A digital media artist by the name of Henderson wants to help you reconsider your environment. To this end, he's created Radius Music, an art project that scans its surroundings and uses what it finds to create an audiovisual map.

Henderson himself describes Radius Music as synthesizing "ideas of cartography and graphic scores as a means to produce sound." The cartographic element is central, as the machine, which spins slowly as it probes the room it's in with ultrasound sensors, creates a highly stylized diagram of whatever objects it finds nearby. The result is an eery warbling in constant flux, and a complex array of dots projected upon the floor.

As the environment changes—whether because of a passing person or the addition of a chair—so too will the map. It's a neat work of art and technology, created with Arduino, PureData, and Processing. [Henderson via Creative Applications via designboom]