Canon 5D Mark II
Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Macro
I was just watching TV and saw this ant walk across the screen. I grabbed my camera and started shooting and flipping channels while I did. I kind of like how it takes the idea of bugs and combines it with technology (befitting of Gizmodo). The macro brings out the pixels of the screen, so you can say that it is the ant that is in HD here. Off to buy some ant traps now.
-Ayaz Asif

Taken with a Pentax K-x using an old smc Pentax-A Machro 1:2.8 50mm
f/11 1/50sec ISO3200 (Because of wind)
I found this interesting hunter in the front yard posing as a victor
against a second spider.
-Peter Neal

taken with Canon EOS Rebel t1i
1/500 sec
ISO 100
adjustments made in photoshop
Was hanging out in the backyard getting bothered by flies, when I remembered the shooting challenge, and grabbed my camera.
-Briana Crepinsek

Camera: Panasonic DMC FZ35
1/5 Shutter speed
ISO 400
I turned on my lamp by the window and waited for all the bugs to come. Eventually, I got this shot.
-Alex Baldwin

taken with mamiya rz67 and leaf aptus 54s back
90mm lens w/ extension tube (24mm i think)
ISO 50, f/5.6-8, 1/125 (or something like that)
it was the first bloom of dandelions in the spring and the bees were everywhere. i had just started playing with this extension tube while my 3yo son played in the front yard, and this bee started visiting the flowers we were sitting next to. after 15 mins of crawling and 10 shots, i liked this one best. nothing special until you try to shoot macro of live and wild insects with a 6x7 camera.
-Andy C.

Canon XSI 55-250mm lens
I was taking some pictures of a friends kids, and walked by some flowers that were covered with bees figured I need to take a couple pics and see what came out and this was the best of the lot.
-Ryan Medlen

I settled on this shot of a freshly-molted Acanalonia conica. I've seen them as nymphs and adults, but never in this state - waiting for its wings to fill out - so I was delighted to stumble across this scene on a plant in the woods today. Sat my butt down in the dirt and shot till I was satisfied that ONE of all those shots had to be good enough. Then it had to beat out the cute jumping spiders, dragonflies, and a funky orange leafhopper nymph, but I liked the composition, lighting, and subject of this one the best.
My equipment is a Canon S5 IS with a Raynox DCR-250 macro lens and a Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash on a cable. I had manual settings so I could achieve maximum DoF, which on this camera is f/8. Exposure time was 1/200, at ISO 80.
-Ashley Bradford

Shot with an iPhone while out stacking wood with my father.
-Tim Murphy

I took this picture on my vacation this weekend. I went to San Diego and this picture was taken at the San Diego Zoo. I am using a Canon Power Shot SX120IS. I used the macro setting on my camera to get this bumble bee. ISO 400.
-Amy Marsh

Sorry this is late. You don't have to enter it in the contest, but
thought you might just want to see. Thanks.
Shooting summary:
Nikon D3000
Nikkor 55-200mm lens
ISO 200
I tried all week to find some good subjects. What I did find is that
there aren't a lot of bugs flying around my house before or after my
work hours. Finally this afternoon, I found something to work with. My
first submission! =)
-Sean Yoshimoto

iPhone 3GS no settings, equipment or doctoring, Cicada on the other side of a second story screen. Rick G
-Richard Gonnering

Canon XSI
ISO 200
f 6.3
I was out taking pictures of some flowers on my lunch break and ran into this guy heading straight at me.
-Mark Lee

It's been complete crap in SF as soon as the challenge was announced,
so this is from a week ago in Napa. Canon t2i, 70-200 with a small
macro adapter on it. ISO 100, f2.8.
-Michael Koperwas

It's challenges like this that make me realize I've gotta invest in some real glass... Shot with a Canon Rebel XS using a kit lens from a Canon film camera from probably 15 years ago...
-Eric Kornblum

