Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, Lens: 18-55mm, ISO: 400, Exposure: 1/60th @ f/4.

Shooting Summary
This is a photograph of my sister's toy poodle; Scotty. My sister is a pet groomer and has a creative side usually shown in the color/grooming of her pets. Scotty is usually purple, but for the time being he's tie dye. I started thinking about Scotty's many colors and somehow I got off on the idea of washing clothes and not washing whites with colors. I thought it would look interesting to have Scotty on the washer with the appropriate detergent for a load of colored clothes. I shopped out an electrical outlet and brightened the color of the overall image.
-Gary James

This picture was taken using a Nikon D90, 35mm f/1.8 AF-S lens, and a shutter of 1/200 at f/1.8, ISO 800. I used photoshop to edit the photo, making it black and white and his beautiful eyes POP! This is my 2 year old Ocicat, Ziggy. He was sitting up on top of one of his favorite relaxation spots, in his room in front of a large window where he likes to keep watch over the front of our house. I just happened to find him there, which is lucky because he runs around constantly and is very camera shy.
-Drew Smith

I shot Yoda the Chihuahua using a canon 40D, F/10.0, iso 1600, 135mm. He kept running off as I was trying to photograph his sister Bambi, so we had to entice him with treats. I don't think he really appreciated the sound of the shutter either.
-Amanda Wimsatt

The camera I used is a Nikon D70S with a 18-55mm Nikon DX lens. The shot was taken at 1/80 of a second at 5.6, iso 320. I took this photo in a makeshift studio, where i hung plain colored cloth on a wall and a table. The pets name is Terra, she's a blind poodle. My mother was my assistant, but Terra cooperated very well for her shoot. Being a blind dog, the techniques we had to rely on to keep her attention, was making several weird noises and petting her a lot to keep her relaxed.
-Laisa Johnson

My dog, Jacob, LOVES to play. If you throw something, he will try to catch it...whether it's a ball, a rock, a blade of grass, or, as in this picture, a handful of rose petals. I liked this shot because it showed his love for things thrown as well as provided a fantastic amount of depth of field.

Location: Seattle, WA

Camera: Olympus E-510
Lens: 40-150mm telephoto
Settings: shutter priority, f/4.6, 1/640s, ISO-100, +1 ev
-Jeremy Klukan

Hanging with a house-sitting relative, I was happily met with this little guy. He was one of six daschund puppies, all of whom were utterly adorable. Greater than the sum of their parts however, they really were cutest when they were flopping around all together. However, this one stood out a little bit alone, the more curious of the bunch, and I think this caught that fairly well. He was the least shy of the big ol' camera, giving me a nice little stare for enough of a split second to snap a shallow shot.
Standard processing plus a little removal of some pieces of something on the ground.
-Austin Marola

Taken on a Fuji S5pro with a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G lens and settings -
f/stop - f/5
exposure time - 1/90 sec
iso- 3200


This is Malcolm our 6 year old Parson Russell Terrier in a relatively common pose, enjoying the warmth indoors while watching for seagulls to bark at out of the window.
My wife got him from the pound at aged 14 months so his history before then is a bit grey but he has a fair few idiosyncrasies and we fear he didn't have a very good time of it.
He's the subject of most of my photos as he's always around and his expressive face (and quirky behaviour) is always worth capturing.
As the couch he is on (lying on top of my wife) is at the far end of the room away from any windows I used iso 3200 so i was able to decrease the depth of field to try to just keep his face is focus.
-Nick Annan

For this challenge, I broke out my film camera, and took some shots of my neighbor's dog. After developing the film, I mounted the negative strip on a piece of cardboard with a hole cut in it. I then backlit the negative, and photographed it with my digital camera. The result transforms a playful pup into a ghostly hellhound.
Film: Nikon N8008s, 60mm Micro-Nikkor, Kodak T-MAX 400 B&W film, exposure unknown.
Digital: Nikon D70s, 60mm Micro-Nikkor, ISO 200, 1/4sec @ f/36.
-Mark Reddick

Meet our dog, Dillon! He loves water! Dillon also has a long tongue and a crooked jaw (poor guy) so he gets water everywhere. In the house, the water bowls have towels under them to try and catch the overflow.
Here he is on this hot Florida day doing his best to catch a few drops from the outside hose.


