Fruit Ninja: Fruit Ninja, another popular iPhone port, comes over to Android and brings the simple, addicting fun of chopping up fruits on your phone. The premise of the game is simple: fruits fly on screen and you slice them by swiping your finger. Slice as many fruits as you can while avoiding bombs. It has OpenFeint support too so you can see where you stack with the rest of the world. Lots of fun for $0.99.

Mini Info: A nice system monitor app/widget for Android that displays battery charge, memory, and/or SD memory information in the widget and more detailed analysis of CPU and RAM monitoring, network, brightness and volume. It's free so if you geek out over percentage levels and bytes, give it a run.

Comic Reader Mobi: Comic Reader Mobi supports RAR, ZIP, CBR, and CBZ files and you can stream comics from WebDAV server. What's neat about this app is that the whole page is always displayed on the screen, when you need to read the text you tap the specific panel and then an overlay thats optimally sized will pop up. That way you can still see the entire page but also be able to read the story. Mark Wilson calls it the "best comic book app" available. It's on the expensive side at $14.99 but you should trust Mark Wilson.

PadMapper: An app that uses your location to display available apartments in your neighborhood (the data comes from Craigslist,, etc). You can also adjust criteria such as size, rent, hardwood floors, etc and get results that fit your settings. It seems like a much easier way to find apartments than rummaging through Craigslist though it seems to work better in bigger cities. Free.

Bitbop: It's a subscription streaming TV service that costs $9.99/month, so it's kinda like Hulu Plus. But unlike Hulu Plus, there's no commercials and Bitbop even gives you the option to download a show to your device. I'd say check out the TV shows Bitbop offers before you buck up and pay the monthly. But it seems like a great service.