Mere weeks after America banished sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman, another may have surfaced: 24-year-old Anna Fermanova is accused of smuggling military technology to Moscow. She has a bellybutton ring and wears bikinis on Facebook. Meet America's new sexy outlaw.

The Smoking Gun reports that Fermanova is under house arrest in Texas awaiting trial for "knowingly and intentionally" exporting contraband weapons-grade night-vision scopes to Moscow. (She denies this, and says the scopes were for big game hunters.) She has an American cosmetology license and teaches English languages in Moscow.


According to her booking papers, Anna is 5'6" and has a belly ring. According to Facebook, she likes slutty Halloween costumes and pointing at the camera when she's drunk. Anyway, here are a bunch of screen grabs from Anna's Facebook page, featuring commentary like "You put the RAAWR in RAAWUSSIAN" and "One very hot sexy Jew indeed. ;)" Is this a viral marketing campaign for Salt, or something? Click any image to enlarge. [TSG, Facebook]