Skype: Skype is now available on all Android phones, well, all Android phones running Android 2.1+. That's loads better than being Verizon only though! With Skype on Android, you can make Skype to Skype calls, Skype calls to landlines, receive calls from your Skype number, and IM but in the US, Skype calls only work over Wi-Fi. But! If you hack it up with a simple download, you can make Skype calls over 3G.

Universal Androot: It's a one-click root option available in the Android Market. Insane, I know, but that's the beauty of Android. And though it does work with a lot of Android phones, it doesn't work with most Droid branded phones (which are popular, I hear). You can check if your phone can be rooted through the program. Image from Android Police

Firefox 4 beta: Firefox for Android is finally in beta (after toiling in alpha for forever), and you can easily grab it on Mozilla's website. Kat, a fiery fox, says:

It includes Firefox Sync (for desktop-to-phone favorites, like Firefox Home will be); add-ons and even the Awesome Bar. Forgetting shiny new functions for now, it will also run faster and be more responsive, and include pinch-to-zoom for multitouch phones.

I don't use Firefox on my desktop, but for some reason I'm insanely curious on using it on my phone. Image from Nexus404

Adobe Air: The Adobe Air app doesn't really do anything other than allow future Air apps to be downloaded to your Android phone. But that's huge! When devs start a building, they'll be a flowing. In fact, Air apps are already on their way, as it's sorta easy to bring apps cross platform via Air. Image from Android Central

WolframAlpha: WolframAlpha, the place you go to find out the true meaning of mathematical life or ask really mind numbing questions, now has an app for Android. It's only 2 bucks and you can solve balance life's equations and have it expertly compute lovely answers. WolframAlpha for Android also supports voice input. $2

Sensorly: 4G, fo gees, super human speeds. It's all supposed to exist somewhere but how do you know for sure? You can't let the carrier fool you, you need Sensorly, an app that uses crowdsources data to find where Sprint 4G really exists. It uses information from other users to display it all nice and tidy on a Google Maps Map. Green is where you'll find the speed.

Instant Heart Rate: I'm not sure how accurate it can be, but I love that I can "theoretically" find my heart rate with smartphone now. With Instant Heart Rate, I just place my finger on the phone's camera for 10 seconds and it measures my heart rate. How does it work? It supposedly measures oxygern saturation changes in your blood. Every heart beat makes your blood richer with oxygen which causes a slight change in the color of your skin, the camera tracks those changes and calculates your heart rate. Good enough for me!

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back: It's an app that any self respecting Star Wars fan would get. According to Kat, a wookie lover:

It's celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, and while the app itself is free to download it costs $3 if you do want to make the most of it. Revolving around the Empire Strikes Back movie, there are live wallpapers, movie clips, photos, soundboards and widgets.Not to mention a Bounty Hunter scavenger hunt and Star Wars news feed, for staying up-to-date on all cursed 3D-related nonsense.

It's only available for Verizon Android phones and the purchase will be billed to your Verizon account rather than Google Checkout.