Angry Birds Beta: The ridiculously popular game that's become a phenomenon on the iPhone is finally available on Android (albeit in beta form). There's just 15 levels right now, but that's enough to build an itch that you'll scratch forever. Check out the game's trailer above to see what the hype is all about.

Bing: Bing exists for Android because I guess some people who use Google's mobile OS just aren't happy with Google's services. Joke. It's to have options of course! Gary says:

The new Bing for Mobile Android App has launched for Android users on the Verizon network, offering the company's "infinite" image search tool, the "Bing image of the day" and another great Microsoft innovation-voice search.

It's basically like Google Search and Maps, but Bing Search and Maps on Android. So it's "prettier" to some people and "not as good" to the rest. Oddly, it's only available for Verizon Android phones. It's a basic app that broadcasts whatever you record from your Android phone to It's only broadcasts, the app currently won't let you view any livestreams but will let you chat with your viewers and share your video on Twitter and Facebook. The app uses hardware video encoding and adjusts your video's bitrate depending on your connection, which mean it'll drain your battery less fast. Works over 3G and Wi-Fi.

Target: I already liked you, Target. I definitely liked you a lot more than Wal-Mart, that's for sure. And with the new Target app for Android, I like you even more now. Shoppers can check Target's weekly ads, see clearance items, and look up items to see the price and if it's available at their local store. It'll help you locate the item in the store (to the aisle) and gives you a barcode scanner to check the prices. I don't know if it's the kid in me, but I love scanning barcodes and have it pop up the price.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football: Football season is only a week away which inevitably means legions of folks will be playing Fantasy Football. Yahoo released their fantasy football app for Android and it'll let players set their roster, add and drop players, check their matchups and give real-time fantasy scoring updates (if you use Yahoo, that is). I use Yahoo to play my Fantasy Football, so it's useful enough for me to keep my team in championship order while I'm on the go. Check it out.