Gmail: Gmail received an update and it's available in Android Market...but only to Android 2.2 users. That's sorta lame because it's a solid update! According to Jason, a man who has his priorities in order, the update brings:

Besides "limited support" for Priority Inbox and better handling of replies and quoted text, you also have the improved UI, with starring, reply and more always visible at the top.


Even more reasons to want Android 2.2 already.

Twidroyd: Before Twitter for Android was released I used Twidroyd, the first best Twitter Android app (and previously known as twidroid). After seeing this latest update and Twidroyd's new LivePreview feature, I want to go back. It's the first Twitter Android app to preview linked web pages, photos and videos in the app. That means I don't always have to jump out of Twitter to see what people are linking to anymore.


SwiftKey: Even though SwiftKey has only been available in beta form, it's still managed to gain a sizeable following. How? Because it's a ridiculously good keyboard replacement for Android. The standout feature is its text prediction which is scary good to start and gets even better when it learns your habits. You'll feel like it's reading your mind. It's finally out of beta and it costs $0.95, until Sept 30th and will jump to $4 after, so I'd buy in now.


Kindle for Android: Kindle! The uber-popular e-book reader/platform/app has been updated and it's becoming more like its iPhone brother. Which to mean, in this case, it's getting better. Kat the reader says the new Kindle app can do:

Full text searching, scribbling notes and highlighting sentences. It can even look up unknown words in Wikipedia.Other additions include the screen-lock orientation, which now supports both landscape and portrait, and Shelfari compatibility for looking up further information on a book.


Does this update make the Kindle app the best ebook app on Android?

HandBand: A simple app that allows you to create music loops by just tapping randomly on the screen. Well, only randomly if you're not musically gifted like me. If you have talent I'm sure you can make decent music with the instruments they offer. For the digital age Mozart, $1.49 isn't too high of a price to pay.

Advertisement is a cloud-based file storage system that's pretty popular with those money making business types (and other people too!). The app was previously available on iOS and makes its way to Android with better performance and better searching. You can use the app to upoad files, browse files, share files, and view files. Files, files, files, yes!


Muziic: Muziic is another one of those on-demand music, internet radio apps. You can build playlists, browse albums and search for music and videos. Give it a spin cause your phone can never have too much music.

Air Visibility Monitoring: I'm the type of guy who doesn't want to know the horrors of our environment. Save me the gory details, please. But if you are braver than me, this point-your-phone-to-the-sky and get all the info you want about the pollution Kat says, you take a photo of the sky and the app will spit back:

Once [the data is] crunched, a message is relayed back to the user informing them of the air pollution, and the information is stored on the server for future research. Personal information on the app's user isn't stored, of course, but over time-if enough people use it-it could be a valuable tool for highlighting environmental issues.


You're also helping out science collect data when you use this app too.