Camera: 7d
Lens: Canon EF 70-200 f/4 @70mm
ISO: 400
Shutter: 1/500, 1/2000, 1/8000 @ f/6.3
I took three exposures and combined them to on HDR shot using Photoshop CS5. I was practicing using my new lens and I wanted to try making an HDR image that looked realistic. The photo was taken at Tod's Point in Greenwich, CT. I had to lay down in the mud so I brought my rain coat and boots. My favorite part of the shot is NYC on the left side.
-Wes Tarca

Sunset in "not so clear day" @ Cornice in Abu Dhabi. I used a tripod and remote shutter release to capture this moment of Cloud splitting the Sun in to two!
shooting summary:-
Camera - Canon EOS 7D
Lens - 70 - 200mm f/2.8L IS USM
ISO 100
Exposure Time - 1/400 Sec
-Shahid Abdusalam

Shot with a Pentax K-x (which by the way I decided to buy after reading a gizmodo review, no joke).Which I love. screw you cannon and nikon haha jk.
Used the 18-55mm kit lens at 35mm.
1/50 shutter speed.
no tripod.
There's not much of a story to this shot. It was taken in the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior. My wife and I were camping there. I guess I kind of ditched my wife to venture through the woods a ways to get this shot. At first I was disappointed I wasn't able to make it down to the shore because it was very rough shoreline where I was. But in the end I think it made for a unique vantage point. And I liked how the tree leaves framed in the shot.
-Shawn Nicholas

Photo title: Charleston Battery Sunset Jogger
Camera: Nikon D90
Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/8.0
Focal Length: 85 mm
ISO Speed: 200
I shot this one during a break from a 16 hour work day. I had a few minutes to watch the sunset over at the Battery in Charleston, SC & I was framing this vertical shot to include the stone pillars in a diminishing perspective when this jogger ran right into the shot, and coincidentally made the shot more interesting than the ones without him in it.
-Joseph Nienstedt

I shot this sunset on the evening of the 29th with my iPhone 4. Normally I would use my DSLR, but I wanted a bit of a challenge. The sunset itself wasn't anything remarkable. Sunsets are a favorite subject of mine, and the one thing that you need for a successful sunset shot is the perfect ration of clouds to clear sky. I didn't have that, so I laid down in the hay field where I was shooting and found a nice plant to add something of interest.
-John Morgan

Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105 L-Series Zoom Lens, ISO 400, f/8, 1/800 sec. Hand held and zoomed into about 55mm.
This photo was taken at the Santa Barbara Pier in Santa Barbara, CA. Several months back I remember being at the same spot and seeing an amazing sunset with great clouds, watching as the sail boats came back to the harbor. Since it's summer in Santa Barbara there are no lovely clouds. So after some very disappointingly bland shots of a number of boats going back to the harbor for the night, I spied one of those old telescopes you feed quarters into to make it work. The attached photo is the result of me digressing for a moment back into my childhood. I also remember being told never to look at the sun through one of those things, too. So there ya go.
-AJ Skiles

shot using canon 20d with sigma 70-200mm ex lens set at 70mm aperture f22 shutter speed 1/80th, iso 100
shot this from the fantail of our cruise ship overlooking a small fishing village in mazatlan mexico
-Jamie Cuellar

3 pictures taken at +/- 2.5 at F5. HDR with Photomatix, used Lightroom AND Window Live Photo to create what is attached. On my flicker, I didn't use Window Live Photo for adjustments. I like them both.
-Jeffery Phillips

Rebel XSI with kit lens f/11, 1/250sec.
Sun setting behind smoke from the Tehachapi fire in California.
It's amazing how something so tragic can look so beautiful....
-Terry Davenport

Where I live.
Taken on a D3000.
-Alex Levine

Hello! I'm Roger Zhang and I'm an avid reader of Gizmodo. I just came back from the Grand Canyon and the first thing I did was catch up my favorite blog Gozmodo. I always see those photo contests and they never applied to me until now. Every park ranger recommended the sunset and sunrise from Hopi Point. So I got up bright and early for this pic around 4:45 and waited for the sun to rise. This photo is shot at 5:30 AM with a brand new Rebel T2i with 18-135mm lens with a f/10 aperture, 1/200 shutter speed, ISO 200 and since this is a HDR photograph it was shot with 0 exposure then plus and minus 2. I hope I can enter more contests in the future!
-Roger Zhang

Took this photo just up the road from my house. It's an old farm that the city has grown up around. I find it very peaceful to look at in the morning over coffee and thought it would be a perfect focal point for this shooting challenge. I used my Canon G11, three photos at different exposures, and Photomatrix (HDR software) to get the final result. I kept the ISO and aperture constant at 100 and F/8, respectively, and varied the shutter across 1/4, 1/40, & 1/500 seconds. After several attempts l ultimately used the software to ensure that the old farm buildings were completely dark and discarded the idea of keeping them properly exposed in traditional HDR fashion.
-Charles Erickson

