Canon Rebel T2i
ISO 6400
EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Got some catnip swung the toy in front of him and set the camera to burst mode.
-Aaron Dasaro

Camera: FujiFilm Finefix S2000HD
FocalLenght: 5.0mm
IS0: 100
Aperture: f/7.0
Shutter Speed: 1/350 sec


We went to a short trip to Khindsi(60kms away from Nagpur,India) and there I found this puppy and I find it really damn cute.... This is one of my best shots that I have captured on my lens.. And the best part is that I was holding puppy with one hand. I hope you guys like it.
-Abhishek Singh

Our 4 month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy (Toller for short) at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. His name is Indiana - as in Jones - but we call him Indie. He's licking the sand off his nose while he waits for us to toss his stick back into Lake Michigan for him to retrieve. Tollers have a waterproof coat the makes a tiger stripe pattern when they get soaked; I wish you could see more of it in the picture. Taken with my old timey Canon PowerShot SD1000 just before sunset.
-Alex Crofts

Camera: Nikon D5000
Lens: Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm 1:3:5-5.6G
ISO 1250


The King of the house is shot from below to show that he is on top. He is a Shepard/Pit bull Mix, which is known as two of the meanest and toughest dogs known, with his red and white valentines bear beneath him shows the softer side of this breed.
-Alyssa Hart

Camera Nikon D5000 (aka Beast)
Exposure .05
Aperture f 1.8
Focal Length 35mm
ISO 640
Software Aperture 3

His name is Remus, he and his twin brother Romulus always nap on their backs, legs in the air. Remus enjoys playing fetch with twist ties and rubber bands and running at top speed around corners so he slides on the hardwood floors with so much finesse he puts Tom Cruise to shame. Until he slams into the washstand or garage door. Then he loses his swagger.
-Anna-Elizabeth McCloud

Nikon D300s - AF - Nikkor - 50mm - F/2.5 - ISO 1000 - 1/60sec.
this is my female Persian Cat...
the only time iv seen this little one sit patiently in one place is when im clickin her pix... i guess she too thinks shes a "model".
-Arsh Sayed

I used my iPhone 4 to take this picture along with camera+.

I haven't seen my dog Pepper in a long time since I moved out. When
she was younger she was a speedy dog. Nowadays she relaxes in the air
conditioned home. She's getting old but she's still a beautiful dog.
-Billy Lam

I used a Kodak Z712 IS camera. The ISO setting was on 200 and the shutter speed was 1/30. I really don't have much of a story for it besides I saw my cats doing this and decided to take a picture of it for this contest.
-Brand Rothweiler

Just a photo of my Golden Retriever.
-Brandon Waltz

Shooting summary:
Nikon D3000
ISO: 200

Story: Meet Cash, our German Sheppard mix who we rescued from an animal shelter about 1.5 years ago. He was SO excited when I pulled out my camera to take his picture. Actually, that's probably not the case. Cash is often the subject of my photos. He's really good at sitting still while I photograph him, but he may or may not be annoyed with me at this point! J Also, wish Cash a very happy birthday because his special day is a week from today!
-Shay Laws

Canon 5d mark II, 35mm, f 4.0, iso 6400, shutter 1/800sec

I was wondering what my dog would look like in space so i threw him in the air like a dad throws up his child. mid air i grabbed the camera, snapped the photo, slammed the camera back down, and caught the dog. ok well it didn't exactly happen like that but the dog was thrown and the pictures was snapped.
-Chase Heavener

I rented a Canon 5D Mk 1 (one) from a local camera shop because I really want a new (to me), full frame camera and because I don't have the budge for a 5D MK2 I decided a 5D would be the next best thing. So I rush home to play around with this new toy, I throw on my Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens on it, set the ISO to 100 and put the camera in Program mode and I started snapping pictures of my Welsh Corgi Cardigan (with tail). She has always been a photogenic dog and I didn't need to do a whole lot to get her to "pose".
-Corbin Schleider

Shot with: Nikon D300 ISO400
Lens: Carl Zeiss 100m fixed.

This photo was taken in my backyard in Philly. Frankenstein (the cat) is sitting on a chair enjoying the summer. This type of shot was very hard to get because of his constant movement. After he got comfortable with the shutter sound he relaxed and let me capture this moment. I love the finite focus on his fur. Best lens I have in my arsenal by far.
-Curtis Albucher

Shot with Canon 450D, 55mm kit lens. Shutter - 1/60, aperture - f5.6, ISO - 400.


