Perhaps knowing that a Death Star wedding cake was starting marriage asking for trouble, reader and chef Charlene made an R2-D2 one, bringing balance back to the Force, and restoring dorkiness throughout the Galaxy. There have been others, but her nine-layer version of everyone's favorite astromech is far more realistic and complex, thanks to some DIY tech hacks.

While the R2-D2 wedding cake is not as advanced as the stunningly-accurate Maker Faire R2-D2, Charlene told us that she "bastardized an old camera for the lenses, with blue Halloween lights flashing behind throughout the whole wedding" for added realism.

The cake was the centerpiece in the wedding of two members of a Star Wars fan group in Alabama, which had all the guests dressed up as Star Wars characters, included the minister, who probably was wearing an R2-D2 beanie like mine. I've got to admit that it looks yummy, but seeing people eating R2's dome disturbs the Force out of me. [Thanks Charlene]