Canon T1i
50mm f/1.8
ISO 1250
1/50 sec
Creative Auto Mode

Me and my friend Louie went to Caribou Coffee to wake up a little before taking abstract pictures. While he was in the bathroom, I took his camera and started taking pictures of the architecture of the inside of the building. They had these weird squares lining the ceiling, and I took a picture of them. I thought it looked pretty cool, so I decided to just go ahead and use it as my entry submission!
-Alec Lambert

Canon EOS 7D
Canon 28-135 lens
ISO speed 320

I spent the day walking through downtown Los Angeles and decided to stroll through the LA river. I came across some graffiti on the wall and took a few pictures with my new camera.
-Alexander Delgado

Canon EOS 550D, 100mm macro, f/2.8

This is a close-up shot of a fabric flower but If you do a Rorschach on yourself you might see other things in there.
-Andreas Trapper

I was at the park with my friend today and i had my camera with me like usual, and i just snapped this picture of the platform that licks together all the pieces of the playground and is used to walk on, and i thought the result was pretty sweet. For this shot i used a Canon T2i, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 1/400, f/2.8 100mm USM macro lens.
-Paul Bierworth

Shot with a Canon 7D
EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM with Kenko extension tube
ISO 400


This creature slowly flew into me as he was dying. I safely put him aside in my flowers and waited patiently for him to leave his beautiful carcass for me to photograph.
-Anna Mancuso

Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: 300 mm
Aperture: f/13
Shutter Speed: 1/500
ISO: 320

I went down to the mall in D.C. to see if I could get some inspiration for the photo contest. My goal was the Capitol but I got sidetracked at the Air and Space Museum where I found a really neat aerial structure with a bird on top of it. Although, I was happy with the shot, unfortunately, I realized that there was a spot on my lens. I left it in the shot as it kind of fit in with the theme.
-Anne Jansen

Canon Powershot S5 IS
1/60 sec
ISO 200

Shower curtain rings on curved metal shower curtain rod.
-Anne Masterson

Shot with a Nokia 3120 classic (no flash, nor "nocturne mode", just contrast correction in GIMP and original resolution of 1280x960) moments before a string quartet concerto in Zamora, Mich.. (Spoiler Ahead?) It is a structure near the theater's ceiling and above the audience.
-Antonio Solorio

I was walking around Chicago, taking photos of the architecture. This
is a close up of the Marina Towers, taken from the Dearborn street
-Arman Hosseini

Nikon D40, F4.8, 1/60 sec.
I shot this photo into a pocket microscope I had laying around. Thought it would be fun to capture the pixels on my LCD monitor.
-Barry Cann

iPhone 2G (first generation, original iphone,) with an attached macro adaptor.

I took a photo of a basketball in bright sunlight with harsh shadows with my iPhone 2G using an attached macro adaptor (little tiny thing that I got for like $10.) I then tweaked some of the levels in Aperture. I like the way that the photo is enough of an abstraction that your mind can flip whether or not you're seeing tiny bumps with shadows (the actual image) or tiny dimples with a steep, dark back wall (in shadow.) The fact that you can achieve an optical illusion with it tells me it's abstracted enough. I actually prefer the illusion way rather than the real way, try viewing the photo both ways.
-Ben Bunch

Canon PowerShot SD1000
ISO: 200
Exposure: -1/3
Aperture: f/8.0
Focus: Macro Mode
White Balance: Cloudy


I was heading to an ultimate frisbee game with some friends when, in the parking lot, I saw a school bus. The sun was near setting, and the light was hitting one of the reflectors on the side of the bus in a cool way. I only had my point & shoot on me, so I threw it on Macro mode and shot away!
-Brendon Klassen

Canon 5d MkII
24-105mm IS lens.
ISO 400
1/640 shutter

These lights hang in a local privately owned coffee shop called Lit. The counter is made of stacked wood glued together and laminated. These antique lights hang above the salted brownies, which are more delicious than the name conveys. The rest of the place is very modern aside from the classic movies projected against the back wall. I was there when I read the details of the photo contest, so I went with the first thing that I saw.
-Brian Chambers

Nikon D300, Nikkor 18-200 lens @ 44mm, f/4.4, ISO-200. Low light, hand held.