Shot with Canon EOS 7D with a 70-200mm 2.8 ISii lens
f-stop: f/4
ISO 400
FL: 105mm
-David green

Mode: Shutter Priority
ISO: 200
Shutter: 1/45
No Flash

I have been wanting to enter a shooting challenge for several weeks now but assumed that I would not be able to enter this week because I don't technically have any pets. Luckily, I happened to be outside when the neighbor's cat was prowling around. I stood in the center of my backyard with an old Tokina 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 lens on my Pentax K100D. I got lucky because I have been trying to take a picture of "Charlie" for several months now- he doesn't sit still very often. I tracked him while snapping shots and manually focusing. This one was the best of the bunch. Shot at 200mm, f/5.6 (that lens reports EXIF incorrectly). Post-processing consisted of white balancing, mild exposure boost and conversion from RAW. The wallpaper version has been cropped slightly.
-Nathan Chavez

This shot was taken by Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2 digital camera 8 megapixel Focal length 7.2 ñ 50.8 mm, wide and tele macro shots and 7x optical zoom, iso 800. The dog's name is rusty and it was taken in a neighbor's backyard in Puerto Rico and what captured my attention was the slight enthusiasm this dog had even though his territorial space was very limited like begging to be touched. In a area of less then 100ft long and 5ft wide, a large white steel fence denied him the opportunity to explore new grounds, this was his home. Without any doubt this so called pet was rejected by the upcoming of new and younger ones that took his place and while they taunted him i felt this confused feeling of sorrow on how a lifetime of good memories can drift away within yourself because suddenly you become obsolete in a fast changing world.

My technique was to capture the essence of the dog's eyes which portrayed sadness, i focused on the fence and also his eyes.
-Gabriel Vidot

I tried to get my pet chihuahua Rosie to pose for a full body shot all day without luck. I finally got her to just sit and I came in up close with the lens. The tight shot of her face worked so much better than any of the full shots.


Camera: Olympus E-510
Lens: Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f 1:3.5-5.6 (kit lens)
Exposure: 1/320s, f/10.0, ISO 100
Focal Length: 36mm (72mm 35mm equivalent)
Flash: Off
-Mark Clem

Canon 7D w/ 24-105mm F/4L.
Shutter 1/30s

This challenge was right up my alley since I love taking photos of our puppsters, Bear.
Pretty happy with this one showcasing his little tongue and ridiculously long eyelashes.
-Jeff Hsu

I shot this image using a Canon T1i DSLR equipped with the 18-55mm kit lens. As for settings I used the stock flash, automatic ISO, 0 exposure comp, and -2/3 flash exposure comp. @1/200 shutter speed to catch him with his eyes open.


His name is Colby, he was just laying on my bed while I was on my computer and it looked like an excellent photo opportunity.

PS. This is my first DSLR and my third day owning one, canon makes a solid product.
-Kyle Zammitt

Mimi,a pretty Abyssinian came to us as a six month old kitten, with a fractured leg. She has the uncanny ability to read our minds, and bully us to cater to her whims.
This picture was taken after one of her bullying sessions...

Nikon D 90, Nikkor200-18 VR lens, ISO Auto, Program mode.
-Baiju Parthan

The camera I used was a Cannon Powershot A480 on programme mode.
This is a picture of my cat, Pickle. I had seen him meow and thought it would make a really good picture, I tried for ages to get a good picture of him, so it took me a really long time to get this photo, when he finally yawned.
-Claire Fletcher

Date Taken: 8/21/10 11:55:09AM
Camera: Nikon D60
Lens: 18-55mm
ISO: ISO 100
Focal Length: 55mm
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/20


My dog, Starbucks, was diagnosed of suffering from depression after we lost his brother just a week ago. They were
always together ever since birth and it's pretty hard for him (and for us also) to accept just yet that he can no longer
see his buddy. Right now he is slowly recuperating with the help of meds, and of course, our presence.
-Arlan Santos

For this shot I climbed with my Parson Jack Russel "above" the clouds, on
a rock near my house. It's about 800m over 0, and my Jacky was on the top
well before me. Not a shame, really. She's very agile and fast as a lightning
bolt... ^^


I shot this one using my Pentax K20D with the Kit Lens, a shabby 18-55 II,
attached to it. I used Aperture Priority and kept the ISO as low as possible.
The sun going down behind my back made a beatufil redish tone on the highlights
of her fur. I zoomed in as much as possible, closed the aperture to get some
decent sharpness and shot a few frames as my father tried to convince to look
at him. A biscuit for dogs did the trick. In the end a friend of mine had to photoshop
out her Leash. I only sharpened it a bit in Lightroom 3.
-Moritz Schwertner

Equipment Used:
Nikon D80
17-55mm f/2.8
SB 600 Flash

Photo Info:
1/180 second
ISO 200
Taken at 32mm
SB600 in Command Mode at 1/4 Power from above and D80 trigger flash at 1/32 power
Setup shot also attached.


