I don't care how delicious this cake is on the inside, I'd never cut into it. I'd be too worried about marring its AR marker frosting, and the wonderful augmented reality memes contained therein. Final guesses?

If you said "Sad Keanu Riding a Unicorn In Front of Two Double Rainbows With Double Dolphins Attending," congratulations! Also, you should probably sober up already, it's not even three o'clock.


How did creator-baker Justin Blinder manufacture such a vision? He iced a simple BCH marker on top of the cake, and programmed it using openFrameworks and ofxARToolkitPlus. He was also kind enough to take some action footage:

Well done, Justin Blinder. And my birthday's not for a few months, which gives you plenty of time to concoct a checkerboard cake that explains exactly how f***ing magnets work. [Justin Blinder via Geekologie]