Shot with a Nikon CoolPix S3000 point and shoot.
Nikor 4x lens
Shutter: 1/50
Aperture: f3.2
ISO Speed: 80
We woke up Monday morning to a beautiful sunrise. As I was slowly trying to wake up, I ran out the front door and snapped this picture with our point and shoot camera. A couple of days later your shooting contest came up and the first thing that came to mind was that picture. It's un-shopped. All natural, just resized for your requirements. Enjoy!
-Lee Lawmaster

Camera: Canon EOS 50D
Lens: EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6
Exposure: 1/640
Taken July 29th on Lake Simcoe Ontario while on vacation.
-Ozone Pilot

Camera : Canon EOS 7D
Lens : Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
Settings: f/32 1/160 secs 100ISO @ 135mm, Daylight white balance
Location: Crystal Cove State Park, Huntington Beach, CA
Photographer's Note:
It was my friend's birthday so I took him out for dinner in Huntington Beach. Later, we stopped by at Crystal Cove State Park to watch a sunset. Another photographer came in later and setup a tripod right in front of me. People interrupted me to take their pictures for them. Joggers cut right in front constantly. I didn't think it was going to happen so I decided to work with it and included two joggers and the other photographer. Meanwhile, the birthday guy was on his cell phone yapping away, missing the sunset entirely.
-Bundid Niyomtham

Shot in an iPhone4 in a OWLE Bubo (without the lens), used Panorama Application. This is the sunset reflecting off of an impending Monsoon here in Phoenix.
-Graham McBain

Camera is Sony Alpha A550
ISO 200
Exposure Time 1/500 s
Lens Tamron 70-300mm
Focal Length 230mm
Aperture F7.1
This picture was taken at the port of Suez Canal in Egypt on 7/27/2010
The sky was full of dust and really gave the sky a deep dark orange color.
I really liked all the satellite dishes, must have been hundreds all points in different directions.
-Derek Van Beber

Shot with my iPhone 4, no alterations.
On the way back home to Northern Va from Cape Hatteras NC after an exciting fishing trip! The pic was shot around Norfolk Va on highway 64.
-Alex Phaup

Pretty bad photo in itself was shot with an iPhone 4 just one of the coolest sunsets I have ever seen and remembered you guys were doing a contest so thought, perfect!
-Charlie Ostman

My name is Adam Kramer and I took this photo on July 28th in Reisterstown, MD visiting my friend on her farm. I shot the photograph with a Canon 50d with a 50mm lens, using an ISO of 100, shutter speed of 1/30 of a second, and a 5.6 f-stop. This was the first time I had seen her in a few years and she was one of my better friends from college. After a day on the farm we went back to her farm house to eat dinner and watch the sun set. This photography, neatly framed on two sides by trees, was the result.
-Adam Kramer

Shot with a Nikon D40
Located on the Stahl Farm in a small town called Mikado, Michigan. This place has the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.
-Aidan Gause

I'm a noob (just got this camera about a week ago for my trip to Europe in September) and just started taking pics on manual versus auto. This is my FIRST submission for a shooting challenge. My original intention of the photo was to make a panoramic (I've been a bit obsessed with them lately). A friend of mine suggested I go ahead and submit it, so a more focused centered shot is the submission and the panoramic photo is in case you guys actually put this up - I'd rather people see that photo instead. So I've submitted three pics, two for the contest, a third for y'all to decide to put up if you want... because it was hard for me to decide what to crop out.
I peaked out the window last night and saw that the sky looked great. I went outside my house (I live across the street from an elementary school - that's the soccer goal/field and building on the right) and walked down the sidewalk snapping pics as quickly as I could before the light changed.
Later I stitched the photo using Windows Live Gallery into a 73 MP panoramic photo, but then got it resized down to 7+ MB and much fewer MPs.
Commenter name: pekosROB (TX)
Canon Rebel T2i - kit lens EFS 18-55mm, no filters (I know, I know, I need to get a UV one!)
1/64 sec shutter speed
F-stop 10
ISO 800
Taken 8:30 pm central, 7/28/10
-Rob Paek

I'm a newb. Literally I'm on the first battery charge on my first DSLR camera.
The attached shots were taken off William J. Day Blvd in South Boston (near the JFK Library). I drive by this spot every day on my way into work. I set up a tripod that my wife got for free and attached my Sony A230 (we got it on the cheap, refurbished) with it's stock 18mm-55mm lens. My first few photos looked bad. Dreary and no color, so I tried to shorten the exposure time. It worked. It created higher contrast and better color! I couldn't be happier with my first attempt at decent photography!
The deets: f/5.6 and 1/1250 sec at ISO-100.
Thanks Giz for doing this and helping people better themselves as photographers. I'm glad I can enter along side professionals!
-Adam Heckman