We don't have a room in our apartment that the blinds would keep out enough light, so we used our walk in closet. The backdrop was thrown over a dresser. We dressed our dog Trinity (Yes, named after The Matrix character) and she was very, very patient. Although she did give us a "What in hell are you doing to me?" look a couple of times. My wife, Lisa kept her attention from the upper left side of the shot. It took about ten to fifteen shots to get the shot that I liked, so she got a nice treat for posing for us. Vignette added, cropped and levels adjusted in Photoshop CS3.
-David Chernitsky

This is my sausage of a dog Ruby! She's chubby but beautiful. She's going gray around her chin as she ages. I took this in my backyard using a berry as a distraction. I shot it with a Sony a330 with the 18-55mm standard zoom lens. This (I believe) was taken with the aperture setting (set at 5).
-Elizabeth Fleming

Canon 5D Mark II
ISO 100

This is Zara, one of the 5 puppies Mira gave birth to. They are indeed Golden as the name states. I have loads of photos that are worth entering the contest but since only 1 is allowed i chose this.


All the cubs went through several photo-shoots, and man i tell you they are hard to photograph :)
-Dimboianu Tudor

Taken with Sony DHC-H7 at ISO 100 - 5mm - f/2.7 - 1/40
Brushing my cat Sneeze is an endless job. I am the allergic fool who preforms this task almost every other day. This dander producing fur ball creates many tumbleweeds that blow around my home. Constant hand washing, sneezing and itchy red eyes are a small price to pay to hang out with this cool cat. I enjoy how the fur ball on the left is a desaturated version of the fur ball on the right. Taken with Sony DHC-H7 at ISO 100 - 5mm - f/2.7 - 1/40
-Emily Staker

Busted! Louis, who is more of a cross between a 3 year old toddler and a puppy, likes to get in the
kitchen sink. He thinks I can't see him when he's in there and he keeps ducking down and then
slowly peeking to see if I'm still watching him. Luckily, he was in a playful mood which gave me
time to grab my camera and get this shot.
Lumix DMC-TZ3, iso200, cleaned up in iPhoto a bit.
-Spencer Venard

Camera Specs:
Canon T2i, Shutter 1/80, Aperture f/5.6, ISO 640, Focal Length 55mm.


Shot story:
I don't have any pets of my own, which made it kinda difficult (and awkward) since I ended up asking strangers to let me shoot their dogs... I definitely got more than one "you're a weirdo" stare. At the end, it was my friend Monica's dog who gave me his best angle... His name is Mate, and he did an awesome job at the shoot. I think he knew what was a stake.
-Diego Jimenez

Took a picture of my corgi Batch with my d300 and an old manual 35-105mm macro lens. ISO 200 @ f 5.6. I was on my bed doing a bit of reading when I noticed my dog looking at me. Decided to grab my camera and tried to get the expression he was giving me before I put the book down. Used photoshop to straighten, crop, dodge, burn and tweak the contrast.
-Mike Bolos

We adopted Charle from the Humane Society knowing he was deaf, but not knowing about the abuse he suffered or his anxiety problems. Turns out he needed a companion dog (Goldie - not pictured) to act as his ears. He didn't play much before we introduced Goldie, thats why this picture means something to me. He's tired, not wanting to give up the toy, but still looking somewhat longingly to his partner for more. And yes, I have no problems anthropomorphizing our pets.