The following story is true. The names of places have been withheld to preserve the abstract-ness of the photo. Took the kids out for a day of sightseeing at a popular state seaport attraction which some people would consider... "Mystic". Anyway, I caught this shot while walking through one of the exhibits, and even though it was rather dark and I had no tripod with me, a steady hand and my VR lens pulled the shot through. Some very minor Photoshop touch-up and here is the result... Hope you like it!
-Chris Stanton

Canon T2i f/4.5 at 1/50 iso 500

My husband and I went to the Miramar Aviation Museum. This photo was taken inside a decommissioned helicopter. When I took this picture, I was just thinking about how our soldiers are given the bare necessities, in terms of comfort, in contrast to commercial aircrafts, which provide cushioned seats, t.v.'s, pillows, etc...

Nikkor 50 1.8
ISO 200

I was looking for a way to add different colors to an abstract shot. Looking around the house, my cd collection seemed to be the most colorful. An out of focus shot was the best way to make an everyday item abstract.
-Daniel J. Dovalina

Canon T1i
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM Lens
1sec exposure
Tripod & Remote Switch

I wanted to shoot my Ibanez AR-250 guitar with a bokeh effect for this week's challenge. I took some black foam core and drilled a few holes into it with a small drill bit and stood it up in front of a lamp. I kept the foam core about 6 feet behind the guitar and set the aperture wide to keep the field of depth shallow. I tried to focus on the neck of the guitar and the humbucker to make it a little more "abstract."
-Giani Waghelstein

Canon 2Ti f/5.0 at 1/80 ISO 1250

We were playing around with the reflections from the bathroom mirror and the medicine cabinet. We opened the medicine cabinet so that the reflections bounced off of each other creating a never ending path into another dimension!
-Grant Magnuson

Shot on a Nikon D90 f/8, 1/200, ISO 400, 28mm focal length.
-Ivan Reid

Camera: Nikon D70
Lens: Nikon 60mm AF-D
ISO: 200
Shutter Speed: 1/10 sec
F-Stop: f36


This is a large rivet in the seat of an old rusty tractor at my friend's place in Pennsylvania. This is not the shot I had intended to submit. I had planned to shoot a close up shot of turbulent water (a subject I am well acquainted with). I went so far as to get a new tripod for the shoot, but as I came to the stream I often shoot in, I was crestfallen to find that it was completely dry.
-James Fryer

I took these pictures of the taillights of my mom's infinity fx45. usinge a canon PowerShot A710IS (point and shoot). on macro on automatic mode (yes I didn;t mess with ISO or anything like that). It was getting kinda late, so I really liked how the reflections played out over the red lense. plus I thought the lights going out of focus looked neat.
-Jamie Goldstein

This was taken at the Thunder over Michigan air show. Oddly enough, this shot is not of an airplane, but a tank. It's a closeup of the tread. This shot was taken with my new favorite shooter the Panasonic ZS-3.
-Jeff Kaloustian

Canon EOS 550D (T2i in the US)
Kit lens (18-55 zoom)
1/200th @ F/9

Ok, so this photo is not *completely* devoid of reference to the visual world we know, but it's close, especially if you're someone who (like me) can't read Cyrillic.
This photo is actually a closeup on the open cockpit of a Czech MiG-21 fighter jet. I found this airplane on display at a local airshow today, and this composition
caught my eye as I was walking around the plane. The combination of a big capital "EXPERIMENTAL," the urgent but enigmatic warning in Cyrillic , and the turquoise and beige colors
lent a real "cold-war top-secret science experiment" feeling to it.
-Jeff Miller

Shot on T2i with 50mm 1.8 canon lens with no flash and slight color processing in aperture. This is a control switch for an old non functional security system in my house. Tons of tech stuff has an ability to take on human like qualities, and I tried to capture that in shooting this, long past its prime, control switch staring back at me.
-Jody Abbott

Kodak ZD710 ISO-64 F/4 Taken: 8/6/2010 at 6:08 PM Eastern
This photo was taken on The Bridge of Honor that crosses the Ohio River between Mason, WV and Pomeroy, OH. Completed just last year, the bridge is very interesting to photograph because of its asymmetrical cable stay design. Also the lighting constantly changes from white during the day, to reds with sunrise and sunset, and then at night it is illuminated by blue, almost ultraviolet, lights on the stay cables and towers.
-John Morgan