Sunrise around the flooded pools of the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
Early morning in the Okavango is something that has to be seen to be believed. The Blood orange sky is reflected in the superbly still pools of water the are one of the defining features of this stunning landscape.
This shot was taken on Tuesday whilst sipping on the first of the days thermos flasks of coffee. It is a shame you cant embed audio with an image as sitting and watched the sun slowly illuminate the landscape as the sounds of the delta slowly come to life is an experience everyone should be able to enjoy. What a privilege!
Taken on a Canon EOS20D
ISO: 100
Aperture: f4
Focal Length: 80mm
-Chris Harries

Canon EOS 7D
70-200mm F/2.8L USM
ISO 800
1/500 sec shutter
This photo was taken at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. It was one of my last shots before the day. It was fairly humid and hot out on the lakeshore. A ton of bugs were getting active right around that time. I think this photo captures the mood. The air is thick, it's not clean, but that's how it was. It works as a great representation of being there watching the sun call it good for the day.
-Tony Milazzo

I love reading Gizmodo quite a bit and saw this contest for the sunset, and figured since I'm on vacation and had such beautiful shots as the one in the picture, I'd snap it and try submitting. Alas, being a dummy forgot my better camera at home, and it doesn't seem you take non digital camera entries, might be odd to submit a roll of film. No special lenses, filters or anything, just a crappy Sony Cybershot that belonged to a friend. Took the picture after some weather came through, was glad for the pictures
Iso: 80
Information for the Sunset Contest.
1. This is a picture I took on vacation
2. Taken 7/29/2010
3. Crappy Sony Cybershot camera, decided it was a beautiful scene from the beach where we were sitting. Wasn't able to change too many settings for the camera itself
so let it do an auto setup and shot the picture, set the camera on the beach chair I was on so it wouldn't shake. Learned that after the third or fourth attempt.
4. This is to the contest and not the Mark Wilson man, though I bet it'd be fun to mail stuff to him...
5. The image included is the only image I have, as that was the maximum resolution on the camera.. kinda forgot the nice camera at home and this was the cybershot's highest setting
6. It's my only submission, though be rough and I could submit? :P
-Patrick Liss

Here are my contest pictures for the sunset challenge. I took these with my iPhone 4 and did not edit the colors. I actually pulled the car over to take a picture of it outside Chicago and I took multiple ones but this was the best and I just decided to for the fun of it. I was surprised with the beauty of the colors in the sky. Just with my hands, no tripod or anything was needed. I took this 3 days ago and found it funny you guys put a contest for this. Thought I would share it with you guys. Always saw this contests but never have really had the stuff to enter in one. I hope I make it in this time.
-Faris Toqan

Canon EOS Rebel T2i, 18-55mm Kit lens at 25mm, ISO 400, 1/100 second at f/25. Some slight retouching / cropping in Photoshop.
Just got my new Canon T2i and one of the first things that came to mind was the Gizmodo shooting challenges. Took this picture with my girlfriend while trying to teach her a little bit about photography. Took some with the sun above the mountains but really liked the blue sky once the sun had really start to set. Some slight retouching / cropping in Photoshop.
-Nick Barrows

Taken on my Sony HX5V. 1/125, f/3.5, ISO 160.
I took this just days before the contest was posted. I walked out side from work and was just blown away by the sunset... with no time to get a nice camera, I whipped out the point and shoot and did the best I could.
-Brian Coffman

this sunset photo was taken at the SMITH AND NINTH STREET subway stop,
the highest subway stop in the NYC subway system, located over the gawanus canal in brooklyn
Taken as the sun was setting into the clouds, with the STATUE OF LIBERTY alongside of it.
with a fuji 9100 camera, asa 80,
-Efrain Gonzalez

Nikon D60 and kit 18-55mm VR lens
18mm f/5.6 ISO100
Shot in RAW and edited in Aperture 3
This contest coincided quite well with a trip to Vermont I just got back from. This shot is from Highgate Springs looking over Lake Champlain on to NY and Canada. Pretty much a no brainer to the technique. Just shoot in (P) mode. It was raining all damn day and right as the sun went down the color was incredible. Definitely right place, right time type of situation.
-Thomas Carter

Canon XSI
Canon 50mm 1.8
Aperture Mode
Went out to try get some moon pictures. Setup my little gorrila pod on the dock. The sunset is behind me.
-Nathan Knight

This is the photo taken at the Sisters bay WI,
Nikon D5000
Nikor 55-200 AFS
Exposure 1/1600 and f/10
-Sathish Kumar

