IncrediBooth, a iPhone 4-only project from the makers of the much-lauded (and frustratingly not-yet-updated) Hipstamatic, turns your front facing camera into a beautiful, pocketable shopping mall-style photo booth.

Remember how much fun you and your friends had mugging in front of Apple's Photo Booth when it came out? This is kinda like that, but anywhere. You snap shots in rapid succession, and then you can mail your snazzy black and white strip to friends, post it to Facebook, or save to your photo roll. At $1, it's worth having on your iPhone just to facilitate some drunk PDA down the line, if nothing else.



From the app developers: Incredibooth is the way to bring happiness to any event, party, or lonely evening. Step up, sit down, and get ready to cram as many of your friends together as possible. The photo booth has returned, and it's incredible. No coins needed. No hunting down old dirty dive bars to only find a machine that is no longer in service. Be the live of any party and bring your IncrediBooth with you.
By Kyle VanHemert and Casey Chan