Pulse: A news reader app that's very pretty but sorta limited for hardcore RSS users. The way it works is that it re-formats your feeds into thumbnails, users can then scroll through the list of articles within the thumbnails. The only problem is that Pulse limits the maximum subscription to 20 feeds. If you can make do with only 20 feeds, Pulse is great. $1.99

Barrr: A lovely video game for Android that's sorta like those Diner Dash games that everyone loves. Kat sums it up:

Basically you need to serve up beer to pirates, and can even given them tattoos.

If that doesn't convince you to get the game, nothing will. Fine, maybe this will: it's free.


FlightView: Summer is the season for travel but with packed airports and a seemingly 100% delay rate, it's hard to keep track of your itinerary. Thankfully, Kyle says FlightView for Android can:

The app lets travelers track flights and check weather at over 900 airports internationally. True jet setters can organize their trips, including hotel, rental car information and more. Social networking integration makes it easy to keep your designated pick-up aware of your flight's status, and a homescreen widget keeps those pesky delays visible.

PSX4Droid: It's a legitimate PlayStation emulator for Android. It costs $5.99 but once you get all your ROMs and PS BIOS files uploaded, you can be playing all the old Final Fantasies and Crash Bandicoots you want. Sorta turns your Droid into a PSP phone. Kinda.


Google Maps 4.4: Google Maps always gets updated at a breakneck pace on Android. This time they've added 'Places'. Here's what Sam I Am Biddle has to say:

The newest update for Android's Google Maps app offers a dedicated Places icon, for location-based business searches. Places can be opened discretely from the app launcher, offering you the same information on neighborhood establishments found via the browser-based version.