Was just fooling around with my crappy 75-300mm kit lens and got frustrated at trying to take some photos of my partner's fish. Changed to the other lens and had a great time trying to capture them as they sped around the tank. When I imported into iPhoto, I noticed the camera picked up the tank's ubiquitous superfine algae problem (but they just love the algae-breeding Java Moss). I liked this as I felt it really captured how the fish feel. That is, trapped behind a wall of algae, but they don't give a damn.
-Danielle Smith

This picture is of my baby Ezra. It was outside of my house we were loungin' around and she was being as attentive as always. Taken with a samsung behold and then edited through my Samsung's editing software.

This photo was shot using a recently purchased Canon Rebel T2i with a stock lens. I took this while we were climbing up a seaside cliff after a nice swim at Redondo Beach, Half Moon Bay, CA. My dog "Niko" is a Carolina Dog, which is a rare, primitive breed.
-Flip Baber

This is a shot of my dog Hoover, who is an extremely large Golden Retriever, large enough that he's earned the nickname "The Beige Moose". He's always been a great photo subject, and smiles when he sees people he's been missing. This shot was taken after a weekend away—Hoover had been let go by the dogsitter, ran up to say hello to us and grinned his fool head off.


I usually shoot with a Canon 5d mk II, but was using my old and trusty 20D, with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens. It was shot in Aperture priority mode, which is what I use about 90% of the time, lens wide open, no flash.
-Frank Carrano

Nothing spectacular about the equipment, was a simple Sony Cyber-Shot 12.1 Mega Pixel digital camera.


I was just looking for a simple, yet comical shot of my little boxer dog Murphy to remind me of him when I leave for College.
-Gregor Sked

5DMKII, 24mm f/3.5 ... Sandi chills on stools... no problem.
-Gregory Rollins

Sony DSLR-A300
focal length: 50
Exposure: 1/15
My cat was laying down and I decided to snap a couple pictures of her.
-Humberto Niebla

I used a digital rebel xsi from canon with a EF-S 18-55mm IS lens on fully manual with an ISO of 400, zoomed in to 34mm, an F-stop of 5.6 and the shutter was at one tenth of a second. I was eating dinner with my family and friend that came from out of state when i noticed tiger laying on top of the cupboards (which are about seven to eight feet off the ground). I quickly grabbed my canon and a chair and started taking shots of the silly cat and came out with some great photos!
-Isaac Jensen

So this is my little boy Ringo. I take these kinda pictures of him almost once a week... He's such a poser! I took this photo on 8/18/10 at around 3:30 pm in sunlight on a bay window with a white blanket for the background. Ringo is a year and a half old and would love to be on Gizmodo is he knew what it was.
-Jacob Wiebold

My French Bulldog named Bodhi (yes, after Patrick Swayze's character from Point Break) laying around, as he often does :D He's fanatically lazy. The story of the shot - I think he's mad at me in this picture because I turned the television off to take it. He was watching Training Day.


Used a 5D Mark II + Nikon 50mm @ 1.4 200iso, available light and tweaked it a touch using the RAW tool is CS5.
-James Ricker

Here is my golden retriever Yogi. I used a Nikon Coolpix S210 in our backyard, my sister sort of provided a slight attention distraction (dancing with a dog treat! haha) while I went in for the shot, just point and shoot with slight color enhancement to brighten it up a bit post-op.
-Jason Debasitis

Taken on monday at Van Cortland Park in the bronx. was out running with him and my gurl had her camera
she turned and snapped the shot. Just a regular canon point and shoot.
-Jason Marckus

"The Sphinx"
Shot on iPhone 3GS
-Jeremiah Sorensen

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: 50mm 1.4 Prime lens
Aperture: f/3.2
ISO: 200
Shutter Speed: 1/80


Attached is a photo of my friends kitten Banjo that I recently took while in Nashville, he was sitting on a stool in front of their door wall. All naturally lit, no flash. He was just sitting there looking very curious so I felt the need to bust out my camera and he was an awesome model! I got another great shot of him yawning but couldn't decide between this photo or that. I fell in love with this one for the colors of the walls behind him and the crisp focus.
-Jesse Green

