Parallels Mobile: Parallels users, listen up! To accompany the recently-released Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac, the Parallels peeps have released Parallels Mobile, a free app that lets users poke around on their Windows machines right on their iPhones and iPads.

There's a little bit of lag involved, but otherwise you can start, stop, and access all the virtual machines you've set up through Parallels Desktop right from your iOS device. That means printing things to connected printers, checking what's up in Outlook, and, yes, seeing all those lovely Flash elements on all your favorite websites. Just don't expect them to be that snappy. The app is free, so if you're a frequent Parallels user it's definitely worth a look.

Also available for the iPad

Steve Young Football: In addition to having the best commercials ever Steve Young Football for the iPad is probably the most amusing (and liberal) take on pigskin we've ever tried. There's a huge number of unique "fields" and its multiplayer—whether you're playing two people to one iPad or with two iPads on your home network—is especially fun. Hike! $5.

CBS News: The new CBS iPad app splits things up into "News" and "Shows" and offers a sea of thumbnails for each. You can save stories for offline reading and watch plenty of full episodes right in the app. MULTI-media, you see, and it's all quite well organized. Free.

My Generation Sync: ABC gets it. You're never just watching TV anymore—you're watching while surfing or texting or tweeting or something. ABC's new app listens for audio cues from their new show, My Generation, and displays accompanying content on your iPad.


Aside from the fact that they're basically admitting that their programming alone isn't entertaining enough to keep you watching, My Generation Sync is an undeniably clever solution for bridging two devices that are increasingly used at the same time, without any new technology.

The My Generation content looks like it's pretty light fare—they don't want you totally ignoring the show, after all—but there are undoubtedly some very cool things you could do if you matched the right show with the right type of complementary content. So maybe THIS isn't a best app, but it's an idea that could well lead to some very cool ones in the near future. Free.