If I had one of these Pocket Piano synthesizers, I would just roam the streets playing it, without a careā€”much like the dudes in this video. It's quite beautiful (those wooden buttons!), sounds great, and is hand-made.

You play the Pocket Piano with its cute (and yet, so strong and awesomely retroā€”like Princess Leia) buttons. Button inputs can be altered with various knobs, corresponding to octaves, waveform, rate, and decay. The synth also has a variety of modes, like FM Arpeggiator and Vibrato Synth, allowing for a wild diversity of bleeps and bloops. But the thing isn't just for making NES noiseā€”as the demo above shows, you can push some really neat music out of the thing. Each Pocket Piano is made by handā€”housed in gorgeous aluminum and hardwoodā€” by Critter and Guitari, and available for $150. [Critter and Guitari via Gadget Lab]