My dog's name is Daffney, and she's an 8yr old toy poodle. Needless to say, she loves seeing the world through the back of her eyelids. I took this shot with a Canon 7D I picked up awhile back (Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens & some wonderful natural light from the window) in our home.
Daffney (or Daffy, as we've nicknamed her) loves nothing better than to follow my wife and I around so she can be sure to be in on every second of the action and not miss a thing- and then go to sleep. On this day she decided to lay in the floor and watch me play with my new camera- and then go to sleep. Haha. It was all I could do to get her to stay awake long enough for me to get a shot with her eyes open… ahh, the good life!
-John Butler

This is a picture of my four-month old kitten Mabel taken on my iPhone4 (can't afford a DSLR at the moment) on Monday afternoon.
Mabel is one of two kittens that we got a couple of months ago and is considerably more photogenic than her brother Mack who is jet-black and tends to look like a silhouette even when in direct sunlight!
Kittens are damn near impossible to photograph as they are NEVER still. For every one half-decent photograph I am able to take, I get at least fifty which are just a blurry mess or completely devoid of kitten all of which makes me extra proud I was able to get such a lovely shot of her.
-Joshua Clare

My Chihuahua Roxy is a maniac. She never sits still ever! I had my iphone 4 out trying to take pictures of her running around the yard when she finally laid down on her stomach. I approached her and before I could get a shot off she rolled over on her back all 4s in the air. It was the cutest thing ever.. I snapped a shot then went in for the close up!!


This shot is the close up, it's raw iphone 4 shot with no lenses, and was only cropped to meat your size requirements, no other editing.. :) I'm super amateur, but thought I'd give this a whirl.. As far as technique, I call it the Rebel Run!!! Haha!
-Joshua Wright

I was taking pictures of my 1 year old son when I looked out on the deck and saw Bruno and Mojo laying down together (not fighting for once) so I took the picture. It turned out well. I was using a Canon Rebel XSI and a 55/80 stock lense that came with it.
-Justin Dickerson

Camera:Canon T2i
Lens: Sigma 30mm
Iso: 100
Shooting mode: AE
Shutter Speed: 1/50


Well I was walking down the stairs, heading out with a few friends to enjoy the day at the beach and I saw Kiwi eyeing this fly hovering near the top of the window.

How I got the angle of the shot, was that i perched over the rail to get that side shot rather than taking it from the front directly
-Tan Eng

I took this photo with my newly bought and first DSLR camera. A Canon T2i and a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. Exposure 1/500, f/1.8, ISO 100.


This shot happened while my sister and I went for a walk in our neighborhood. As we walked along the dirt trail behind our house I saw a flash of orange dart through the tall grass. It was Oliver, our 6 year old indoor/outdoor cat, presumably chasing after one of the many gophers that populate our area. He was stalking around the brush like a panther waiting for just the right moment to attack. I felt the exact same way as I squatted down and readied my camera with trembling fingers. Luckily, Oliver caught sight of my sister and trotted over to say hello. This was the moment I was waiting for. I set my camera to continuous shooting and rattled off as many shots as I could, crossing my fingers that I'd get that special "one." I edited the photo in Lightroom 3 and then sent it over to Exposure 3 adding some grain to the shadows trying to lessen its "digital" quality. I think the final product came out great. Hope you enjoy.
-Kris Prygrocki

Camera - Samsung WB550
Lens - N/A
ISO - 100

The day after reading the Gizmodo pet challenge I was sat in the garden with my girlfriend and it was a really nice day. Billy the dog was running around in the garden and my 10 year old sister started flicking water from the pool at him. He repeatedly attempted to jump and catch the water in his mouth and I realized it would be awesome if I could catch him in mid-jump so I grabbed my camera. On the 11th attempt I managed to snap him as he was in mid-air, but the best part was that he was actually facing the camera which had us all laughing like crazy at the photo on the camera's viewfinder!


It's definitely one of the funniest photo's i've ever taken and it encapsulates Billy's awesome personality :)
-Lewis Potter

The attached is a picture I took of my cat Sophie. She is a 5 year old Russian Blue. I am a photographer and filmmaker and usually when I obtain or purchase new equipment like lenses, flashes, or cameras (including cell phone apps), Sophie is my model. She is so use to me taking her photo that she automatically poses when she sees me taking the lens cap off my camera! She is a natural and a beautiful model that is easy to work with and I love her so much!


