our grand finale, I helped set it up, my friends started launching as soon as I started playing Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful." You know, Sandlot style. I was about 100 yards away from where the fireworks were launching.
-Peter Granlund

"Pink Peacock"
Canon 40D
Canon EF 28-135 IS
ISO 100
5 sec.
-Darwin Ocampo

Shot with an EOS Rebel XSi w/ EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS @ ISO 100, f /8 for a 4 second exposure. This was one of the results of my first attempt to shoot fireworks. Out of the 75 or so shots I took in those 15 minutes I don't think this one is the "best" (whatever that means) but there was something about it that appealed to me more than the others. Maybe that does make it the best. I thought that if I went out into the middle of a field I would be alone while taking these shots. Apparently, I wasn't the only one that had that idea. About halfway into the show, I heard someone else's shutter releasing. Not more than 10 feet away was an older man with a very nice setup. I think he was upset with me as I kept yelling out things like "YES!" and "That was AWESOME!" in reference to the pictures I was getting. I don't care though, I had an absolute blast (no pun intended) taking these pictures, and I couldn't keep it all on the inside.

Camera : Canon Digital Rebel XSi
Lens : 18 - 55mm kit lens
ISO: 100
F/ : 6.3
Shutter : 1.3 seconds
All I had really wanted to do this independence day was get a decent picture to submit for the challenge, so my family & I went to where i thought would be a perfect spot. As it turns out, all the fireworks were too far away to get anything good. Luckily, my sister had gotten a text that people were setting them off at the local elementary school. We had gotten there in time to see not the most professional display of fireworks, (a few of them fell over & exploded on the ground) but certainly more photographical. This picture was taken zooming in during the exposure.
-Robert Kelley

Wanted to capture some trees in silhouette from behind the field at my high school where the fireworks were going off. Think this one is neat because it looks like a war zone. ISO 3200, 1/60 shutter speed, TV setting on my Canon Rebel T1i, with a 50-250mm lens.
-Elliott Kupferberg

I shot this photo yesterday in Baker Park, Frederick, Maryland. I shot it with a Canon Rebel T2i, 18-55mm Kit Lens on tripod, but without a shutter release. The end result was a photo with slight camera shake. I think the slight shake helped in giving the photo some unique characteristics.
Exposure: BULB 1 sec. at f / 7.1
Focal Length: 18mm
ISO: 100
Flash: did not fire
-Corry Thomas

Nikon D90
Nikkor VR 18-105mm
ISO 100
Shutter 5.1s, F/5.6 in the body of the email along with a story of the shot in a few sentences.
Had to watch the fireworks display from a parking garage because of the rain. After a long weekend of a camping/float trip, the group enjoyed left over cold brews and nice show. It was good to be home.
-Ryan Berry

Location: Downtown Seattle, WA
View: Partially-obstructed view of Lake Union fireworks display
Date: July 4, 2010
Camera: Olympus E-510
Camera lens: Olympus 40-150mm four-thirds telephoto
Camera settings: ISO: 100, shutter: 5 seconds, aperture: f/22, exposure bias: 0, focal length: 142mm
Shutter control: remote
Description: After a slightly wet (it IS Seattle, after all) BBQ and drinking copious amounts of vodka lemonade (my own recipe), my friends and I camped out on top of an apartment building with a peek view of the Space Needle.
-Jeremy Klukan

Shot Title: Elephant Firework
Camera Sony Alpha 700
Mount Tripod
Exposure 1/10
Aperture f/4.5
ISO 100
Focal Length 70mm
Shot at Mall of Georgia...
We have seen fireworks in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but this one is unique; simply because we all agreed it looks like an Elephant! A very happy Elephant for that matter. Happy 4th, God Bless All!
-Kunal Patel

Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens
ISO 100
10s exposure (bulb setting)
This was my first attempt at shooting fireworks. Taken on the shores of Lake Erie in Lakeside, OH. I took the shot using a piece of black foam-core to cover the lens between bursts.
-Tim Gartman

I know this is late, but here's to hoping you are being extra lenient to those who partied just a little harder last night than others. Thanks.
Nikon D3000
ISO 200
18-55mm lens
10 sec. exposure
-Mike Maloney

So here is my "fireworks" entry. I didn't have a tripod with me, since this was a spur of the moment exhibition. I was also the man launching the fireworks, so I had to get back into shooting position quickly. To make the most out of my situation, I shot pretty wide open to try and get a low ISO and fast shutter to work. I love the trails that came off of the explosions, thought this one looked like something astronomical.
Explosives - Phantom Fireworks "Shagadelic Mojo" Repeater (I didn't make that up.)
Camera - Pentax K-x
Lens - My shiny-new Pentax FA 50mm F1.4
Aperture - f/2.5
Shutter - 1/13
ISO - 250
Shadows increased slightly in Picasa
-Nick Giardina

