Treat yourself to this week's hidden gems, from Dexter's Dark Echo to GameTrailers' Rock Band 3 Review. Just don't have Masters of Horror on full blast while kids are ringing your bell or you could scar them for life.


Take Me Back: Twin Peaks meets Northern Exposure meets Arrested Development. In Take Me Back, the main character, Al, leads a boring life until he's kidnapped by a masked man and is replaced, in real life, by an impostor who gets comfortable living in Al's shoes. All the while he struggles to get his life back. Perfect for anyone who's ever been paranoid about supernatural conspiracies.

Dexter: Early Cuts, Dark Echo: A few seasons behind its TV-predecessor, Early Cuts is six episodes deep into its second season, Dark Echo, so viewers without access to premium cable can catch a glimpse of Dexter's dark identity online. It's animated, but even the truest fans will tell you that each three-minute episode captures the essence of the Showtime series perfectly.


Riese: Kingdom Falling: This Web gem was recently picked up by the SyFy channel. The story follows Riese, a woman recently marked as a heretic who's being hunted just outside of a dying kingdom called Eleysia. Dark, action-packed, and well executed, this series is good enough for TV.


GameTrailers TV: If you ever need solid advice as to whether or not a new video game is worth the purchase, treat GameTrailers TV as your go-to gaming consultant. The latest episode features the up-and-coming Rock Band 3, but they've also recently covered Call of Duty: Black Ops, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Dead Space 2. Prepare to lose yourself in video game know-how.


Tower Prep: Cartoon Network defies its name with this brand new, never been done before live-action series, Tower Prep. Written by famed comic book writer, Paul Dini, the show echoes the theme from the 80s classic, WarGames. It's about a high school student who is mysteriously transported to a secret and obscure prep school after playing an online fantasy game in his bedroom. His mission, if he chooses to accept it, is to discover his "true potential," and it's worth tuning-in to figure out exactly what that means.


Masters of Horror: Thank you, Showtime. Masters of Horror is a collaborative series ripe for Halloween weekend, featuring twenty frightful episodes that were conceived and executed by some of the top horror experts in the business. From gruesome to thrilling, each episode showcases the skills of different directors and actors known for their craft within the genre.



Runaway: It's Kanye West's 35 minute short film. ‚ÄėNuff said. But it contains new songs from his fourth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Halloween (for the zero of you out there who don't know) here are 13 scary flicks that are free to watch online. Horror movie marathon, here you come!

The Blob (1988)
Idle Hands
Night Of The Living Dead
Return Of The Living Dead
Mary Reilly
The Boogeyman
Rise: Blood Hunter
The Revenge of Frankenstein
Bloody Mary



SEC on CBS: This Saturday at 3:30 ET / 12:30 PT, college football fans will be treated to a live stream featuring the Florida Gators as they take on their rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs. The best thing about this live event? It's a repeat offender, meaning SEC games will be available to stream live online every Saturday through the rest of the season. Thank you, CBS Sports!


A Rally To Restore Sanity & Keep Fear Alive: Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity and Stephen Colbert's March to Keep Fear Alive are going to be streamed live this Saturday at 9am PT / 12pm ET on ComedyCentral and also C-SPAN. Kicking off with a performance by The Roots, the rally is set to include guest speakers, live musical performances, and an onslaught of political satire. Could this event upstage Stewart's recent conversation with President Obama? That's up for debate, but let's try to keep it diplomatic.


Jason Alexander on Kevin Pollack's Chat Show: This Sunday at 3pm PT / 6pm ET, Web show host and comedian Kevin Pollack welcomes Seinfeld's Georg‚ÄĒ er, Jason Alexander to the set. The episode is pre-taped, but streamed live and is sure to be filled with witty banter and hilarious back-and-forths as the two talk about whatever the heck Alexander's been up to for the last twelve years.

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