If the Sea-Doos of yesteryear were bulbous and cheerful like cartoon whales, the Silveira Green Samba XRS is more like a shark. A geometric, 65mph, zero-emission shark, one made out of carbon fiber and perfectly suited for Batman's maritime adventures.

The Silveira Group, which is improbably based in Ohio and specializes in custom personal watercraft, set out to make a PWC that was more advanced in its build and more intuitive in its performance. The result was the Green Samba XRS Pro, a sit-down, wedge of a craft driven by twin direct drive electric propulsion pods.


Information on the Green Sambas is scarce, and the facts that are out there seem too good to be true; the company claims the carbon fiber hull weighs only 35 pounds, which means even Robin could take it for a spin. But if it does indeed materialize, the Green Samba XRS is expected to start production in August, when it'll run you an undetermined but undoubtedly very large sum of money. [Silveira Customs via Not Cot]