This photograph was taken at Venice Beach, CA this Sunday, 8/29. The rider is a local who regularly hangs out near the basketball courts to practice stunts on his bike. He was able to ride the bike in almost any direction or position, including a handstand over the front wheel.

It was shot freehand at 1/20 second, f/29, iso 250 at 42mm on my Canon 30D with a Sigma 17-70 f2.8 OS lens with a Tamron 72mm circular polarizer. I manually focused and followed the subject as I released the shutter. Pretty simple, no tripod, and OS disengaged. I edited the color in Photoshop using curves and a touch of saturation.
-Adam Knapp

Camera - Canon 5D Mark II
Lens - Canon 24-105 f/4L IS Lens
ISO - 100

I actually stole this idea from a friend, who had taken some fun pics on a merry go round that I thought were awesome a while back. Since I didn't have a subject for this shot, I had to make this a self portrait of sorts. I'm guessing the other people in the park thought I was completely weird.
-Annie Love


Used a Nikon Coolpix L110...tried to get my wife's hand in motion with the blurry guitar, sort of worked here.
-David H


Visiting the Minnesota State Fair with my kids.

5D Mark II with a 24-70mm f2.8 L lens @ 24mm, f3.2, and 1/30 second.

This was a fun challenge and much harder than I had anticipated (mostly because I was trying to do double duty watching three kids while madly spinning tracking a giant swing :-)
-Jesse Zibble


Camera: D90 shot in manuel mode.
Lens: Nikkon 18-105mm @ Autofocus
Shutter: 1 / 499
Aperature: 5.6
ISO: 800
@: 105mm

It was a event called "British Day" here in Hamburg, Germany - and they showed off ways of hunting. This was part of a bird-hunting show, seen here is falcon.
-Marco Senf


Taken with a Canon T2i with stock 18-55mm lens at 18 mm, f/22, 1/5sec, ISO-100
This is a picture of my foot riding my longboard through my neighborhood. The setup for the shot took quite a while, securing the camera in a nice, secure position required me to electrical tape it to a box and then securely tape that box to my board. My original idea was to shoot the board alone moving, but needed me on it to keep thing steadier. In the end i think it turned out well. Colours touched up slightly in Canon Photo Professional.
-Morgan Andreychuk


I was riding the light rail and I remembered this challenge. I tried shooting passing subjects with long exposure shots whlie rotating the camera to keep the subject centered. I took a couple hundred shots, but this one was by far the best... Thank you random biker!

Shot with a Canon Rebel t21, kit lens @ 18mm, f22, 100 iso, with a quarter second exposure.
-Ryan O'Connell