Facebook: Android's Facebook app just got an update that makes the app...decent. Unsurprisingly, it looks a heck of a lot like the iPhone version. Here's the new features Jesus found:

• There's a notifications bar.

• There's a new photos drawer on the home page, for easy access to photos and videos from your news feed.
• Events support.

• Now you can update your status with one click.
• Video playback inside the app.

To my eye, it's still not as full-featured as the iPhone version (no facebook chat and some may cry for other features) but it's a whole lot prettier than what Android users were using before. Free

Nimbuzz: It's a VoIP app that lets you make Skype calls over 3G and Wi-Fi. Since the official Skype on Android app is exclusive to Verizon phones, it's a great alternative to have for non Big Red customers. You could use Nimbuzz' own services but really, why start another account if you're already on Skype. No video calls though. Free

Rdio: The streaming, social music service is now available for anyone to use (previously, you needed an invite). You'll need a subscription ($9.99/month) for streaming but Rdio lets you download as many songs to your phone as you'd like. Rdio has a 7 million song library so you should definitely be able to find something to listen to (unless you're snooty).

Jigz Lite: Jigsaw Puzzle Maker: It's a jigsaw puzzle that's simple, fun and oddly therapeutic. The neat thing is that you can use your own pictures to create puzzles. Nothing like throwing yourself in the game, right? The pieces are fairly large so it's not too complicated, but finishing a puzzle is always rewarding no matter how easy it is. Free

Don't Forget The Lyrics: Chanel your inner Wayne Brady and play Dont Forget the Lyrics on Android. I hardly watch the television show and am actually pretty terrible at the game but it churns your brain (or turns it into mush) trying to remember song lyrics. There's a heavy rhythm aspect to the game (which I don't really love) but it's silly fun. If you like the TV show, you should enjoy the game.

Vonage: Vonage for Android lets you make free VoIP calls (3G or Wi-Fi) to your Facebook friends. Kyle, who's always on the phone, says:

Logging into Facebook with the free Vonage Moible For Facebook app will indicate which of your friends also have the app installed, prompting you to call them with a touch of your finger-that means no new contacts to add and no phone numbers or user names to remember.

PayPal: It's a smallish update, but it gives you more creative ways to collect money. Rosa:

Android users can now simply bump their devices together to send money. There's also a new feature "which lets you automatically calculate the total cost of a bill and then collect money directly from friends when out to dinner."

Nook: Nook for Android was an ordinary e-book reader when it released, but with its latest update it's gotten a little bit better. Here's what's new:

• Four professionally designed themes for page and text color including: Day, Night, Sepia and Butter
• Additional screen settings with new margin options and brightness control
• Ability to read rights-free ePub files from a personal collection in the app simply by side-loading them into the My Documents folder
• Flexibility to store the app on board or an SD card (for devices using Android 2.2 OS)
• A new search function in Library

But with the Kindle priced so aggressively, does the nook stand a chance?