Retro Camera: It's another app that transforms your Android camera into one of those hipstamatic/FX Camera-type deals. Why? Because turning modern day pictures into vintage, artsy shots never gets old! Kat says:

It's got four film cameras to "shoot" with, that in turn produce four different lomo-esque effects.

It does, however, take almost 15 seconds for the photo to "develop". Which is kind of ridiculously long. But that's the price to pay for perfectly aged photos, I guess.

Chrome to Phone: The awesome Android 2.2 feature that connects your desktop PC and Android phone together is now live. And all you need is this Android app and a Google Chrome extension to get it to work. Jason explains:

This is the Android's cloud-to-device messaging, so it can know what you're sending to your phone and will optimize what it's showing. For example, if you're watching YouTube, it'll send a YouTube link to your phone and will automatically start playing the video. Another is if you're reading a page on the browser, it'll load up that same page on the mobile browser.

It works for Maps, businesses, and other things too.

TweetDeck: It's still in beta, but it's TweetDeck for Android. And if you like TweetDeck, you'll download it. They've added a "blended column" that combines all your feeds (twitter, facebook, foursquare) into one column and other small features to make updating any network a breeze. It's also rather nice looking in an Android sort of way, too.

Crush the Castle: The premise of the game is simple: destroy the "castle" on the screen using an arsenal of projectiles. All you do is load up your trebuchet and fire away (tap, tap) to cause as much destruction as you possibly can. It's simple, addicting and really fun. Only 99 cents.

Smart Lock 2.0: Getting everything set up is a little complicated but Smart Lock gives you some useful security options for your phone. The general idea is that with Smart Lock enabled, your phone can only use a pre-determined set of apps (like simple games and such). Basically, it's so your kid won't accidentally go explore the dangers of the world wide web and your friends won't see those, ahem, intimate photos.