I took this shot with my Canon EOS 40D, MP-E 65mm (macro lens), and MT-24EX (macro flash). The macro flash is comprised of two flash heads that can be moved, tilted, and rotated independently around a ring at the front of the macro lens. This shot was handheld (that's the only way I photograph) at ISO 100 with an aperture of f14 and a nominal speed of 1/250th (the twin flashes are the only light source in the scene so the speed is effectively 1/1200th or so).
And now to the story... this fearsome looking bug (quite small actually, less than an inch long) is a male rugose stag beetle. I came upon him sitting just outside my back garage door on a piece of driftwood. He was eying me suspiciously, especially as I started to zoom in and my lens began to "crawl" along the log in step with his movements... causing him to turn constantly away from the camera such that we both ended up going in circles for a few minutes ;) I wonder what he's up to now?
-Elise Fog

This challenge motivated me to get close and personal. It was a rainy, muggy, miserable day in Southern Illinois. In between showers I went out with my Pentax K-X and shot many of the bugs near the creek that runs through my back yard. The dragonflies were by far the most interesting, and a few of them seemed to enjoy posing for me. After this one struck its wing on a wet leaf it splashed some water on it, I quickly snapped some shots and this was one of my favs of the entire session. Hope you like it too. I believe it is an Eastern Pondhawk. On this particular shot I used an 85mm Samyang MF lens with a Tamron 2X Teleconverter.
-Joe Ackerley

This green leaf-like bug was on the antenna of my GTI. He rode around town with me for the good part of the day!
-Matt Crane

Just realized deadline was last night. I was out of town and just saw it this morning. But if its not too late:
Panasonic Lumix DMC FS15 Macro auto focus mode.
When I saw there was a bug shooting challenge I went to the kitchen and took a shot of the ants that I sprayed when I unhappily discovered them swarming the maple syrup this morning.
-Peter Duff

Spider on Flower
taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ-20——1/200th/sec at f4.0, ISO 80.
I was walking along and spotted this beautiful translucent, light green spider in the flower. i didn't have my camera with me, so i hauled ass back to the house (¼ mile) and back again (¼ mile) to find that he moved into an even better pose!! snapped it, and the rest is history.
-Kevin Oppenheimer

Went out to my dad's house in the desert this weekend. Tons of ants around. Loving the reflection on that ant's butt. (Abdomen?)
Nikon D3000, 55-200mm kit lens
ISO: 100
-Nick Reppert

D5000 shot with stock lens @
iso 500
Lemme know how the judging goes.
-Daniel Giudici

This was shot with a Nikon D3000 55 mm lens, on a basil plant in southern New Hampshire. ISO 120, f 5.6. Enjoy!
-Hannah Nofsinge

Picture taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ18 with a Raynox DCR-150 macro lens, aperture priority, F4.5, ISO 100.
I noticed some small bees hovering over this large white flower. Between the moving bees, wind blowing the flower around, and shallow depth of field, I took around 80 shots to get a few keepers. This was one of my favorites; I like the perspective from getting a little lower to the plane of the flower.

Shot with a Canon T2i using the mp-e 65 lens at 1X. f/5, 1/125th sec, iso 800. External off camera flash for some fill light, shot handheld, no tripod.
Bush crickets are rare around my area, might see 1 or 2 per year, so when I saw this little guy I had to grab the camera. Saw it right after I watered my plant, I must've startled it.
-Larry Wong

"I had a handful of 1:1 insect face shots, but I really liked this
giant millipede, curled up in the foliage like a snake. I don't know
the specific name but believe it's a Spirotreptida class. I named him
Sleuth. Shot was taken with Nikon D90 + 105mm micro @ f3.3, 1/80, ISO
- Nick Sprankle

Shooting Summary:
Nikon D5000
18-55mm VR
200 ISO
1/60 sec
As I was taking a stroll, I found a bunch these bugs hidden away from sight. Looks like they're scheming to come up with a master plan to take over the world.
These contests are interesting and fun. Keep up the great work!
- Siu Chu Lam

"Mr. Cellophane" This is a picture of the wings of a dragonfly. The dragonfly was resting against our red-stained deck - which is what provided the color of the background. The picture was taken with a Canon Rebel T2i, with the kit telephoto lens at 250 mm, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/60 sec. The picture was cropped, the exposure increased, and the colors corrected in photoshop.
-Brennan Moss

