The PoGo instant printers have been given a size-increasing Mario mushroom, with the 3x4 model printing out larger photos on the eco-friendly Zero Ink paper. It connects via Bluetooth to phones, and works with the new Android app too.

Having been available in the Market for a couple of weeks, the PoGo Android app does frame shooting, text input and has 79 different frame skins to choose from (including some very kawaii Japanese-style ones). It can send the photo to the PoGo 3x4 printer, which prints out the snap in under 50 seconds. Check out the gallery below for some hands-on snaps of the free app in action.


On sale at the end of the year around the world, the 3x4 will cost £100 in the US—which converts to $156, but don't be surprised if the PoGo retails for $100 there instead. [Polaroid]