Well, I only just got my iPhone 3GS (About a month ago...I know...I should have waited for the iPhone 4), so I thought I'd test out the focus and all, and the quality, so I just went into my back yard and saw a few flowers my dad had, so I focused on the Yellow flower (A dandelion) so that the blue flower (A Forget-Me-Not or Forgetmenot) is out of focus, I did of course edit it slightly, using the App "PhotoStudio" and the effect I used was Vintage>Vintage. It was taken and edited all on my iPhone 3GS, I then made it smaller using the App Photogene.
-Sid Brunskill

iPhone 3GS w/ hipstamatic app
I spent all day sending these creepy pictures of my friend Mr Xupier (the one in yellow) to this friend's number whom I just received the day before. This was the last photo in the set.
-Michael Tseng

This pic was taken on my POS Iphone 2g. I wanted to enter the contest and figured why not take a crappy picture of something cool, like a bottle of Tru Blood.
-Jason Alejo

Taken with my iPhone 3G (still good after the iOS 4 upgrade, yay), no alteration besides resizing.
Just a beautiful day, right after the US team won group C in the World Cup!
-Anh Pham

I took this photo with my Nexus One the night before the contest was posted, However did the editing just a few moments ago on my Nexus One with the Color Pop app.
Taken In Cincinnati, OH
With Nexus One (5mp) however I used the digital zoom so it cropped the photo, originally shot in Full Color and with the standard camera app
Edited on phone with ColorPop
Shot from about 15 feet away while they were waiting to bat.
-Justin Hubbard

Shot with Bold 9700 close up mode. After a light rain I saw a common honeybee drinking water droplets on the windshield of my car.
-Chris Anselmo

Got to ICE my best friend (who's getting married on Saturday 6/26) on the golf course on one scorching day this week in Tulsa. It happened on the 6th hole, and as my buddy Wade was reading the green and sizing up his shot, I was able to sneak the bottle in the cup without him noticing. Needless to say after he failed to make the putt he got down on one knee and drank that terrible Wild Grape nastiness.
Taken on an iPhone 3G - No additional mods.
-Matt Colwell

Simply a pile of water left by a plastic drink cup from a gas station. I took this in a hotel room after lifting the cup and being utterly amazed the smiley face the watermark left.
-Nate Swetland

Ohio. Where we have earthquakes and tornadoes in the same day.
-Tom Servo

Shot on the Motorola Droid using the fx camera app. I was driving to work in Seattle and took this while at a stop light. A homeless man thought I was trying to snap a photo of him and he started flipping me off and yelling at me. Wish I would've had a wide angle lens on this phone to capture his wrath!
-casey sjogren

On my way in to a grocery store after what had been a horrific thunderstorm, the sun starting peaking out and this full rainbow formed from one side of the tree line to the other. It was by far the most impressive rainbow I'd ever seen. Unfortunately, all I had on me was my crappy iPhone 3G camera. It actually turned out surprisingly well considering the quality of the camera and the very low light situation. You can't see the entire rainbow, but it was quite a sight. I didn't use any programs to alter it in any way. My technique was to hold the phone as steady as possible and not get run over since I was standing right in the middle of the parking lot.
-Tim Hyde

I took this picture today as I was sitting by my pool just enjoying the day. The water was perfectly blue, although I admit the color didn't show up too well in the picture. Just a simple calming water shot, taken on my Alias2 phone.
-Brenton Smith

This was taken by me @ Pointe Dume in Malibu, CA. All I used was my iPhone 3gs (making use of the "tap to focus" feature). It's a shot of the sand @ the beach with the mountains and some beachgoers in the background. I was rock climbing there and had a free second while my buddy was climbing so I snapped it while I could.
My technique was to focus on the sand that is closest to the phone and then slowly move the camera up to bring the mountains and people into view, while maintaining the focus on the front sand bits. Works very well on the iPhone.
-Douglas Judson

Auto white balance
Taken at highest quality
No touchups at all
Taken at Lake Michigan during a beach wedding on the weekend. Was walking out of the public bathroom when I saw the sky. It looked exactly like how it was captured in this photo. The couple kissing on the beach was actually from the wedding party. This is one of the many storms that have been rolling through the last few days. Tornado warnings, etc.
-Chad Ely

I was taking a break from driving and actually saw a photo contest that I could participate in. So, with trusty Moto Droid in hand, I snapped the scene from my point of view at the truck stop I was parked at.
The only filter I used was native to the camera, solarize. I then moved the camera around enough to manipulate the sensor to a fine line between the foreground of my steering wheel and dash to the solarized background of the parking lot. After the shot was taken, I had to edit the size down.
-John Baldwin

Shot with an Iphone 3gs edited in Photoshop mobile
-Zachary Hertel-Therrien

For this shot I used my iPhone 3G.
I captured this shot while riding down the road during a summer southern thunderstorm! The rain coming out of the clouds almost looked like a tornado so i thought it looked pretty amazing!
I used photoshop mobile to edit this picture! I adjusted the sharpness, saturation and the contrast.
-Erin Jackson

