Ironing, I admit, is not something I do often. Or ever. But I still appreciate the ingenuity behind Panasonic's "both-ends-are-pointed" 360° iron line-up. Now, with the 360° freestyle, they've made it a little better. By making it cordless.

Panny claims that the new Freestyle is 25% lighter than pervious models, and smooths wrinkles 15% faster (how do they time that?) Features include:

• Detachable water tank for safe and easy refilling
• Electronic Temperature Control to set precise heat for all fabrics, even silk
• Pushbutton steam feature to quickly remove stubborn wrinkles from delicate garments
• Anti-drip feature to protect fabrics
• Auto shut-off after 10 minutes to help eliminate worries about safety
• Convenient case with handle for easy storage and carrying

And yes, the "unique shape and curved soleplate" that lets you iron every which way without leaving creases. Sounds almost good enough to get me ironing. Almost. The new Panasonic 360° Freestyle will be available in October for $99.95. [Panasonic]