Coca Cola Heritage Timeline: I'm a Coke guy through and through. Every other soda can disappear for all I care. I also love to learn about the things I love and Coke has put out a snazzy iPad app that tells Coke drinkers the history of their bubbly cocoa syrup. It covers the 124-history of Coke and throws in a few videos as well. No word on whether they mention Cocaine in the secret formula though.

New Yorker: If you want to get your fancy, smarty pants reading on, the New Yorker is on the iPad in full fledged, $5/issue form. Barrett says:

As for the app itself, it uses the same template as Wired-which makes sense given that they share a parent company-and includes digital touches like a cover drawn with an iPad.

They're promising more improvements (and hopefully Apple settles on a subcription payment method) in the future, because $5 per issue sorta seems like a lot.

iStreamer: Here's Sam I Am Biddle explaining the app:

It's a social feed service which displays tweets, RSS feeds and other updates in a timeline, scrolling cross-ways like a nice desk dashboard accessory.
Virtually any type of update can be added to the timeline, even search keywords. If you set up an alert for "alligators eating toast" you'll see updates-however infrequent-scrolling across the screen automatically. You can catch up on updates you may've missed if you popped out, by scrolling tactile-ly yourself.

It's 4 buckaroos.

Super Mega Worm: The iPhone version has been out for awhile now but Super Mega Worm just went universal which means you can get some big screen angry worm, human-killing fun on the iPad. Which means, it's even more super and more mega. It's a lot of fun, if only to see the cartoonish humans explode because of a giant worm that looks like poop.