Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico: I'm Kenny Powers and you're fucking out. Yeah, fine. I'm not Kenny Powers but I think Eastbound & Down is awesome. So how's Kenny Powers' official iPhone game? Fucking awesome. It's a 16-bit inspired, home run derby game that's FREE on your iPhone. Owen, from Kotaku, says:

You play as the batter against the mulleted cornrowed badass Powers. Tap the screen to call for a pitch, tilt it forward to whack it. You're not gonna get much in gameplay; the payoff's in one liners.

But perhaps the best line came from Kenny Powers' twitter account announcing the app:

Pull out your Steve Jobs iShit device & get the game of the fucking century - 'KP's Home Run Fiesta!'

Viking Row!: I've always had an appreciation for Vikings, and now I can pretend that I was there rowing the boat with my bulging biceps, snazzy beard and horn helmet. The game is simple, you row your ship by strategically swiping the screen with two fingers to grab as many coins you can while keeping your men alive. It's harder than I thought (to be a virtual viking), which means it was a whole lot of fun. $0.99

FIFA 11: What? You're still interested in Soccer? The World Cup ended in July! Fine, go take a look at FIFA 11 for the iPhone. It's a $5 game that looks really good. The controls are obviously not perfect (what with a touchscreen and all) but as Jason sums it up: "the $5 price is a huge deal compared to FIFA 11 for the PSP, which is $40. The PSP version might still be better, gameplay-wise and control-wise and depth-wise, but is it eight times better? Probably not."

Tango: Rosa says Tango is the best way to make video calls over 3G. Why? Because it has the best video quality (over 3G) and you can use it for cross-platform video chat. Yes, that means iPhone users can see Android folks. iPhone to iPhone and Android to Android obviously work too and it's pretty simple to get rolling so I'd say get to Tango-ing with anyone with a front facing camera.

Weather HD: We rounded up the best apps for checking the weather but some people (I'm looking at you California) don't ever need to check the weather. Enter: Weather HD. It's just pretty. Jason, a Californian himself, says:

It's a weather app for people who don't really care about the weather.
Just like on the iPad, Weather HD shows you your current temperature, the high, the low, humidity, change of rain and wind speed/direction on top of a soothing video representation of your current weather conditions. If you were interested in just the temperature, you'd bookmark the weather forecast search on Google, which spits out the current temp in text-based form. You're using this app for the awesome animations. 99 cents gets you the app.


Apple Remote 2.0: It's finally here! We've all been waiting for an update to Apple's Remote app for oh so long and it's optimized for the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 and new iPod touch and brings a whole new interface for the iPad. Jesus says that the Remote app looks like the native iPod app on the iPad, so much so that it seems like having a "lean and fast version of iTunes on a touchscreen". On the iPhone it's the same good stuff from Remote 1.0 with more polish and better visuals.

Snooth: I'm no wine drinker but I think I'd use Snooth anytime I drank a sip of that fermented grape juice. Basically, it's supposed to be a Shazam for wine. You snap a picture of the wine label and it's shoots you back all the information that less classy folks like me might not know: pricing info, where to buy it, what grapes are used, and things of that nature. The one problem? It's not nearly as good as Shazam at the moment but the database is growing (currently at 820,000) so I'll assume it'll improve over time. Maybe I'll be into wine then.

How to Cook Everything: Essentials: This is the free version of Mark Bittman's "How To Cook Everything" (that one cost $5), but this free one still has over 100 recipes. They're calling it Essentials which to me means: hey, you're not really a cook anyway. Here's what you can do to get by. And that's completely fine by me. The app has assumedly good recipes, shopping lists, and a timer to make sure you don't turn medium rare into a house burning.