Taken with a Rebel T2i with an EF 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. There wasn't a ton of natural light so I bumped up the ISO to 800 with a shutter of 1/60 and the lens wide open. Tweaked the contrast slightly in Gimp.
-Dan Colench

Nikon D90 18-55 kit lens
f/4 @ 1/200 sec
Taken at a dead end road in my neighborhood. The hardest part was trying to get him to cooperate and look lonely.
-Jason Wallace

I was sitting on the floor, working on some DIY stuff, when my pit bull, Yayo, decided to lie down next to me. I took advantage of his (very) rare calmness, and grabbed my camera. I turned off the flash and turned on the macro option since I was a bit close. The only editing done was clicking "enhance" in iPhoto.
Camera used: Sony Cybershot DSC-T77
-Marian Machado

Meet Pocky - She was photographed with a Canon 400D with a 28-70 2.8L lens. This photo was taken at f2.8, 1/640s, ISO 200 at 55mm.
I shot Pocky in a variety of locations all over our neighborhood in Seattle, but this photo of her on our balcony seemed to capture her personality best. She loves nothing more than to sit outside and keep an eye on the surroundings, particularly if there's a chance she'll see a cat or a squirrel. She was pretty sick of my camera by the time I got this shot, so she deserves some kudos for putting up with having a lens in her face for 4 days. Turid Rugaas's book on calming signals for dogs was a big help in that regard (
-Kerry Lannert

First thing i needed for this challenge was to find a pet, as i don't have one. I couldn't think about a better subject than my neighbour's pig, who loves to doze in the dirt on a sunny afternoon. And there he was.
He doesn't like when people get too close, so i had to use my 100mm lens not to scare him off.
Shot on a Canon 500D, with 100mm 2.8 Macro lens, at f2.8 and 1/1000s.
-Romain Gresset

This is a shot of my wife's horse. You might think a horse is not a pet. But you haven't seen this horse follow my wife around the yard and crave attention from her like a dog would. He loves attention and a good scratch behind the ears, at least from her. Anyway this was shot with a Pentax K-x, 18-55 kit lens. Just before we went out for a ride. I've always enjoyed taking pictures of horses, but it's tricky because they are always moving. Even when you think you got a good shot, it comes out blurry. The sun was getting low in the sky so I had to turn the iso up to get a faster shutter speed. Although I blinded my camera. If your able see the eye well enough, you can see a second horse, a horse trailer and obviously myself.

no flash
1/100 s
iso 200
-Shawn Nicholas

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Sigma 30mm f1.4
ISO: 1000
Exposure Time: 1/25
Aperture: f 2.0
No Flash


This is my cat Grace. She is 5 years old, and just a big mush. She loves to be close to my wife and I , so she is often found straddling the back cushion of the couch. This photo not only captures her favorite resting place, but more importantly her trademark wink, which she has been doing since she was a kitten.
-Michael Berndt

Nikon D5000 Stock 18-55mm lenses. F5.3 1/500s. ISO1100. I have two new baby kittens and they are just crazy! The sun was going through my window perfectly so I sat my cat with his toy in the the perfect spot. I took over 400 pictures!!! With the lighting and the silly look on his face, I liked this one the best. I just converted it to a B&W photo in PS. I think the B&W is more striking, the lighting looks better.
-Sam Katz

Canon T2i, 15-85mm lens, ISO 400 - shot early in the morning at North Avenue beach in Chicago. These are my 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs Bella(foreground) and Maggie. They're admiring the skyline from the beach and taking a break from swimming and digging.
-Dave Fetzer

Scooter is the consummate "scaredy cat". His eyes are always bugged out, and to actually get this close to him is an honor in itself. I was actually able to fire off several shots before he decided he was done. Shot on my Canon EOS Rebel XT with 50mm Normal lens.
1/20 sec.
-Juan Limtiaco

Meet Blinky, my british shorthair cat.

Since I work from home most of the time, this means we are together
quite a lot. British cats tend to follow you all the time, and Blinky is
no exception — when I start working in the morning he just comes there,
closes the lid and falls asleep on my Macbook, making me use my
external keyboard and display. On the attached picture he uses his
evil look to make me open the door for him so he can sneak out and
get some food.


