Razer spent the last 3 years engineering a mechanical keyboard that was optimized for gaming—one that had crisp, clicky, and fully-programmable keys that weren't fatiguing to trigger. That keyboard is the Razer BlackWidow.

As Razer tells it, most mechanical gaming keyboards are really just mechanical keyboards being advertised for gaming use, and as a result they often have stiff keys that are tiring to press.

The BlackWidow has been designed to trigger at the halfway point of the keypress, making things easy on gamers' fingers, and Razer boasts that it's the only mechanical keyboard with fully programmable keys with macro recording on-the-fly. It also sports 5 dedicated gaming buttons.

Razer will also offer a BlackWidow Ultimate, with an additional USB port, 3.5" audio and mic out, and individually backlit keys. They'll be available from Razerzone in September—the BlackWidow for $80.00, the Ultimate will be $130. [Razerzone]