Model: NIKON D90
ISO: 200
Exposure: 1/6 sec
Aperture: 1.8
Focal Length: 50mm
Flash Used: No

Just got a new 50mm f1.8 d lens for my Nikon D90... just messing around with the new aperture :). My dog, Gizmo, is a 7 year old Chow Chow / Lab mix. He's awesome. He was just hanging out in the kitchen, as usual, when I took a few shots with the new lens.
-Adam Shafer

Photo Detail:
Camera: Canon
Model: PowerShot SD700 IS
F-stop: f/5.5
Exposure: 1/200 sec


Our Black Lab Moxie loves the water. While at the cottage she is almost never dry. This means our legs are almost never dry too.... While we sit on the dock relaxing with a drink we have to block her so we can have some piece. Mox being a little put out over this will sit on the shore keeping an eye on us. We often joke that she looks like she's growing there like the water flowers. At some point we always break down and let her join us :)
-Adam Slivinsky

I have a Canon Rebel EOS Xti DSLR camera, it is a few years old and has a few problems, like recording the wrong date a picture was taken or not recording a photo when I snap them too quickly, but I love my camera. This was an impromptu shot, but the camera was set to a focal length of 24mm, exposure time was 1/8 sec. and the Exposure compensation was .67 step, at least that is what it tells me. I tend to keep it on ISO 200 for most of my day shots.


The story of the shot is a fun one. If you take a look at the photo you will notice that it is someone sitting on the toilet with their pants around their ankles….. that person is me. My new little puppy decided she wanted to rest inside my pants while I did my business in the loo. When I saw her rest he head on my waistband I whispered to my wife to get the camera. I set it up, set the timer, put the camera on the floor and snapped this shot of little Betty relaxing with her Dad in the toilet. She makes a little bed for herself in my pants every time I go to the toilet, she is one brave pup. I love this photo of our little Betty.
-Alex Brooks

Camera: Nikon D60
Telephoto Nikon 55-200mm 4-5.6
ISO 100
Flash off camera bounce on silver umbrella.

Camila is a Lovely dachshund my wife and I own. We have well trained our dog. So it was not a big deal to obey and pose for the picture. The challenge was to show her tongue. We know she love peanut butter. So we give her a little bit. While she was tasting it, I took the picture.
-Alvaro Gutierrez

i used a kodak c140 to shoot this picture!
this is not actually my dog, it was some random cute dog sleeping on the road!
i used adobe lightroom to alter a couple of things!
-Amyth Venkataram

This is a shot I took on a hike at Crater Lakes in the mountains of Colorado. The dog (Squirt) was sniffing around on the ground, then she looked up at another person coming down the trail right as I snapped the shot. It was getting a little dark, so I was surprised it was in focus, but I like the way the focus is right on her eye. She's a ridiculously smart dog, and I thought this shot captured that. It makes her look pensive.


The camera is my mom's, so I'm not sure what it is, but it's a low-end Nikon dSLR. ISO 640, 70mm, f/4.5, 1/125
-Angus Bohanon

Shot with Nikon D70 Then the camera died...
-Anthony Gonzalez

Camera- iPhone 4
Apps used- Photoshop Express, Tiltshift

I got this shot when my kitten first arrived at my apartment a couple of weeks ago. I never had a cat before and I found out the hard way that I am allergic to them. I found a friend to take good care of her and this picture reminds me how much I miss her.
-Artie Melo

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi with telescopic lens.

Jake was just chillin in a bush so I got all up in his face with my camera. That's all there was to it. He is a natural model.