I used a Nikon D90 with a 18-55mm VR lens for the photo @ 30mm
f/4.5 and 1/320s, ISO 200. No flash, just natural sunlight.
-Vilmos Nebehaj

Photo Details
-Nikon D70 with a Nikon 50mm F/1.8 lens
Last week I went to the park with my friend and his dog Boomer. I went with the intention of getting some good shots of Boomer catching a frisbee. I found it easiest to take pictures of the dog catching the frisbee if the frisbee was thrown directly at the camera. This way I wouldn't have to pan with the camera. The only problem with this is that there is a good chance that the frisbee will come too close and the dog will run directly into you. I had a few close calls that night.
-Stephen Orlando

I don't have any pets but I was just over at my cousin's house who had recently adopted a Cocker Spaniel puppy and snapped this picture of them lying together on my iPhone 4. They were naturally in that position and I got the puppy to look at the camera by snapping my fingers. I then took the photo in the normal camera app on my iPhone 4, no tripod or anything. Did some quick colour correction in iPhoto then and hoped to sneak the photo in just before the deadline!
-Derry Quinn

shot with a Canon Xsi 18-55 lens

Exposure time-1/60

Story is simple. I wanted to take a pic of Gizmo doing something where he would look mean. After about 30 min. of trying everything to get him to growl or bark. He finally...
Yawned!! But you have to admit my/my wifes lil Maltese/Pomeranian mix does look mean lol.
-Victor Sanchez

Canon EOS 50D
EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L
ISO 100

I always wanted to take a photo of my black Labrador in front of a black background. So this was my chance.
I can tell you, it is bloody hard. Especially because my dog does not really like the camera and had to be kept happy with lots of cheese, which of course caused him to look at the cheese instead of the camera. Phew.
-Maren Ko

Lizard likes the sun; a lot. This is her in our bedroom sitting in the one patch of sunlight coming from the window.
Something (probably dust in the air) seems to have caught her attention.


Camera Info:
Nikon D80
shutter 1/500
ISO 1000
Focal Length 90mm
-Megan Miller

Nikon D90
Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM
ISO 160

This shot was taken while lounging while lounging around the pool. Iíd already taken loads of doggie portraits, a few of which are also perfect for this contest. But I decided that this image captured the new puppy (Ellie, a boxer/lab mix) and the day best. The bright but blurred colors perfectly captured the summer day. The wet Ellie had just gotten out of the pool and was busy tip-toeing along the border of adorable one moment and a spring-loaded terror the next. I didnít even notice the bee until I was reviewing the shotsÖ must have been perfect timing.
-Josh Gardner

Taken with a Canon PowerShot S90, 1/500 second exposure at f/6.3, ISO 160.

Seeing how I currently do not have any pets, I was very fortunate that the annual Pet Parade in Olympia, WA happened during this Shooting Challenge. Among the dachshaunds dressed as frogs and pugs in tutus was this pair of ninjas. As the old saying goes - a dog is a ninja's best friend.
-Brian Hall

Equipment: Nikon D5000, AF-S 18-105 VR
Settings: 1/20 s, ISO 640, f/5.3, @62 mm

This is one of my two cats. Her name is Maca. She was too lazy to move to the shadow (she is black and it was hot outside) and so I got the idea for a high key photography.
-Janez Kos

iPhone 4, taken with Camera + with Ansel filter.

Buddy, my Schipperke, is a very busy, busy dog. I've been trying to catch him standing still with my Canon T2i for a whole week to enter him into the contest. Like they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. He stood still for a few seconds to investigate a dog walking by and I was able to snap this with my iPhone 4. Thank goodness for the volume control snap mod!
-Daniel K. Pacyau

The following picture was shot with a Canon 7D, LensBaby Composer (50mm lens), shutter speed was 1/80 second, lighting was overcast.


Elvis is an 22 year old American Saddlebred Stallion that is a super sweet pet! Following his career in the show ring, Elvis earned a retirement at stud. But he has always been a pet first. At this time he is outside for his evening turnout enjoying his time with 'his' dog Dillon. They love to goof off and run around in the pastures together. They are a formidable team and don't let anyone sneak onto the farm! I intentionally focused on the Elvis's eye allowing for a shallow depth of field. The LensBaby helped to achieve the blurred effect at the edges. This is a non traditional shot of a non traditional pet! Thanks for your consideration.
-Emily Baker

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
EF28-135mm Lens taken at 120mm
ISO 320, f/5.6, 1/100 sec.
My puppy was being silly while we were playing outside and I snapped this shot of him.
-Maria Christ

Canon 20D w/ Canon 200mm f/2.8L
ISO 200 - 200mm - f/4 - 1/10
I wanted to pay homage to my cat Peanut for being such a great friend. She put up with me snapping away at her for half the day. I shot 334 photos in all and think that this one best captures her cat spirit.
-David Nemerson

I took this one of my cat, Kimberly, yesterday, as she was sitting on my bed and royally ignoring the phone in her face. I love that my spoiled house cat looks so much more like a big cat from close up.


