Plastiki, a 60 foot vessel buoyed by over 12,000 2-liter plastic bottles, sailed into the Sydney Harbor today, completing a 130 day, 8000 mile journey from San Francisco. A long way to travel for the coveted 10 cent deposit!

The boat, which actually set sail to raise awareness about the amount of plastic debris floating around in the world's oceans, was helmed by the British adventurer and environmentalist David de Rothschild.


The repurposed bottles provide nearly 80% of the vessel's buoyancy, but they're only one component of its sustainable design: the ship's frame is constructed from a recyclable plastic, its mast from reclaimed aluminum, and its sail hand-made from recycled cloth. The design also incorporates solar panels, wind turbines, bicycle generators, a hydroponic garden, and a waste management system with "evaporative technology for weight reduction." That's dedication.

The Plastiki will be on display at Sydney's Maritime Museum through August 1. [Plastiki via Designboom]

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