Not only will the city's subway stations be rigged to support your handheld electronic devices, but chatty citizens will be allowed to make calls in between stops, too. Is there anything worse than this?

The MTA reached a deal with a company called Transit Wireless three years ago to enable cell phone service in subway stations, but the firm never proceeded with the plans. Now it's back on the front burner, apparently, and the plans are even more ambitious than before considering they're planning to install both phone signal and internet access underground. And where the stops are close enough together—and the tunnels are wider—riders should have coverage during their entire underground journey, says an official from Q-Wireless, one of the four companies working with Transit Wireless to install the subterranean transmissions. This is a travesty. For many people the subway is the only place to not only get away from the nagging of your own iPhone or Droid, but also to end all the chattering, inane conversations of your fellow citizens.


Under the current deal, Transit Wireless has two more years to install the technology in six test stations and then eight years to wire all 277 subway stations. Cell phones in stations we can kind of understand, but allowing people to have conversations while commuting may bring about the end civilization as we know it. And, really, why does the subway need wi-fi? So that you can download porn onto your iPad on the 6 Train? Really? Everyone knows the subway is for jerking off while looking at real people. Come on!

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