(iPhone 3gs with Hipstamatic: Kaimal Mark II lens, Kodot Verichrome film, flash off)
-Peter Sorrell

This is a picture of my bulldog. I didn't know that pet photography would be that hard! I got this picture when the dog was running towards me and caught this headshot of it. I had to crop the picture a little so that the distracting parts of the picture would not be inside. Anyway, i used 1/100, F5, ISO 640 on my EOS 550D with 15-85 lens set to 40mm. The AF mode AF servo was used for this as the dog was moving about quite abit.
-Matthew Yeo

Taken of my 4 year old dachshund Thunder with my Nikon D80 on full manual with no flash in the hallway of our apartment building. Overexposed by opening the aperture all the way and shot in b&w. She loves having her picture taken, especially when there is cheese involved...
-Lisa Diane

I took the original with a Pentax K-x + 70-300mm Sigma Telephoto Lens.
Shot in Macro mode at 210 mm using ISO 400.


It's a picture of my little kitten, Gizmo, that I've owned ince 9 weeks old! We were outside on our deck right before a storm hit and decided to get a few shots :)
-George Mao

A few weeks ago I decided to someday send a photo to shooting challenge, and when I saw that the week theme was pets I though that this was a easy one... so I take my mothers point & shot camera and started to go after my dog over my house taking photos, then I realized that my dog "Pretinho"(that means littleblack in english) was affraid of the camera and when it hided under a table with some boxes I this photo and decided to stop taking other shots because my dog was really scared!
obs.:please forgive my mistakes that I have done with my poor english.
-Paulo Rodrigues

I have a small dog who always sits and looks out the front window "on guard." I was taking some pictures of her looking out of the window and in reviewing the pictures I noticed the reflection in her eye. I thought it would be a great picture if I took it in such a way that the only view of outside would be that reflection. So, I took it from a lower angle so that the blinds would obstruct the camera's view of outside. I shot this on a Cannon SX20. I had it set to Aperture Priority and had it stopped all the way down to f8 to ensure a good focal depth.

Exposure Time: 1/25"
F Number: F8
ISO 400
-Daniel Nadeau

I'm laying on my stomach on top of an old WW2 Battery getting ready to take this hand held shot of the setting sun when my dog decides it's a fantastic time to wander into the picture. He pretty much walked up to the edge and stopped and when I saw the framing I knew I had something. So it turned from me yelling "Hey Dash move it!" to "Staaaaaaayyyyy, stayyyyy there." Location: Sutro Baths, Lands End, San Francisco.


Canon EOS Rebel T2i
Exposure: 1/160 @ f/8.0
Exposure Bias: -1/3 EV
ISO Speed Rating: ISO 100
Focal Length: 15mm
Lens: EF-S 15-85 IS USM
-Chris Domoloan

Nikon D60
f/4, ISO 250.

A ferret in a boot? A ferret in a boot.
-Nolan White

The picture is our dog, Norman. Norman is a 2 1/2 year old schnauzer that we adopted almost 2 years ago.
I took this picture in our back yard. I had Norman sitting in a chair and he spotted movement in the house so he is looking towards the window in this picture.


I took this picture using my Canon EOS 50D.
Shutter speed: 1/250
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO: 400
Focal Length: 55mm

New to Photography & First Submission to the Shooting Challenge. Canon Rebel XS w/ Tamron 70-300mm, F/5.6, 1/125sec, ISO 100, 180mm. This is London doing what London does best. Touched up left eye facing in photoshop.
-David LeBlanc

Camera: Sony alpha NEX-5
1/1600 sec, F4.5, ISO3200

I chose my cat Loki for this challenge, and a challenge it was. He isn't the most docile of animals, so getting him to cooperate for a photo proved difficult. I finally caught him taking a nap in the afternoon sun, so I woke him up and snapped this photo just as he was yawning. I'm still getting familiar with using high ISO but in this case it was the only way to capture the dramatic lighting from the setting sun while also keeping the detail of his whiskers. The only adjustment I made after the photo was taken was a little sharpening in iPhoto.
-Adam King