Went to see some shitty bands at the Rock & Roll Hotel in DC.
It ended up being pretty awesome.
Didn't use any editing apps, just a regular Nexus One with Android 2.2.
-Nik Rajpa

This image was shot with my iPhone 3GS at the Red River Ex in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Ex comes around once a year, and people from all over the province flood into the city to take part. There's all sorts of rides, but I don't remember this one (Cliff Hanger) being there before. I took this shot while my friend and I were waiting in line.
It was shot around dusk with the standard camera app, processed with Cross Process, taken into the Mill's Colour app for final colour tweaking, and cropped to 16X9 with my upcoming iPhone photo cropping app, CineCrop.
-Kert Gartner

Taken w/ an iPhone 3GS in morning light in front yard. Only slightly edited using perfectphoto app. Please rename the image to robbcliffordcellphone.jpg
Taken as I walked out the door for work this morning. The lighting on this LBM (little brown mushroom) was just perfect! Love the translucent gills.
- Robb

Taken on my new iPhone 4, it is through the window of a bar which had stickers on. The way the low sun shined through them caught my eye.
-Dan Brown

iPhone 4 picture of an alligator snapping turtle in Columbia, SC
-David Platt

I took this photo on my Blackberry 8900 and used an iPod Touch to edit it in Chase Jarvis' The Best Camera app (Believe me, I wish I just had an iPhone). I've been taking photos on my Blackberry ever since I was inspired by Chase Jarvis' mobile phone photography preachings and photos. This candid photo was taken at a party against a white wall illuminated by pink lights. In the photo my friend is holding a fluorescent ball.
-Leo Zuckerman

Shot using the iPhone4. I went out just walking around and started to take photos. I came back home and noticed the article for the contest. Went through all my photos and picked out the one I enjoyed the most. I was just shooting and having fun. Not really shooting for any kind of style.
Cool contest idea!
-Bryan Gosline

This Photo was taken using a Motorola Droid, and the built in camera app. It too a few attempts to get the composition and sunflare the way I liked it.
-Luke Salyer

iphone 4
I just got my iphone 4 after waiting 5 hours in line. For the past two days I have just playing with it non stop (resulting in a few close call care crashes). While driving home from work on I-10, I pulled out my camera, tapped to focus and... voila!
-Sebastien Bonnot

On my way to Røst in the North of Norway i took this picture of the wing of the plane noticing the mirror effect of the words "no step" spelling it "pets on". I used my 2mpx iPhone3G with the Hipstamatic app with the John S lens and the Ina's 69 film emulation (which is my preferred combination).
-Carsten Aniksdal

Taken with iPhone 3Gs, at the botanic gardens on campus. No apps used to modify the picture. I did use photoshop on my desktop to make the shrunken 800px version
-Chris Lorenz

I took this as the first picture using my iPhone4. It is my 9 month old Boston Terrier, Lola Mae who just had the most sincere look on her face. I used no editing software and was very impressed with the outcome from the phone.
-Bonita Biros

Equipment: LG Voyager VX1000
Settings:-Original Resolution, 1600 x 1200
-White Balance: Auto
-Color Effects: Normal
-Night Mode: Off
- Photometry: Spot
-Auto Focus: Two Step
Story: Sitting outside at a friends softball practice. Saw this bee, and he couldn't get over the grass. I thought it was adorable, so I snapped a pic.
-Angela Perry

This was taken with an HTC EVO the morning of June 26, in NYC (at 57th Street between B'way and 8th). I enjoyed the composition of the reflected buildings, and hoped to capture it elegantly. I used Photoshop for Android to tweak the exposure and contrast. (PS also resizes and compresses edited photos, but I didn't know that until I was looking at it on my desktop.)
-Michael Whitney Hyde

Yes it's late, but I was on my way to work this morning and heard the dulcet tones of an Italian monster.
Peering at my rearview mirror revealed not just a Ferrari, but the top stallion, the Enzo. Heart pounding, I grabbed my Droid Incredible and prayed as I focused on my side mirror. Sucess!
At the next light, I happened to be abreast of the exotic beast. I called out to the driver that he'd made my day. He simply smiled, gave a nod and floored it. He vanished over the next hill in a heartbeat, leaving only the powerful sound of 660 unleashed horses in his wake.
-Matt Franke

Shot with an iPhone 3GS
Edited with Tilt Shift Generator and BestCam
Stuck in traffic one afternoon, I spotted this gorgeous live Oak tree on the campus of LSU. I grabbed my phone, steadied it atop the side mirror, waited for a break in the traffic, took the snap, loaded Tilt Shift and Best Cam to edit - all in the span of one red light.
-Todd Rossnagel