Picture taken with iPhone 4 and pudding cam app. No further editing. I was seeing how close I could actually get and still take a quality picture... I have about 15 others that I've taken in the last few days, some better possibly, some worse but this one stuck out the most of the bunch... I don't plan to win or even be on the top of the list but I'm hoping to at least make the gallery. No fancy camera, no macro lens, just my phone, patience and willingness to get "that close". I will say winning the cell phone challenge motivated me to enter this one as well and for that matter start taking more pictures in general.
Thanks giz...
-Justin Deavers

Decided to head off the botanic gardens in denver, at a $12.50 entrance fee giving myself about an hour and a half to get at least something. I've always wanted to check out the gardens as they have a really cool japanese garden area. As I was walking to the japanese gardens, I noticed there was an area called the "Birds and the Bees Walk" (yeah, i know... they really had to name the path that?). Anyway, I found some rather interesting bumble-bees amidst the gardens, however there wasn't that much available light, and being an ISO snob, didn't want to shoot anything but ISO 100. So after some decent shots wide open (f/2.8), I was ready to continue on to the japanese gardens, when I looked down and saw this interesting beetle perched on a leaf. Luckily, the little guy wasn't too camera shy at first, and gave me the opportunity to get him perfectly nestled on the end of this leaf. Unfortunately, the path i was on was rather small, and after getting about 10 frames of the little guy, the little kids that inhabit the gardens and their stomping must have startled our little insect friend into hiding, and he scurried away to fast for me to dismount from the tripod to follow him. Either way, not a bad macro shot for an hour and a half time-frame.
-Phil Earley

Shot info: Canon 20D, magnification of 3x with reverse mounted olympus 50mm 1.8 on 2 sets of extension tubes, ISO 400, F/11, built in flash at +2EV. Flash extender/diffuser used to make the flash reach the subject
A small fly, do not know ID. Cooperated for a minute or so while it was cleaning itself, this shot was taken right before it flew off. White background is from diffused flash blowing out the wall (which is actually light green) that the fly was sitting on
-Greg Moser

Tired of doing my work, I grab my camera and head towards the lake in my university with my friend. We strolled around the lake until she spotted this tiny little creature in the bushes. This ladybird with its glistering spotted body didn't mind our intrusion at all but it does move around a lot which make it harder for me to take a picture. We are not quite sure what's it doing with the ants (there are quite a lot of them and looks like they're trapped with some sort of web there) but we hope that both parties are alright.
Taken using Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 with ‘intelligence-auto' mode without any touchup.

1/50s, f14, ISO 400, 100 mm
Shot in RAW, edited in Digital Photo Professional, retouched in Photoshop CS3
This little daddy longlegs was bugging me right when I was just getting started on a sketch.
I remembered the shooting challenge and put down my pencil in favor of my camera.
-Bart Tieman

Shot with a Sony Cybershot HX-5V P&S
Exposure 1/400s
ISO 125
I took a few shots of this little fella in our garden after reading about the shooting challenge, I took a few other (better) shots during the week of butterflies and bumblebees, but I chose this one because it felt like it was looking at me.
-Simon Wardenier

Canon T2i w/ 18-55mm kit lens
Shot @ ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/15 sec
I just recently got into photography and it was my first time bringing the camera to the zoo. Took me all day to convince my girlfriend to go to the bug exhibit. Of course she wanted to leave ASAP, so I didn't have much time to set up or fine tune any of the camera settings. Out of all the frantic shooting, I think this turned out the best.
-Shawn Mapili

Nikon D700
Nikkor 105mm Micro
Borrowed Nikon R1 Wireless Speedlight System
ISO 400
1/250 sec
I have a shot of a mosquito biting my own foot, which was a real pleasure to take, but I think this spider shot is more exciting. I shot the spider sitting there in its web, and then an ant crawled by while I was adjusting the camera settings. I grabbed the ant and threw it in the web to see if I could get some fun action shots of the spider wrapping it up.
-Adam Hilliker