is back again with the definitive guide to this week's Web programming. Nearly every broadcasting network is posting their premieres online shortly after they air now, but we're most excited about Louis CK's stand-up movie Hilarious.


The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret: Any Arrested Development fans in the house? David Cross and Will Arnett teamed up back in November of 2009 to create what looks to be a seriously promising series. IFC is bringing the BBC show stateside (finally!) but it won't air on TV until October 1st. Lucky for you, the pilot episode is streaming free right now! They tried to sneak it past ya', but you're just too quick for ‘em. Way to play it.

Eerie, Indiana: Are you experiencing sudden flashbacks to your childhood right now? Good. If you're not familiar with this sci-fi mystery show for kids, get ready to travel to the creepiest town in America: Eerie. The series follows young Marshall Teller as he attempts to decipher his town's bizarre occurrences, which include but aren't limited to axe murderers, urban legends, and pets obsessed with world domination.



The Guild: The Guild, starring Internet TV goddess Felicia Day, isn't new by any means, but they are actively posting episodes every Tuesday and are rapidly approaching their 4th season finale, so it's the perfect time to start watching if you're not already an avid fan. That, and we noticed you called us out for not mentioning them before (that's right – we're totally reading your comments).


Know Your Meme: Web series live all over the Internet but many have found success through the use of their channels on YouTube. Know Your Meme is a perfect example, because not only does it live on YouTube, it would hardly exist without it. This show sheds scientific light on how and why anything (YouTube sensations included) spreads quickly enough to reach the ultimate Internet achievement: meme status.

Motherboard: This series is just plain awesome. It touts itself as a site for tech news, but it's more than that. It steps behind the technology to meet its makers. One of our favorite episodes investigates how design company Threadless started as an online art project only to go global. Another good one is the latest episode about a non-profit organization called the Mars Society that actually built a real-life environment to emulate what life on Mars might feel like. Incredible.


Old Jews Telling Jokes: Sukkot might be over but that's no reason to stop celebrating! Old Jews Telling Jokes is exactly that, and it's ridiculously endearing. It's been around for over a year and it looks like they're gearing up for a spin-off, shot in front of a live audience sitcom-style.



Hilarious: Earlier this week, EPIX announced that by requesting an invite to their site (for free) you'd get access to stream comedian Louis C.K.'s new stand-up film, Hilarious. Clicker dedicated a post to the news earlier this week, but it bears repeating. It's so hilarious, it just might drive you insane (you'll get the reference once you watch it, trust us).



The Tour Championship: The PGA Tour's season finale, The Tour Championship, began this Thursday and will be streamed live through the final round this Sunday, the 26th. The live schedule for each day is available at Clicker's live TV page, so make sure to check in to see who's teeing off, or if you feel the need to prove to the world how boring you are, just marathon the entire live stream every day until it's over.

UFL Football: Last week we told you about Sunday Night Football Extra, which continues to stream live NFL games every week throughout the season, but what we didn't tell you is that it's not the only source for live streaming football. There's a new pro football league! The United Football League also streams games live. There are only six teams in this league but rest assured, they tackle just as hard. This Saturday at 8pm ET Hartford will gear up against Omaha, and then at 11pm ET Florida will square off against Sacramento. Both games will be streaming live, so don't forget your power cord at work on Friday.

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