Shooting Summery:
• Canon Rebel 300D
• Canon 18-55 mm (standard lens)
• ISO 200
• 1/25 Sec
• f/5.6
• 42 mm
• No Flash


Story of the Shoot:
Katie is a long haired chihuahua that I adopted from my wife when we got married-one of those situations where you take the good with the bad. Anyway to setup this shot, I grabbed a black blanket we own and threw it over a make-shift close line. Then I setup a few lights from around the house until I got the look I was aiming for. Reading lamps, table lamps, office desk lamp-I used them all. The hardest part was getting the dang dog to sit still long enough to take the shot. After a couple of dozen shots, this is what I ended up with.
So you might be asking yourself, isn't this guy a professional-I mean look at his company name. Shouldn't he have a studio setup for this kind of thing, with a decent camera? Actually yes, I am and I do. However, I decided to shoot this at home on the spur of the moment with the resources I had. It just goes to prove you don't have to have a $1000 camera and pro lighting to take a decent shot (although it doesn't hurt).
-Bryan Carter

Camera: Nikon D90
Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX
Exposure: 1/60
F-stop: 4
Software for processing: Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS5


So our tabby cat named Moxie absolutely loves her blue string. We've spent probably a hundred dollars on cat toys, but no, she loves this string more than anything. She pulled it out of one of my blue sweatshirts and has been playing with it ever since. In this case, she burrowed herself under our doormat to hide from her enemy/best friend poised in attack position.
-Chris Allen

This is Oscar the Chow in the car, 'nuff said…
-Chris Osaka

I was in the backyard attempting to be creative when I noticed my boxer giving me the most intense look.


Canon Rebel XTi using 16-35mm f/2.8L lens
ISO 200 @ 27mm, f/2.8, shutter speed 1/50
Edited using Aperture 3
-Christian Yepiz

Canon 50D
Canon 50mm 1.8 II
ISO 400
1/50 sec

Just a picture of my roommates Bengal cat. I feel like I would have the same expression on my face if someone woke me up bright and early.
-Chris Vasta

Nikon D70, 50.0 mm f/1.8 lens, ISO 200, exposure 1/1000 sec at f/1.8

Benji (our wonderful 4 year-old shih-tzu) was off to get a haircut yesterday and we set up a photo shoot for him of his longer hair. He was more than happy to comply and we can't wait to capture more memories of him with his new haircut!
-Cindy Hsu

I came home from running errands today and found that my girlfriend's year-old English bulldog Theodore had chewed a giant hole in the top of my favorite beach hat. For punishment, I made him wear it around the house, seeing as I wouldn't be able to wear it again.


Shot using a Pentax K100D with Pentax SMC 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 lens. 18mm focal length, 1/45 shutter @ f/5.6, ISO 800. Processed in Lightroom.
-Colby Shepherd

This is a shot of mine and my fiance's dog, Sensei, from earlier this summer... We were at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC for the day and it was SO hot! Poor Sensei couldn't stop panting, and I was able to snap this hilarious candid shot of him.


I shot this photo on a Nikon D3000, with the standard 55mm lens. The shutter speed was 1/200, and the aperture was 7.1.
-Courtney Huffines

I took this photo with my Canon G9. This morning I was feeding my son breakfast and was actually thinking about trying to figure out an idea for this weeks contest. Thinking about him I instinctively looked for him because I didn't hear him running around the house or at the foot of the high-chair (where he usually cleans up what my son throws down)... he was outside on the porch sun bathing as if to say... "I'm ready for my close-up!" (Dog's are so intuitive). I couldn't grab my camera fast enough; I quickly ninja'd out on the patio as not to disturb him because I knew I didn't have much time for the shot. In my haste I forgot to check the ISO. So the camera was set on 200 instead of 80 but it still turned out I think. I hope you like it.
-Daniel Sidler

This is my dog Willow. I shot it with a Cannon Rebel XS on auto. The picture itself wasn't hard to take I just called her and she walked over an looked at me like that, almost looks like she's smiling!
-Danny Lunden

This is my Yorkie SammyJoe, I took this picture while visiting a classroom at a Battered Women's shelter. I thought the kids would like to meet Sammy and he might bring them some comfort after dealing with such a traumatic experience. They were all smiles watching the little guy chase after his tennis ball. Taken with a kodak easyshare digital camera.
-David Leiva

Canon eos 450d
had to distract the bugger to get this haha :D was fun
-David Wheeler

This is a picture I took of our desert tortoise, Armadillo. I used an old Canon FTb 35mm camera that my father had given to me; I shot it on Kodak TX-400 B&W film using a 50mm lens with ISO at 400. I unfortunately don't remember the F-stop or shutter speed; I was bracketing for a lot of these shots and this was the one that came out best.


