We've already heard how some are now disappointed in their iPad screen after using an iPhone 4, but judging by the Samsung Galaxy Tab's rumored specs, leaked in a firmware release, it could be the same story here.

The 7-inch tablet may be a few inches smaller than the iPad, but with a purported resolution of 480 x 800 it will look ghastly next to the 4-inch Galaxy S smartphone it's modeled on, which will have the exact same resolution. It's not exactly the Super AMOLED we once heard about.

Likewise, the rumored resolution of the back-facing webcam sounds similarly disappointing, said to be shooting in 2048 x 1536 res—that is, QXGA at 3.1MP. The forward-facing webcam is even lower quality, at QVGA quality—320 x 240.


Other specs gleaned from the European firmware release point at an S5PC110 processor clocked at 1GHz (so, another shared quality with the Galaxy S smartphone), along with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, JavaScript 1.5 and Swype.

Now, this could all be a load of baloney, so don't go rushing out and buy some other tablet before Samsung unveils its Galaxy Tab at the IFA electronics show early next month. No longer am I holding my breath, though. [Samsung Firmware via OLED-Display]

UPDATE: There's some discussion over the authenticity of the screen resolution claims—with some pointing at a res of 1024 x 600, instead. [Thanks, Karl!]