iPad Apps August 27

No, Human: Every once in a while you'll come across a game that looks like it was designed by someone who only thinks of "angry birds" as a description for that one Hitchcock movie. No, Human is one of those, a blast of fresh air that is a little bit different in its game play and aesthetic. In this case, it's a very good thing—throughout beautiful space environments you'll be charged with nudging (OK, more like blasting) mankind's outer space endeavors off course (OK, more like into smithereens.) Neat physics-based gameplay, neat look, neat game, sorry humans. $2

Also works for the iPhone


Image Comics: Image Comcis and Comixology teamed up to make a slick app for delivering independent comics to your iPad straight from the people who create them. How can that be anything but awesome? Free.

Also works on the iPhone

River of News: A Google Reader-syncing RSS app that celebrates one thing and one thing only: infinite scroll. And that's not a bad thing! Instead of organizing your feeds into folders where you drill down down down and then tap back back back, River of News lets you scroll vertically through items, as you'd expect, but also horizontally through the feeds themselves. It's not quite as polished as, say, Reeder, but for iPad users who love the fluidity of flicking, this reader's worth a look. $2.99

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