Costco did a great job of developing it in 1 hour, and I scanned the photo in on my scanner to upload for the contest.

Funny story with the tortoise's name - my mother named him after she couldn't remember the name of the Ninja Turtles, and thought that one of them was named Armadillo, despite the fact that I kept reminding her they were named after Renaissance painters. :) Also, one last note - Desert Tortoises are endangered in the wild. If you see one, please leave it alone - it is against the law to touch, harm, harass or collect them. I received one from a friend of the family, who had 8 eggs hatch and were unable to find homes for all of them.
-Doug Abel

This is a picture of my dog Henry, he is a black standard poodle. I took this picture with an iPhone 3g, there has been no photoshop. This picture was taken on 8/18/2010 at about 7:30. He just stands up there and barks at people, I always yell at him to stop but this time I let him go crazy so I could snap this pic.
-Drew Martin

Shot with a Canon Powershot 'Point and shoot'. My dogs (from left to right) Marshall and Jack. Marshall is an Alaskan Malamute and Jack is a SIberian Husky.
-Elias Gause

iPhone 4, Hipstamatic filtered thru Tiltshift app

Chillin' Evening at home.
This is my boy Bishop, laying with my girlfriend, days before he was (is) to have an amputation surgery on his right front leg for a cancerous tumor. He's a cool cat, acts a bit more like a person/dog then a typical feline.
-Eric Holman

Photo shot with:
Nikon D3000, with VR 18-55mm lens at 34mm
ISO 1600 f5, 1/25s

Taken of my cat Harley, aka the Bird-man for the cooing noises he makes. He was perched on the back of the couch, his favorite spot for napping and surveying the goings-on of the household. He had been dozing off when he saw our other cat, Fatty, enter his territory. He surveyed her intently from his post, ensuring she wasn't touching his precious scratch pad, and after allowing me to snap a few photos he leapt down to give her a thorough tongue-lashing (or bath) for sinking her claws into his toy.
-Erin McEntire

Pentax K10D w/ kit lens, 55mm F5.6 1/350sec Exposure, ISO-800.

I have been watching my parents (very old) Westie, Duncan, for a while, and I play with him in the yard of my complex every now and then, so I decided to snap some pictures. After playing for a while, he'll start to just ignore his toy and chill out. I really liked this shot because it shows a sort of plaintive, calmer side of dogs that people often tend to get passed over.
-Ethan Bennett

Lighting information
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/7.1
Shot with a 60mm macro f/2.8 using a Nikon D300
Lighting: Paul C. Buff Einstein 640 triggered via Cyber Commander, with beauty dish (no sock)


Here is a shot of our Boston Terrier Bessie. My wife and I have been married for just a few years and are both sucked into our studies trying to get through CPA examinations (I promise two accountants in one household can be more exciting than it sounds). In any case I miss being able to dabble in my right brain and playing with the camera every once in a while. We don't have time for kids because both of our jobs have been very demanding, along with the 40 hours of studying a week that goes along with getting things done, so Bessie is our child for now and it suits us fine because she is all any pet owner/parent could ask for.

The set up was easy - at 11.5 pounds she is a small subject to shoot so I put her on top of a chair stool and used the wall as a background. She minds really well, especially if she knows that there is a treat involved so she stayed in "pose" mode for a few minutes allowing me to take enough shots.
-Grant Williams

Nikon D50, standard 35mm lens ISO...forgot.

just got back from mexico, with these little souvenir hats that just happen to fit perfectly on my cats. Needless to say they were unhappy wearing them, but I think that adds to their overall badassness.
-Hamilton Chang

Here is Jett, photographed in the back room under a 1m striplight softbox.with a second flash adding a rimlight from behind.


Jett is 6 months old and never sits still. This was taken during a brief 2 second pause while he contemplated life, love and food.
-James Schokman

This shot was taken on an iPhone 3GS with various apps used for effect.
Abbey's a Papillion and this image was made after a long walk on a hot
afternoon. Her panting makes her look so vicious!
-Jared Tomlinson

Olympus Stylus 1030SW. Camera Mode, Auto everything, just pointed and shot.

