When I think of post-shipwreck situations, I imagine myself clinging to some shard of wood, encircled by sharks, delirious from the sun and saltwater. But the SeaKettle, which can desalinate salt water, sounds more like a floating hotel room.

The luxury life raft is an entry in the James Dyson Award design competition by designer Kim Hoffman, and it looks like a relatively comfortable place to spend a few nights following a ship-capsizing squall.

The SeaKettle's main amenity is a mechanism that pumps seawater into a reservoir covered with Goretex, allowing it to desalinate through evaporation and then trickle into four pockets of drinkable water surrounding the raft.


So, sure, you'll probably still want to try to avoid going overboard, but the SeaKettle's definitely going to be more comfortable than that shard of wood. [Kim Hoffman via James Dyson Award]