The Apple Store is down. Let's celebrate with Joel Johnson's "Apple Store is Down" song, recorded while he was Boing Boing Gadgets editor a couple of years ago. Check it out here.

Lyrics are below, but if you want to hear Joel's catchy tune played out over some randomly-generated (and I mean random) Apple keynotes, click on over to Boing Boing now.

Oh, you're still hanging around here for a glimpse of possible products announced at Apple's keynote later? Check out the list of rumors here. [Boing Boing Gadgets]

Apple Store Is Down

Best not make any plans today.
The Apple store is down,
new shit is on its way.
A tablet Mac or new SDK.
Doesn't matter,'cause it's Apple, As long as Steve goes slow in the keynote:
"Had a great business year, our future success is clear.


But I have just one more thing to show before I disappear.
And I think it's the most exciting thing that we are gonna launch this year.
Boom it's here."

Listen, Steve, my friends and I
have decided that it's okay that you know (whoa)
that we don't want for you to die.
If it happened the stock would flatten.
So if you go, go slow!
I need a new boat.
"My hair is gone. I'm grizzled gray. Retire you ask? Not today.


'cause I have just one more thing to show before I disappear.
It might be the most important product that we're gonna launch this year.
Boom it's here."

BRIDGE: My head is swimming; my mouth is dry. I hardly can believe that I am worthy to be in this distortion field.


'cause I want just one more thing to own before I disappear.
And my life needs one more thing to glow to add a little cheer.
Oh thank god it's here.