My dog Super Panda and I live on the remote Kanaio coastline of Maui, HI. We are in the middle of the worst draught in over 50 years and thirsty Bulls have been breaking through my rock walls and fences to eat the green plants in my yard, even the cactus! Super Panda had a long night chasing Bulls and Cows out of the yard, and on our daily walk to the ocean kept stopping to yawn. He looked so savage, yawning on the boulders, that I had to snap a photo.
-Jeremy Johnson

This is a photo I took of my Rescued Hairless Chinese Crested dog, Rocco; on the dock at Lake Nottely in the North Georgia Mountains early in the morning. Shot this with my Canon XSi - stock lens.
-Jodi Tottenpets

This is my bulldog, Dazie. She is a very friendly and well-behaved pet and you can often find her laying like she is in this photo (bulldogs tend to enjoy resting). She seems to have become very fond of the camera over the years and many times it almost feels like she poses for it. My technique was fairly simple. I laid down on the floor in directly in front of her and placed the camera on flat on the ground (to capture this precise face-to-face angle and for stabilization because of the low shutterspeed. I shot this photo with a Nikon D40, ISO speed 1600, F-stop at 4.5, and shutterspeed at 1/25 sec.
-Joseph Mikos

Nikon D5000 with 35mm Nikkor Lens
f/1.8, 1/25 sec exposure, ISO 640

On a rainy afternoon this German Shepard/Golden Retriever mix attempts relaxation.
-Justin Solinsky

My cat, Diablo. Finally got him to sit still long enough to snap a picture by bribing him with a little snack. Shot on a Point-and-shoot. A Casio EX-S5. F 3.1, 1/125s exposure, ISO 100. Guess I got lucky.
-Justin Van Bibber

Sony W350, ISO 80, 6mm focal length, F stop 2.8
This is my Fox Hound Thor. We were outside hanging with the dogs and
Thor was playing with his favorite toy, his football. This is not the
shot we were trying to get. He was upside down looking at the camera
with the football in his stretched out paws, my wife yells squirrel
and instantly he does an about face(like the dog from UP), flips over
and looks up. I instantly started shooting and this is what we got.
-Kheenan Halvorson

Camera: iPhone4
Settings: ISO 500, f2.4, 1/15s shutter, no flash

Story: Our Bear loves Gizmodo as much as the next geek. But there's unfortunately only 2 iPads in the house to share among 3 people, so when it comes time to surf the web, there's no competition. Yes, Pooh's paws work well on the iPad. Besides, who's every heard of a cat that types?
-Kyle Hsu

I decided I wanted to get a close in view of my dog Ty's face. While waiting for my wife to get out of a Doctor's appointment I pulled my old Cannon Power Shot S70 and zoomed in on his face while he was in the back seat of the car. Didn't pay too much attention to the framing, since he was behind me, just snapped and hoped for the best. Camera was set to auto. f5.3 @ 1/60th with the flash on. The picture was taken a couple days ago, not sure if that DQ's me, but I figured it was worth sending in.
-Mark Behrendt

This is Sandy who reminds me to "smell the flowers" every day....especially on these hot humid August days. The flowers were in full bloom and you can see the joy on her face!


The photo was taken with a Canon 7D using a 70-200mm IS II telephoto lens in natural light with autofocus. It was the autofocus that permitted to capture this moment.
-Martin Lubell

On a road trip from Chicago to Boston, Guppy the puppy was eager to go for a ride in the car!
Photo taken with an iPhone 4. No special techniques or enchantments or editing done.
-Matthew Stein

Nikon D80
50.0 mm
1/50 sec
ISO 1000

We just got a new kitten (her name is Lizard - "Lizzy" for short, "Elizardbeth" for long) a few weeks ago. I recently caught her staring intently into the tank so I got out the camera. I got a few with her and the fish nose to nose, and a couple where they both turned to face the camera!
-Michael Berger