I apologize for the delay and I hope you will accept this entry a few hours late. It was tough to get to my computer by 1 to send in photos with traffic.....Thanks!
I took this from a roof top bar in Lake George, NY with my Canon XSi with EF-S 18-55mm lens, handheld.
1/30, f/5.6 and 1600 iso.
-Seth Porter

Canon 5D Mark II
24-70mm lens
400 ISO
9.0 Apeture
-Zac Mansfield

This shot was handheld, using an Olympus 1030SW, fireworks mode, at Bass Lake in Madera County, California. The thing I like about this shot is the red/white/blue of the fireworks, and the three drunk guys standing in the lake watching the fireworks at the lower right. They were hooting and hollering and demanding more beer be delivered to them in the lake.
-Dave Fleishman

Took these in the backyard of my girlfriend's cousin's house. Taken with a D700, with a 50mm f/1.8. I shot at f/8, in bulb mode. I held the shutter down for a few explosions, and got this result. I was close enough that I was being pelted with the cardboard shards of the fireworks, but that was probably more from the direction of the wind than anything else.
-Tony Lanza

I used a Canon XTi and EF24-70mm f/2.8mmL on a Manfroto travel tripod. The camera was at ISO 100, 24mm, f/3.2, and set to BULB. There were a lot of good shots, but this one was the most unique; it reminds me of an exploding planet.
-Matthew Neuman

Picture was taken using a Kodak V610 camera on the fireworks mode setting. Sorry, I have no clue as to what lens, ISO, etc that would equate too. I do know it is a long term exposure of a couple of seconds.
I did not have a tripod as the connector was missing. So I held the camers steady on a full water jug (square cross section) laying on its side on the ground.
Visiting my brother in Phoenix, Arizona, and we went down to the area by the Tempe Town Lake in Tempe Arizona.
-John Hays

This photo is of my son (on the right) and his friend. It was our neighborhood show and it really took me back to that age when I watched them. You can see they were mezmerized for at least these 13 seconds.
-Drew Eldridge

I shot this with a Canon T2i with a 50mm F1.8 lens. For the shot it
was F16 ISO 400, and shutter speed of 15 seconds. I shot this in
downtown Greenville, SC at falls park. I didn't have a tripod with
me, so I had to prop it on my knee and try to hold it very steady. I
haven't shot fireworks before, but had fun experimenting with
different settings and seeing what came out.
-Jay Motle

I'm late but I thought I would send it in anyway. I took these with my Nikon D40 using the kit lens and manual mode. I kept the shutter open 3 seconds to capture the sparks from the bottle rocket. Nothing better than shooting bottle rockets out of a freshly emptied beer bottle on the 4th of July.
-Peter Berg

Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel
Lens: Canon 35-135mm
ISO: 200
Exposure: 1.3 second
Manual Focus
A picture of the fireworks that were a couple of blocks away at Miller Park in Bloomington, IL. I was shooting to try out some different techniques that I read about such as zoom blur and focus blur and captured this picture with a long exposure. Upon review I was amazed that I could see the stars in the background. Try to ignore the power line running through the picture. The lines aren't buried in the part of town this was taken in and they were shooting off some low fireworks.
-Tom Guttschow

Equipment: Canon Digital Rebel XS, ISO-100, f/7.1, exp. 6s
Setup: On top of a parking garage. I took about 100 shots and only the first 5 were in focus. I forgot to change it to manual focus... lame! This was one of the first shots actually turned out good.
-Justin Fidone

Nikon D700
4 sec @ f/11
iso 400
50mm sigma prime f 1.4
Backyard fireworks, camera pointed strait up.
-Katharine Castro

I took this shot with my droid incredible with the flash off and iso 800 . I was trying to time my shot to capture the firework as soon as it began to explode.
-Amy Russell

Nikon D90
18-55mm VR @ 22mm
ISO 200
4 Sec Exposure
Manual Mode
For the last 3 years our 4th of July party has been a contest of Mortar Wars. We split into teams on opposite side of the field and plan out strategies. The artillery consists of mainly Mortars and large Roman candles. This year I managed to carry my camera for the first 15 minutes of the festivities. This image shows the blast trail from mortar and then blasting right above apposing team.
-Cody Overton