Nikon D40 with kit lens. ISO 200, 1/4000 and f/14

Glass of wine with blue dye and straws coming out of it. Testing a newly made light tent with flash only on one side. I had to use a really low aperture and high shutter speed because the external flash I was using had no adjustable power.
-Jorge Jiminez

Olympus E-PL1
1/25 sec
ISO 400
Exposure balance +0.7

Picture Puzzle Perfect. I generally do not attempt to utilize depth of
field in artistic photographs. I think my new camera may give me more
flexibility than my old one. Maybe I should give it more thought and see
what I can come up with. And maybe I didn't use this technique before
because I couldn't?... But that is another reason why these challenges
partially exist and should continue to do so. Get us out of our comfort
zone and really learn what our cameras can do.
-Kay Owens

Canon EOS Rebel T1i
50mm f/1.8
ISO 200
1.3 secs

I sat in my room with the lights off and the door open just slightly, with the hall light outside my door on. This gave me a long 1-inch strip of light. Then, I took picture and rotated the camera while the shutter was open. This was actually the first shot of many I took.
-Louie Livon-Bemel

Taken with iPhone 4.
Metal controls wood. This image shows the controlling power of metal element over wood element.

I used my Canon T1i with a 1.8 50mm Prime Lens. I opened up the aperture all the way to f/1.8 and shot at 1/8 second. For the set up I put a toy wand that lights up in the bottom of a box. I then filled the box with alternating red, blue, and green balls that were semi-transparent. I chose the ball colors to represent the traditional RGB coloring common with many digital images. I shot the picture from about 18 inches away with the lens out of focus with the intention of distorting the image.
-Luke Parris

These are tiny hydroid jellyfish that sprung up in my fish tank after I got a shipment of macro algae. everything I've read on them says they only hang around so long before they die off, so I figure I should get a couple photo's of them while they are here. These guys hand on the glass and filter the water through their tentacles, so you're looking at them through their bottom side. I took the shot and turned it sideways to make the waterline a design element and make the subjects less recognizable.
-Marco Brezzo

Canon XSi
Canon 70-300mm @ 105mm
ISO 200
1/250 sec
under exposed about 1 stop
B&W in Lightroom
Rotated Image 180 degrees


I've been really into B&W recently so I decided to go to the Museum of Flight here in Seattle since they have a bunch of WWI and WWII planes and figured I could get some nice B&W shots and abstract photos at the same time. While crossing the T. Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge my wife told be to take some pictures of the bridge for the challenge. I've only been married for about a year and a half now so I'm still in that whole listening to your wife and doing what she says phase, so I ended up clicking a few even though I was sure I'd get much better abstract pics of the planes. Long story short, here's my submission of the T. Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge.
-Mark Lee

Canon EOS 50D
Exposure: 5 Seconds
Aperture: 5/5.6
Focal Length: 127mm
ISO: 3200

I shot this tree at about 130mm, with an exposure of 5 seconds. The result was an eerie silhouette which I was all to happy to pull the color out of. After finalizing all of the processing I thought this picture looked like a scene from the game Limbo, and I've had one other person confirm that opinion.
-Matt Katzenberger

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi (450D), Canon 50mm, 1/500 sec @ f/6.3, ISO 100

This photo was taken at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, NV. When I heard that this weeks shooting challenge focus was abstraction, I knew this place would be perfect location. If you've been to Las Vegas but have never seen this building, I highly recommend it. It's truly a work of art!
-Michael Contreras

Using a simple Polaroid i236 point-and-shoot camera, I shot this with an ISO setting of 100 and an exposure time of 1/2000.
-Michael Eicholtz

I ditched the Canon T1i and expensive gear this week and went with my HTC EVO and a $5 macro lens. The shot is of the windscreen off of a NADY microphone. A handheld shot at 8 mega-pixels, ISO 400 with a 4mm focal length. The phone displays very little information of the shot so I can't provide more detail. Lighting provided by LG in the form of a test pattern on my LCD TV. No out of body edits other than resizing.
-Mick Brazeal

Canon EOS 7D, Tamron 17-50mm lens, f/2.8, 1/500sec., ISO100

Fuji S100FS / 10" / F4.0 / 22.2mm / ISO100

A quick tribute to Lego bricks
-Mike Case

Camera: Canon 5D Mk2
Lens: EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Focal Length: 105mm
ISO: 1000
Aperture: f/4.0
Exposure: 1/6 sec.


