I'm not so sure I'd want to use a concrete slide on particularly hot days, but I still have to admit that this one looks particularly fun. It was designed by the architects at Aboday for an Indonesian "Play House" and goes from a bedroom to the kitchen. [Dezeen via Gizmodo]

I don't know how much it costs to rent this vacation home in Koh Samui, Thailand, but any price would be reasonable for a place that has a 256-foot double loop water slide. [Lulu Holidays via Born Rich via Gizmodo]

Wrap your head around this: You're looking at the the water slide of a subterranean mansion. It leads from a bedroom straight into the pool. If a home design like that isn't worth three million dollars, I don't know what is. [Countrylife via Lovely Listing via Born Rich via Gizmodo]

London architect Alex Michaelis couldn't deny his children their one request for their new eco-friendly dream home: A slide next to the staircase. Now that's a good dad. [Cookie Mag via Bloesem Kids via Neatorama via Gizmodo]