This week is set to inspire information-overload: from tech news to lessons with a Drunken Master, we dare you to walk away without learning something new.


My Roommate The Cylon: Battlestar Galactica fans, if you don't know about this Web series, shame on you. Though, if you're not a BSG fan, you might not get it. Shot in a style similar to It's Always Sunny, this is a series about three roommates who put each other through a series of rigorous tests to figure out which among them is a Cylon. Senseless humor meets cult classic sci-fi.

Your Brain on Tech: Eric Hurst hosts this new weekly series from Koldcast TV. Your Brain on Tech features newsworthy highlights from the tech world to your very own piece of technology (your computer). It's so fresh that only a few episodes have been released on Koldcast thus far, but they've still managed to cover everything from the Verizon iPad to the best Android Apps to Apple's Back To The Mac event.



You Wrote It, You Watch It: An incredible online find, this sketch comedy show ran on MTV in the early 90s and featured comedians you now love but didn't know then, including but not limited to Jon Stewart, Michael Ian Black, and Tom Lennon. Hard to believe it relied on viewer-interactivity (it predates YouTube!) the episodes are essentially cast-reenactments of the viewers' written descriptions of their daily lives. You wrote it, and now you can watch it (again) online.


World of Jenks: If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, take a seat and live vicariously through 24 year-old Andrew Jenks. In his new MTV reality series, Jenks spends one week with a different stranger for each episode. He aims to shadow individuals from all walks of life, from Brooklyn rap artists to the homeless. Engaging and inspiring, World of Jenks manages to provide MTV with the little bit of street cred that the network's been turning its back to for so long. In this week's episode, Jenks follows an NFL Cheerleader who got to where she is by fleeing her less-than-righteous past.


Chuck: Guest starring Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame, this week's episode of Chuck brought back some of entertaining elements that the show has been lacking this season. With a couple of major plot-twists and a giant cliffhanger of an ending, if you gave up on this season early, now is the time to come back.



Confessions of a Superhero: If you've ever been to Hollywood you'll know this scene: a parade of wanna-be actors in costume dancing around popular tourist spots with hopes of being discovered. Confessions of a Superhero is a documentary that follows four such individuals, shedding light on the men and women who hide behind their helplessly hopeful masks.

Drunken Master: Physical comedy meets physical force in this 1978 kung-fu classic. Jackie Chan plays Wong Fei-Hung, a disgruntled youth who refuses to follow his chosen path. When he is confronted by a fight he cannot win, a mysterious old drunk comes to the rescue, exhibiting a kung-fu style that surpasses anything Fei-Hung has seen. The drunk turns out to be a kung-fu master, and after studying beneath him, Fei-Hung uses his newfound skills to fight for his father's honor.



TimesTalks: Saturday at 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET, New York Times journalists will host a live streamed interview with Tracy Morgan, star of 30 Rock, to discuss his career and other undoubtedly hilarious topics. Then again at 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET, the network will host a conversation with musician Natalie Merchant. Each interview is scheduled to last for approximately one and a half hours.


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