I took this shot at one of Nobu's famous restaurants. If you walk inside and immediately turn around and look up, you'll see this cool looking rock wall with light bouncing off the rocks. It's hard to imagine what this would look like if you didn't know, so I can't seem to figure it out, but it seems to me like it would fit the "abstract" theme.
-Nolan Gaudreau

This was shot using my Lumix FZ-35. ISO 80 Aperture Priority mode f/3.4

The shot is looking inside the grill on my friend's bass amp. I shined a flash light in from a different vent to get the light inside.
-Peter Duff

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35
1/15 of a second
ISO 80

The pins on a VGA cable. I like to think it looks sort of like those poles that people like to fight on in Kung Fu movies.
-Peter Glitsch

Canon PowerShot S90, f/5.6, .4s, ISO 100
-Philip Levy

EOS 400D, kit lens.
Settings: F/5.6 1/320sec ISO400
Technique: Bending over awkwardly, manually focusing because
AF doesn't like macro shots with this lens, click button, load on PC,
edit contrast a bit with Photoshop Curves, save file, email.


Made while exploring the area around the apartment we spent the
weekend in. There were some piles with rubble, wood, wire fence,
gauze, and other assorted sillies and junk. I made a few shots of
different things, this one came out the nicest.
-Pixel Snader

Shutter Speed:1/125sec
Aperture Value:f/2.4
ISO Speed Ratings:200
Focal Length:50mm
Lens:EF 50mm 1/4f USM


This is actually an ash try that i found in a swap shed that cleaned up nicely :-) When i found it, it was covered in rust and who knows what, looking much like something you would find under a NYC bridge... but i saw that it had potential, so after hosing it off out side and then washing it in the dish washer it was actually pretty cool :-)
-Randi Warner

Camera: Canon 7d
Lens: Kit Lens at 135 mm
ISO: 200
F-Stop: f/22

I'd been noticing a fancy but cheap plastic pitcher in my office's kitchen
for the past few days, thinking about how out of place it was. Then the
abstract contest was announced and I had my target! I waited until Friday
afternoon when the sunlight was narrowly shining through the office's
basement window and placed the pitcher directly in the beam. I decided to
incorporate HDR as well for more range, so the final shot is composed of
three shots and a bit of contrast adjustment.
-Ryan Newton

Shot with a Nikon D5000 stock 18-55mm lense. F5.6 1/125 shutter speed, and an ISO of 3200. I lit an incense and use a black shirt as the background, and shot away! Still don't have a external flash so this was extra difficult, but I'm crafty ;) I inverted the pictures and gave them different colors by changing the hue/saturation. Not to sure if this is what you might call abstract, but I think so!
-Sam Katz

A weeping willow in my backyard. Taken from my roof using a point and shoot and some cheap binoculars as a secondary lens. Samsung L210 point and shoot.
-Stephen Bank

Canon Rebel XSi, 50mm, f/1.8, 200 ISO.
As usual i was zapped for ideas and found this shot at the last moment. It was taken looking at some power lines above me while leaving a pub.
-Stephen Galpin

Canon EOS 5D MkII, 1/3200s, ISO 100, f/4, Canon 17-24mm L (at 17mm), no post processing


This picture was taken on a day trip from Los Angeles to Catalina Island. I was sitting on the pier after a day of ocean kayaking and the texture of the pier seemed like it could be very abstract if taken at the right angle. I reduced the exposure on the camera way down to make it difficult to tell what the time of day and light source was. The focal plane of the picture is intentionally not centered with the shallowest depth of field I could get on the lens.
-Teerapat Khanampornpan

Canon 30D
Sigma 17-70 at 58mm
1/250 sec at f5
ISO 200
-Wade Courtney

This is a closeup from an industrial-sized bag of M&M's. While grabbing a midday snack at work, I loved the ultra-pure colors and super-uniform shape of the candies. Taken with a Canon 5D at ISO-100, f/8 at 1/160 second. Lens was the 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro with the MR-24EX ring flash for that super saturated look.
-Wesley Duffee-Braun