I used a Nikon D3000 camera with my NEW 35 mm f/1.8 lens.
ISO 1100, f/ 1.8 and 1/250 sec shutter, and no flash.
-Lindsay Jones

-Marli Thilges

This is not a contest submission, since it clearly breaks rule #2, but I thought you'd guys enjoy the picture nonetheless since it was about pets.


While playing with my new camera, I looked up and noticed my dogs sniffing around, and noticed that my gf's pet rat was out and about. I instantly picked up the camera and just started pressing the shutter with everything on auto. This surprising shot came out.
-Marshall Upshur

Canon 7D
Tamron 17-50mm
f /2.8
ISO 2500
1/125 shutter speed
No flash

Our cat Bitsy despises being bothered, and when I put this camera in front of her face she didn't take to it kindly. Took about 30 shots (she was literally attacking the lens) and this was the best one I think!
-Mason Sanders

I used a Nikon D3000 with a Nikkor 18-55mm lens (my first DSLR) with ISO 800 to capture this picture of my dog Bailey. Bailey is a little rambunctious, so I needed to find a way for him to pay more attention to the camera. So I taped a treat to my camera, and waited for him to notice what was going on.
-Matt Fugate

We got Lucy, the Rat Terrier in the picture, on July 25th of this year. One of the first things that became apparent was that she loves her some sleep. And no place she sleeps works better than the over-sized chair in our living room. She loves to plop all 7 lbs. of herself right in the middle and curl up into a tight ball of slumber. Mind you, this chair fits two adults quite easily, yet this tiny pup thinks she can take up the whole thing. She was fast asleep one day and I had to get a picture quickly, so using the FxCamera App on my MotoDroid I snapped this picture. I got up as close as I could and snapped away, with no flash, until I got the perfect shot. The result was a picture that looks almost fake, even though I used no effects during or after the shot. She hates having her picture taken (she is scared of the flash), so the only pictures I have of her are when she is fast asleep.

Just a cool pick of y koi I took with my iPhone.

I own two semi-professional cameras (a Canon and an Olympus). Being a proud
dog owner I have probably taken a thousand pictures of my dog. Just
yesterday I was looking for Roxy in our big house (this happens a lot), and
I happened to find her lying in the sun on a blanket in a spare room
upstairs. She had found her perfect spot in the sun. The only thing I had
in my hand was my IPhone4 and so I got down on the floor and took a picture,
with the regular Iphone camera and the flash. No special lens, no $3,000
camera....just simply the Iphone and I was amazed at the result. Sometimes
those "moments" are captured in the simplest of ways....
-Melissa Rosno

Nikon D50
f 3.5
ISO 1600

I snapped this shot of my cat Yoko the other day while she was playing with an airhead that had been laying on the bed.. She was like "Damn these kitty-proof wrappers!"
-Michael Ewing

Canon EOS Rebel T1i, EF 50mm f/1.8 at 1/1600 ISO 100.
Coincidentally, on my dog Nari's birthday, I got my new 50mm lens in the mail. This definitely called for a mini photo shoot. After a long walk around the park, I finally got a shot of her resting. Even though she's 13 years old, she's still a vivacious puppy to me. Happy birthday!
-Michelle Chang

This is a picture of our basset Lucy. Photo taken with iPhone 4, touched up with TiltShiftGen.
-Mike Madlangbayan

Well this shot was taken on auto focus by my wife Nozomi two days ago and we didn't know there would be a contest! I set up the same shot in the room with the same lighting to determine what the cameras settings were. The camera is a new Pentax Kx, Pentax 18-55mm lens that came with it, 1/40, F4, ISO 1600. I tweaked it a little on shop, a little brightness and contrast is all. His name is Renault and he is a crazy 8 month old French Bulldog. He loves soft places to sleep and when the picture was taken we caught him on the bed looking very guilty....but unwilling to move. He is getting used to a new house and rebelling a bit, we just moved from Honolulu to Boulder.
-Morgan Parker

Taken with a Konica Minolta DiMAGE X60, An old digital camera with a 5.0 Megapixel camera. Lighting was from the sun that peeped through the sun roof. None the less I am no photographer. I just took a photo.
-Nathan Lam