My wife refers to our dog Frodo as her "little monster." She uses "monster" in the most loving way possible. As you can see from this photo, he's quite the mischievous little guy, even at 5 pounds. He's two and a half years old, and was named after the famous hobbit everyone knows and loves. I couldn't think of a better name for such a hobbit-sized dog. The shot was captured yesterday on a Rebel T2i, while testing out my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens that had just arrived in the mail.
-Nathan Luce

Shooting my friend's pitbull, Pancake, he saw the camera pointed at him and he gave me a big grin.


shot with a Canon 7D using 24-70mm f/2.8L lens @ f/2.8, ISO 400, 1/60 sec
-Paolo Sanchez

My 2 cats sleeping
benny the more white
pluto the litle one

from a iPhone 2g camera
crop in microsoft office picture manager
-Pinho Castro

Camera: Nikon D40x
Lens: Nikkor 18-55mm 3.5-5.6
Manual exposure: ISO 1600, 1/20 s, F5.6 (no flash, no tripod), 55mm


I constantly and obsessively photograph my animals, and by now they are all quite used to having a lens shoved up in their faces while they are napping. Here my Bengal kitten "Blue" sits curled up in the summer evening sunlight on a king size bed claimed entirely by the felid population of the household (which is now at the crazy-cat-lady number of five). He is a tough shot because he has the attention span of a grasshopper—that's kind of a Bengal thing—and he's somewhat darkly colored, but the light tonight allowed me to photograph him without a flash. The idea was to get his eyes in focus with a blending of whisker, stripe, and fur in the background. He obliged with a model pose. Who says house cats can't be glamorous?
-Rachel Hector

Shooting Summary: Used Kodak EasyShare Z612 Camera, 35mm-420mm, AF 12X Optical Zoom, No Flash used, Manual setting used, slight zoom action.


Story of the Shot: When I saw my puppy laying in this unique pose, I quickly ran for my camera as fast as my legs would carry me. Koko Bean had tired himself out and was curled up on the couch and put his paws together on his own. This is the moment that every photographer hopes to catch. This shot is called "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" and captured the perfect moment that will soon be portrayed on the wall in my home. It reminds me that one hasn't truly opened their heart fully until they have a special pet in their lives.

Puppy's Name: Koko Bean
Breed and Age: Pomeranian, Male, 6 Months Old
-Rita Vetsch

Camera- Nikon D3000
Lens; NikorZoom lense F/1.8F
Shutter Priority (thanks Nikon!) with some great light on the Vineyard (Martha's) Today.
Meatball (the subject, riding in the '86 Bronco) is a Pit Bull seized from a drug house that is now doing therapy work. This Captures the essence of this pup (just over a year old), he is an old soul, loves to be petted and never gets excited. He is the perfect dog for cancer-kids.
-Robert Lunn

Hello. Meet my little curious "i poop on your screens and keyboards". ...Yes that´s his name and i hate him from time to time.
Canon Eos 500D in full Auto mode — 18-55mm lens @ 43mm — 1/125 sec — ISO 100
-Roland Renne

This is Digby, my Pomeranian mix. His tongue is like ten feet long, so
it never really retracts all the way back into his mouth. Digby's not
super-active, so he makes a great model. I've taken a zillion "aww,
ain't dat cute" pics of him, but this one that I took yesterday shows
him more in his element - lazing around in the sun


This shot was taken with a Nikon D90, 35mm f/1.8 DX lens and only natural light.
-Scott Benson

I shot this picture of Keystone (white) and Phoenix (black) with a Nikon D50... I honestly don't remember the settings, and it appears that the info got stripped of after I posted to Picasa.