Rice Paddy Sunrise
shot with Canon XTi
1/250 f/10.0
ISO 400
Woke up early one morning in Dazhai, China to take a hike up to the top of a Rice Paddy. Camped out for a few hours waiting for the perfect shot. I used a gradient filter and held it in-front of the lens to get a dramatic sky. No post photoshop alteration except for color correction.
-Sebastien Bonnot

Ducks + Sun + Earth turning = Awesome
After 500+ photos at the beach and three pairs of batteries i was just about to leave as i saw a group of ducks swimming by, i hoped that the batteries would last and i took the shot...
Stuff I used:
Canon PowerShot SX100 IS - i know its a point-and-shoot but my Canon 7D hates water, it's not my fault :)
ISO - 125
speed - 1/320
and some friendly ducks
-Henrik Paales

Nikon Coolpix E3500
Focal Length 5.6
F 2.7
Exposure 1/130
The image was taken on my honeymoon from the balcony of our hotel room
in Hawaii. Since we did not spend much time outside of our motel room
it was nice to get to take in the sights.
-Ralph Aiken

Camera: Nikon 2Dx
Lens: Nikon 70-200 with 2x multiplier, making the shot at 400mm
ISO: 100
Speed: 1/500
F-Stop: f/11
EV: 0
Sadly, I cannot take pictures this week since I work in Formula 1 and have to go from track to track without my camera, just my Mac. Sorry about that, but I can't carry everything :-)
So, in case you don't penalize me because of my work schedule, I will submit this picture taken in January at (Uluru) Ayers Rock in Australia at Sunrise. Everyone was pointing their cameras at the rock, but I wanted to have a different perspective, so I turned away and saw this fantastic shot.
In case you don't take it because of the rules, I understand. No hard feelings.
-Alfonso de Orleans

Shot with my BB storm 2 auto-focus, auto white balance, superfine resolution the picture was taken in Bryant park in NYC. I love this shot because when you think about it how many times do you get to see a sunset in the middle of the city. I attached the second photo to show how intensely bright the sun was. Nevertheless, I hope you guys like it!
-Kyle Bartz

a nice sunset on a lake near rouen,france
-Bondari Silviu

I shot these using a Casio Exilim Cameraphone.
It is 5mp with 3x optical zoom.
The picture was done using the stock phone setting with autofocus.
I'm in Florida for the summer living with my brother who lives right next to these industrial powerlines. Every night these powerlines provide an awesome background for the sunset.
-Cam Webner

Hi, taken on a Canon EOS 400D using a Canon Zoom lens EF-S 18-55mm, using an aperture setting of 5.6 and I think I used an ISO of 200, but I can't quite remember =/
Hasn't been photoshopped, has been slightly straightened using iPhoto 8.
I shot this whilst observing the beautiful sunset when I was on holiday in Hawaii. It was truly spectacular, and I snapped it up before it disappeared.
-Owen Morgan.

Hudson Setting
Camera: Nikon D3S
Exposure: 0.077 sec (1/13)
Aperture: f/25.0
Focal Length: 300 mm (Nikkor 70-300 VR)
ISO Speed: 100
I actually just shot this yesterday in Garrison, NY because this week I've been out trying to capture some sunset shots for another project. I was trying to catch some "golden wheat" shots and this silhouette caught my eye with about 45 seconds of sunset light left. The summer sun drops so fast when you are trying to work that very last angle of light :) Hope you guys enjoy it!
- Chris Pinkus Wesselman

The challenge is sunset... now most people i imagine would include an image where the sun is setting over the horizon but this too is an image of a sunset.
This is Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland UK, its right on my doorstep and id never been before.... this image takes me back hundreds of years to medieval times where knights and kings were the rulers of this ancient land, this view would probably not have changed too much,so we really are stepping back in time.
the sun setting in the background i feel gives it a magical harry potter feel.
Equipment used- Nikon d5000 - vanguard pro alto 236 tripod - polarizing lens cap
settings- ISO 200 32mm f/22
-David Carr

I was outside with my 7 year old son around sunset putting a basket ball hoop together when he said look dad god is winking at me. So I took the picture with my Htc Evo which rules by the way love it.

The Sunrise from the Biltmore Hotel in LA during Siggraph Convention.
Canon PowerShot SD790 IS
ISO 80
Shutter 1/501
-Kevin Cwalina

I'm aware this is past the deadline, but I recently moved, and didn't have access to my camera's computer cable until I got to work this morning, so here's hoping you can use this!
Taken yesterday, 8/1/10 from my new home overlooking the Tacoma Narrows bridges, of the setting sun. Folks all around the Seattle area noticed yesterday that the sunlight was unusually red. Apparently that's because most of British Columbia is on fire, and we're getting their smoke.
I used my Nikon Coolpix S630 on "sunset" mode, with the Manual Exposure dialed down to -2.0. Would have used my D90, but my mom's taking it on a roadtrip and it wasn't available.
-Erin Enemark