This is Zeus, my 8 week old German shepherd. This is my first experience with a puppy and as much of a chick magnet this little guy is, he can be a handful. I took numerous photos of him in my backyard hoping to catch him at the right moment. I found that this particular photo captured him at his, well…moment when he's not pooping on my floor or running off with the TV remote.
Shooting summary:
Camera: Canon 40D (full manual)
F-stop: f/5.6
ISO: 200
Exposure: 1/160th
Lense: Canon EF-28-135mm
-Nick Duel

"One man's best friend"
-Nick Marks

Fuji s5, sigma 28-70 and a ringlight
ISO 200
1/60 at 50mm
5,6 aperture

I was babysitting the dog and was bored because it is not the kind of dog to take a walk with. So, I was teaching him tricks like sit, lay down, etc. and because of all girls saying "cute, lovely etc" I thought I'll take some pictures.

I used a Nikon D40 P setting everything else was set to auto. This was taken during the morning with natural light. I've never really read the instruction booklet. I had a drag queen roommate for about 3 years and I guess my cat Sasha learned a thing or two about posing. He's wearing a Hanbok which is a traditional Korean children's outfit. He loves having his photo taken.
-Randy Gentile

This is an image of my White German Shepard Gabriel. We were playing catch in the back yard and he went into hunt mode waiting for the prey that was his favorite ball. The image was taken with a Nikon D2X and a 18-75mm zoom lens. ISO 100 f3.5 @ 120fps.
-Ron Sussman

This is my dog Casey. It was shot with a canon powershot, with the standard lens, iso 800. It was taken at my uncles cottage in northern Ontario, Canada. She was begging for some food I had so it seemed like a good photo op.
-Ryan Markkula

Pic of my dog, Sammy The Schnoodle from today, 8/18. His favorite thing to do....laying on the couch looking out the window "standing guard". Taken with Nikon D90 with 50mm f/1.8 lens. ISO 800, aperture of f11.
-Shawn Oen

Rooti Tooti: French Bulldog
Photo taken using Pentax ME Super, 50mm lens, natural light, 200 ISO film
-Taylor Smith

Canon Rebel T2i, 1/400 sec, 50mm @ f/2.2, ISO 100. My rabbit is like a compost pile; instead of tossing watermelon rinds and other fruit/veggie peels, we just clean them and feed it to her. On the other hand, she is pretty fat and lazy, so much so that she won't exert the effort it takes to get up from lying down and eat food sitting right in front of her face. Instead, she just eyes her watermelon, waiting for me to bring it to her.
-Vincent Liang

I used my Nikon D60 with a 50mm f1.8 lens. I shot using manual. here's the details: 1/500 f/1.8 iso on 100


My younger sister and I were sitting on the driveway and I just thought that Franklin, our newest addition to the family, was looking pretty cute just sitting with us, so I grabbed my camera and this is one of the first shots I snapped.
-Will Larney

The camera I used is a Sony Cybershop DSC-TX1. ISO 125, F 7.1, 1/500 sec However, this is a really cool shot of my Miniature Schnauzer, Gulliver, calm and collected on the knee board in the center of Lake Eufaula in South Alabama.
-Zachary Gonzalez

F-stop: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/60 sec.
ISO: 125
Focal Length 55mm


One cool summer morning my mom, an avid runner, was going on her usual 6 mile route. Half way into the run her and her sister stumbled across an alien-looking life form, out of place on the cold, damp pavement. Puzzled by its identity, they ran the creature 3 miles home in a carefully cradled sweat rag. Now at home, my mom and I easily identified the fetal animal as a 3 week old baby squirrel. Unsure of its gender, I gave it the name Earl. For the next few weeks, we fed the baby a dose of puppy milk through a syringe every few hours. As the weeks went by, it grew by the gram, slowly transforming from a pink body to a fully recognizable female fox squirrel. From the torture of night feedings to its first look at the world through and open eye, we fully rehabilitated our baby to a boy-named female squirrel. "Earl the Girl Squirrel" now lives in a beautiful nest out our back door.

Now I know that was more than a few sentences, but I think it's a story worth telling.

At for the story of the photo, I found myself attempting to be "artistic" one day. After countless missed shots of a finicky pet squirrel, I snagged this photo which I found really captured the beauty of an otherwise unappreciated animal.
-Zack Kraeger