It was a complete opportunity shot. They were playing, and I must have shot 50 pictures. I was lucky to get this great shot out of the bunch.
-Scott Bradach

Canon 72mm 28-135mm f3.5 zoom lens
Focal Length 28mm
F number 3.5
Exposure 1/50


The story behind this pic is my amazing husband just bought me my first "good" lens for my new camera. This particular pet of ours is names Safira after the dragon in the movie Eragon.
Anyhow, I have been doing a flickr page for a few months now and have been having quite the difficulty getting pictures of one of our other dogs. I decided to test the new lens faster shutter speed out on them. This was the first picture taken out of the group. If you notice, the little one down below is missing a leg. We picked her that way from the pound. She had been hit by a car or something and had her leg amputated before we found her. We've named her HopScotch because of her jumping to walk technique.
-Shawna Prince

SONY CyberShot DSC-T9
ISO 320
1,4 sec
focal 6mm

Portrait of MU
-Simone Gallina

This is a Photo of my dog Bowie. He always knows when i'm about to leave the house so I decided to catch his frustration here. His indication is when I start putting on my shoes so I decided to catch him barking with my shoes in the background.
-Sophie Harris

This is Tony. Tony may be the world's friendliest and happiest cat, which is surprising since when the SPCA found him, he had been shot in the leg and was living in a dump. He was hardly alive, but managed to pull through a series of surgeries to remove deadly shrapnel and reconstruct his leg, earning him the name Iron Man. A slight limp and a crooked elbow is all that's left to remind you of his ordeal, so when I got him I changed his name to Tony (Stark) as a tribute to his past.


This picture was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel t1i dSLR using the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens on manual focus. I believe I used the Program mode, and set the color tone to mono. The only editing that was done was an "autofix" on Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
-Steph Peterson

Minolta 35mm
40mm[?] lens
I shot, developed, and scanned this myself. No added lights or anything, I just shot it by hand in my backyard. This dog [Cantucci] has been the subject of NUMEROUS photoshoots between me and my father. However, this is the first 35mm photo of her. Getting her to stay still wasn't too hard because she is used to it at this point :) . Although she manages to stay put, she has a wonderful flaw of her infinite curiosity, which leads her to look around, or suddenly point, which ends in shots such as these. Developing was a pain, but when isn't it?
And sorry for the lack of wallpaper size, the scanner I used was terrible. However the print came out much nicer, and is currently hanging on my wall :)
-Theo Doh

So, this is a picture of my cat (Luna). It was taken with a Canon
550D/T2i + kit lens (F/5.6, 1/100 s, ISO 100).


Luna has a survival story to tell. Her mother gave birth to 5 kittens
(her included) on top of an old cabinet outside my house. It was a
warm summer morning in 2004. She was unfortunate enough to fall from
the cabinet, getting stuck between it and the wall, where she remained
trapped for two days. No one noticed it, not even her cat mom. But
then we saw her, on the ground, by the cabinet. That little, barely
born kitten had made her way out from oblivion and, more than six
years later, she's the only one left.

Luna is the most peaceful cat I've ever had. She plays with bugs but
doesn't kill them, or eat them. She spends her days chilling around
everywhere in and around the house, pretty much like every other cat,
I guess. At least that's what my cats do. Occasionally she "crashes"
into the ground and starts rolling, apparently asking for attention.
If none is given she sleeps, or closes her eyes and pretends to be
asleep. That's when I took this picture. I descended to ground level,
as I usually do when I play with her, and shot her lovely, sleepy
cat-face. And that's it!
-Vasco Ferreira

Well, the story behind this picture begins like this:
one day I was reading Gizmodo, as every day, when suddenly I came across a Shooting Challenge post, this time it was about pets, so I said to myself "its been a while since the last time I entered a shooting challenge" so I went downstairs and took this beautiful picture of my white canary.
(I also discovered birds like to pose for pictures)


Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T1i
Focal Length: 55
Aperture Number: 5.6
Exposure Time: 1/500
-Victor Flores

Taken with olmypus e-520, with a 14-42mm lens, at 3.5/f 14mm 100ISO

I was about to go out on a photo walk when i walk into the backroom to this adorable little puppy we rescued from the streets of Detroit about 3 months earlier relaxing on our couch asleep, the only thing she moves when i start taking pictures of her is her eye lids which she opens and looks right into the camera for this picture. A normally rambunctious puppy she is unusually calm when i start taking this picture and after only taking two or three snaps she is up and about ready to play!
-Will Benhauser